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Wednesday's Worst
McStephen 'Max' Solomon
Democratic Candidate for State Senate - 19th District

Max Solomon is running for the Illinois Senate from the 19th district, an area that  spans from Joliet to Hazel Crest in Cook and Will counties.  Solomon is running against pro-choice leader, State Senator Mike Hastings, in the Democratic Primary.

Three reasons Max Solomon must be defeated on March 15th:
  • Solomon wants to defund Planned Parenthood despite no proof of wrongdoing and an indictment of anti-choice zealots for undercover videos falsely claiming to show the illegal sale of fetal tissue.
  • He opposes comprehensive sexuality education established by HB 2675, which created a common standard of comprehensive sex education in Illinois schools for grades 6 - 12.
  • Solomon thinks it's okay for doctors to refuse to provide medical care and accurate healthcare information because of personal religious objections.
Personal PAC has been hard at work for 26 years to stop anti-choice candidates, like Max Solomon, from gaining a larger foothold in Illinois. We've accomplished this election-by-election, year-by-year, and vote-by-vote.  
We need your help today to continue this vital work.   Your donation supports  our time tested political program of identifying, recruiting and supporting pro-choice candidates with the resources to defeat anti-choice extremists at the ballot box. 

Always in choice,

Terry Cosgrove
President & CEO

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