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wednesday update | 4 september 2013




Hello! Big love and happiness!~ 


Welcome to News from the Ideafrontier. Starting today, you'll get a weekly update from me each Wednesday. I've been asked for a long while to do this, and am so happy that it feels right now!


How ARE you? What a summer this has been. More amazing then any I can remember, and as powerful energetically as any period of time since I became aware of our collective evolutionary aspirations. Wow. 


As we begin to emerge from this time, it's quite awesome to have a glance at the territory of our lives we've traversed. It's unusual for me to be seeing the trees but not the forest, but since mid-March I found myself really buried. The physical changes initiated by the energy built to a point where for many of us, it became impossible to try and name and understand. The great gift of this time was the incredible trust so many of us had in our own inner knowing and the unified process of evolving. 


So many people wrote to me this summer and shared incredible life changes, synchronicities, and most inspiring feelings of confidence and trust amidst very challenging experiences. Notes that showed over and over our own capacity for insight, for realization for adjusting and shifting and loving ourselves even conceptually, until we could muster the feeling. We've gotten so skillful. It's really awesome. It also paves the way for everyone else who is still not able to live this way. Furthermore, the reality of the shift is so clear to us. We know we are creating it with all that we are and all that is. It's profound when you think back to earlier in the experience when it felt so weird to conceptualize what you were starting to understand, much less say it out loud to anyone!


Today I received a new message from Archangel Michael which helps to articulate what's opening up at the leading edge. It's full of so much practical and useful guidance for elevating our energy, aligning with our truth, relating to what arises as insight and awareness and how to really create higher energy habits. Use this link to read it: 


How to Prepare for the September Equinox


or use this direct link: http://expectwonderful.typepad.com/messages/2013/09/preparing-for-equinox.html



If you resonate with this, please comment and/or share with your friends. The collective focus amplifies the energy making it more available in our world.


In working with the Legion yesterday, Michael spoke too about the Revision of the Atlantis Paradigm. This paradigm is closely associated with this message, in that it is typified by the feeling of not expecting things to come to fruition. We are returning our expectations about life to their coherent wholeness and this will involve each of us realizing where we've been skeptical or doubtful of joy, fulfillment and peace. It's a powerful time.


Supporting us in this continual expansion is the upcoming Soar Fest: Falling in Love with YOU! Self-love is the state of being that dissolves the energetic veil or membrane which keeps the 5 dimension of unity and love, separated from our experience. Staying in an awareness of love and unity, is empowered by our current of self-love. Would you love a little widening and more consistent flow? Then join us!


Everyone is included. It's the whole reason for the Soar Fest -- to allow everyone who is interested and feels called to this energy, to participate, to help in co-creating and summoning and to be abundantly blessed by the transmissions from Michael.


This new Soar Fest starts on September 10th. 

For all the details and to register and/or request a scholarship if you need one, please click below.



A 21-Day New Harmonics Practicum September 2013



or use this direct link:




Tomorrow, Thursday, is the new moon. It takes place at 4:36 am pacific time here in the City of Angeles. New moons are always a great time to pause, and focus upon the qualities and feelings you want to amplify. As we open more and more to all we are, we can elevate our focus and be more general in our creativity at times like this, then let our own fullness of being deliver many ways to feel the way we'd like to feel. Isn't it all about what we want to feel anyway? As Michael urges us, let's just be direct more and more and go right for what we feel and want.


Lastly, in closing, I invite you to open your heart to all you are, and to all of the community here. Feel the soulful kinship of all those Expect Wonderful readers and participants around our world. All those, who like you, are drawn to this journey to this experience, and the chance to become more masterful, more joyful, more of an expression of love. Realize the shared passion, purpose, focus and energy of this connection. It's an incredibly uplifted constellation of light! Even if you don't know others personally I invite you to allow yourself to feel the energy and love and receive the gifts of friendship, support and camaraderie of this connection. 


Please take a moment too, to offer your own love and encouragement for everyone else tuning in here. And then to extend this -- to all of life on Earth. To everyone in need of a little upliftment and encouragement...may our focus upon this expansion and love benefit everything that is.


Thank you! Prepare to Soar...








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