May 16, 2018 -- May 22, 2018
This Week at Kol Emet
Wednesday - May 16

Thursday - May 17
Morning Minyan - 7:15am

Friday - May 18
Heymish Shabbat - 7pm

Saturday - May 19
Torah Study - 10am

Sunday - May 20

Monday - May 21

Tuesday - May 22
Weekly Torah Portion
Parashat BeMidbar
Numbers 1:1 - 4:20

BeMidbar (meaning “in the desert, or wilderness”) is the first portion of the fourth book of the Torah, also known as BeMidbar, or in English as Numbers. These two names are indicative of two central aspects of this portion and this book as a whole – one, that everything in BeMidbar takes place in the wilderness as the Israelite people sojourns, step by step, toward the Land of Israel. Two, that every person in the community counts – they are “numbered.” The first thing that happens in this book is that a census is taken of the entire community, as the people are preparing to enter the Land. They need to be counted for the purposes of being taxed, and also for troop readiness. Having taxes and a military are the twin hallmarks of a nation. Yet they are still wandering, preparing themselves spiritually and psychically to enter their homeland.  

Kol Emet Thanks You! - Todah Rabah
  • Students and Teachers of the Aleph Class - We are so proud of you! You led services beautifully on Friday night.
  • Susan Sacks for helping the students prepare and for accompanying them in song.
  • Kelly Heller, Dina Bortnichak, Rachel Minton, and Mindy Kline for the putting together the Aleph Consecration for our amazing class of 2018.
From Rabbi Anna
Please look out for a separate email from me about the recent events in Israel.
-Rabbi Anna
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Kol Emet Preschool 2018-2019 Registration has begun!
Kamp Kol Emet

is looking for teachers and college students studying education to be counselors at our summer camp.

Great part time job; T W and Th from 9-12. 8 weeks, small groups, lots of fun! 
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Roosevelt Memorial Park is proud to be a Congregation Kol Emet booster.

Take advantage of a special promotion, offered exclusively to Kol Emet members, who pre-arrange cemetery needs through the end of June 2018.
How to Enjoy Life at Any Age

By Rabbi Tsurah August

We live in an ageist society. This means that people make assumptions about us based on our age—but we have the freedom to view ourselves as we wish.  CLICK HERE to learn about techniques for a positive, vibrant outlook on life

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