Wednesday Encounter Fall 2017 Adult Electives

Because we follow a Savior Who gave His all, we need to be constantly looking to "Raise the Bar" of our spiritual lives. Our Wednesday Encounter elective classes are designed to help you do just that.

C.O.R.E. Discipleship - "The perfect disciple..." These words are intriguing, challenging and troubling, all at the same time. What does the perfect disciple look like? Is it even possible to be a perfect disciple? If you want to raise the bar of following Jesus, why not aim high? This study will reveal the core beliefs, practices, and virtues that are part of the life of a maturing follower of Christ. If you are ready to raise the bar of discipleship in your life, this study will help you make maturity a reality. (David Smith)
Heaven and Hell...A Biblical Look  - Heaven and hell...have we forgotten about them? This study will look at both of them through the lens of compassion. So many people are hurting in this world, crying out for things to get better. God has provided that better place and the way to get there. Many others are destined for a terrible eternity, but He has provided the rescue to get them to a beautiful eternity with Him. God desires for everyone to accept His great offer of grace. And for those who do, WOW! (Mark Wright)
Bible 101 - Are you new to the Bible or looking for a basic refresher course? If so, this class is for you. It will answer many common questions: Where did we get the Bible? Why are there 2 testaments? What is a testament, anyway? What about the books that did not make it into the Bible? Why are there so many translations of the Bible? Can a person actually read and understand the Bible? Yes, you can...when you join the Bible 101 class! (Scott Law)
Uninvited   (women's study) - Rejection often finds its way into our hearts at an early age, and these wounds dig deep into our sense of self, resurfacing in surprising ways as an adult. In this video study with Lysa TerKeurst, you'll learn concrete truths to combat the lies of rejection and adopt healthy ways to process the hurt. Even when you feel overlooked by others, you can know that you are loved by God. (Janet Smith)
The Real Man Card   (men's study) -  Men face many challenges every day. Do you have the tools to deal with these daily challenges? The Real Man Card is a reminder of what it means to be a "real man" according to how God has designed us. This study is structured around seven topics that will challenge us and bring focus and action to our choices. (Scott Mitchell)

Men's Fraternity: The Quest for Authentic Manhood (men's study) - This study provides men with an encouraging process that teaches them how to live lives of authentic manhood, as modeled by Jesus and directed by the Word of God. Biblical teaching and small group interaction will challenge them to live with truth, passion and purpose. (Mike Rosetto)

The Art of Marriage: God's Design for Marriage (marriage study) - Marriage, the way God intended it to be, is a true art form. The Art of Marriage weaves together expert teaching, real-life stories, humor, and more to show both the challenges and beauty of God's design. Topics include the purpose of marriage, the drift to isolation, roles in marriage, communication, romance and sex, and more. (Steve & Stephanie Patton)

Sticky Faith (parenting study) - 60-75% of kids leave the faith after they leave home. This class for parents of middle and high school students will explore such topics as: the five major worldviews and why the Christian worldview makes the most sense, the reliability of the Bible, the truth of the resurrection, the deity of Jesus, creation versus evolution, and more. Our goal is to encourage parents and teens to think like Christ, live passionately, and love others unconditionally. (Kim Kurtz)
Relational Evangelism Training (12-week college class)  - Do you want to learn how to share your faith with others? Hope International University is offering a college course at HDCC called Relational Evangelism. This course will teach you how to share the gospel message with others, how to invite even the most unlikely people to learn about Jesus, and how to disciple others to become disciple makers themselves. 
1. You will be auditing the college course (you won't be given any college credit, nor will you be graded). If you wish to take the class for credit, contact Jon Vance (
2. Although this is an audited class, you are expected to do homework. Access to the internet is required.
3. Tuition is $20 and will be collected during the first session.
(Instructor: Jon Vance)
HDCC Worship Choir - Are you a talented vocalist?  Do you love to sing?  You're welcome to join the choir.  We rehearse every Wednesday evening from 6:20-7:30 in the choir room, just left of the stage.  Singers of all experience levels are welcome.  Come and help prepare music for Sunday worship and be a part of a great community! (Joel Phillips)