Team USA Update : Wednesday Format
Wednesday Coach List

5-6 Boys - Shay

7 Boys - Jerry

8 Boys - Steven
9 Boys - Tyler

10 Boys - Dave

11 Boys  - George "GMo"

5-7 Girls - Devan

8 Girls - Carley

9 Girls - Rachael
10 Girls - Justin

11 Girls - Kenth

12 Girls - Janice

Notes For The Parents Of Young Kids
  • Please do not arrive any earlier than 630AM with your child unless you have been instructed by a specific coach.  Due to the credential system of the UCI -coaches are not allowed into the venue earlier than riders so we will not be prepared at 6AM to accept young children.

  • Just as the cruiser racing did - the staging system was running efficient but long.  We have limited time to remove your children from the tent.  This ensures they are available to stage for any reason at a moments notice.  During cruiser racing there were re-runs and if your child becomes missing from the tent UCI will not hold the gate until we find the rider.

  • In the event your child is eliminated please have a plan with them.  We will bring them to the athlete exit 15-20 minutes after the results are posted and eliminating them from further competition.  We will need to use this process so we can continue to focus on the remaining riders.

  • Keep in mind the UCI does not accept request to review video before the results have been posted.  At that time we may protest the finish but we cannot simply review a video ahead of the results posting.

  • All decisions of UCI in regard to relegations are final.

  • The UCI medical team has changed during the week and will not longer allow parents into the medical trailer until the team has made their assessment.  If a parent is needed we will then request your presence via one of our trainers as they are allowed to assist with the rider during the medical team assessment.
Wednesday Racing - 2 Moto Format
We have been given confirmation by UCI regarding Wednesdays Challenge category of racing! Riders will compete over two (2) Motos, then move to the qualifiers and the main final.

This will be the same as the cruiser format.  They will count only the first 2 rounds in total points scoring and use the 2nd round as the tie-breaker.  

We have been told for the future day’s events of the 20 inch categories, a decision will be made each evening for the following day of racing once the updated weather forecasting information is made available.  A decision on the format for the following days racing will be communicated via a communique to the Team Managers.

This makes every lap count!  The gates will open at 6AM.  USA staff will be available starting at 630AM to assist with check-in.  Arrive between 630AM & 7AM.  UCI will be giving riders 1 warm up lap starting at 7AM.  When arriving in the pit area please only use the pit space marked for your age group.

Only riders racing Wednesday should enter the team area or USA pit.  If you gain access to the team area we ask that you do not utilize the USA pit as it is for riders of the event day due to space.