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I could tell my parents hated me. My bath toys were a toaster and a radio.

FNC Toy Sale This Weekend!

Tim Thomas Action Figure

New Tim Thomas McFarlane figures are in!  Limited number of this Stanley Cup champion goalie available.

New Lord of the Rings HeroCliz are here!

This weekend we're running a toy sale!

Marvel Universe Figures $6 Each!

Eaglemoss Figurines with Magazines $5 Each!

Many standard 6" Action Figures
$5 Off!

Many busts and statues 50% Off!

Board Games 20% Off!

More sales posted in the store.

Lego Compatible Baseball Mini-Figures
Are Here!

Pedroia Mini-Figure

Officially licensed building-toy figures of your favorite MLB player with rotating arms, bending knees, and player likeliness. Comes with bat, gripping ball, glove, stand, and unique OYO DNA number. Compatible with Lego and most other brand name building toys. Collect. Build. Play! Collect your favorite players. It's like a 3-D baseball card!

OYOs are designed with eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and other facial characteristics that best represent their real life counterparts! Unique ball design snaps onto hand and allows your OYO to grip and throw. Glove pocket is perfectly sized to hold ball, allowing your OYO to snag the deepest pop fly! Batters have bats that snap easily onto hands and rotates into position. Batter hands snaps easily onto hands and rotates into position. Specially designed, rotating forearms for sports figures to allow for action! Pitch, catch, and bat. Without knees that bend, you walk like a mummy! Additional joint allows OYO to run, sit, squat, and wind-up.

OYO DNA Number - Printed right on the stand is your OYO's very own unique DNA number. This number can be used to identify your OYO. Look out for special membership offers where you can use your OYO's DNA to "Play"!

Each OYO comes with their own stand, which lets you position and pose your OYO for display on any flat surface. Or, snap your stand onto a building block grid and build your own scenes! OYOs play nicely with other toys! OYOs are compatible with other name brand building blocks, so your OYOs can become part of your favorite scene.

Players include Dustin Pedroia, David Ortiz, Kevin Youkilis, Josh Beckett, Adrian Gonzalez & more!  


Animal Man & Swamp Thing
Highlight DC New52 Releases!

Swamp Thing 4

This week I would suggest checking out both Animal Man #4 and Swamp Thing #4! Scott Snyder & Jeff Lemire are telling really cool stories that are shaping up for an eventual crossover. Terrific, creepy storytelling.

New #4s from DC This Week:

Action Comics #4

Is your mind prepared for an encounter with the deadly Terminauts? What awful master do they serve? What horrible fate awaits Superman and the city of Metropolis? The true scope of Grant Morrison and Rags Morales' ACTION COMICS run begins to come into view, so get those sunglasses ready, 'cause it is gonna be blinding!

And in a backup story from writer Joshua Hale Fialkov and artist Matt Camp that spins out of ACTION COMICS #2, John Henry Irons takes his first steps toward becoming the hero known as Steel!

We also have variant covers available for just cover price, while supplies last!

Animal Man #4

After coming face to face with the mysterious Totems, Buddy learns the truth about Maxine's destiny -- but it may be too late, as The Red is infiltrated by agents of The Other, and Buddy struggles to control his new, unfiltered powers with deadly results! Meanwhile, Ellen and Cliff must face the last Hunters alone!

Batwing #4

As Massacre's bloody reign of murder continues and more heroes fall, Batwing closes in on this mad villain. But with his memories stirring, Batwing's dark past begins to emerge... At last, the truth of his past will come to light.

Detective Comics #4

As Batman uncovers a deranged plot with far-reaching tentacles that touch some of the city's most elite citizens, he finds himself facing off against his newest and most fearsome foes: Dollmaker and his twisted family of killers!

Green Arrow #4

It's a Tokyo showdown! At an international tech expo that caters to the likes of WayneTech and Queen Industries, party crasher Green Arrow finds himself in the sights of a mystery woman bent on taking down "evil" corporations... like the one Green Arrow owns!

Hawk and Dove #4

Following last issue's ultra-brawl with Condor and Swan through the halls of the White House, Hawk and Dove have more questions than answers! Luckily for them, they've taken a prisoner! But even as they begin to question him, sinister forces align with a new target in mind: Dove's boyfriend, Deadman! Can Dove protect the man she loves, or will her ghostly lover fall into darkness?

Justice League International #4

On their first mission, the team has been separated and defeated or so it seems! But when a new, galactic threat shows its face, will our heroes be able to defeat it or will the whole world suffer destruction on a cosmic scale?

Men of War #4

Easy Company wrestles with the betrayal of one of their own, as each man processes Kobra's secret in his own way. But the company must forge ahead, marching into unknown enemy territory -- while an ancient evil lies waiting in a salty haze. Will this be the end for Rock and his men?

Plus: A team of mecha fans turned engineers have built the hardware of their dreams, but will it work out the way it always does in the movies?

Omac #4

Kevin Kho finally makes it back home -- but while trying to pull the pieces of his life back together, he inadvertently disconnects from Brother Eye! Unfortunately, Kevin's freedom comes with a price, because now he's alone and forced to defend himself against Checkmate and their lethal Bio-gators!

Red Lanterns #4

A Red Lantern's tale never has a happy ending, so brace yourself for the tragic tales of Skallox, Zillius Zox and Ratchet. Their violent destinies set the stage for their new life as seekers of bloody vengeance!

Static Shock #4

Static is hot on Piranha's trail, but will he be able to stop Piranha from building his metahuman army? Plus: The Pale Man's true allegiance is revealed, and a foe from Static's past has returned -- and he's brought his latest Q-juice creation: Guillotina!

Stormwatch #4

The earth is being eaten alive! As the unstoppable alien antibody continues consuming everything in its path, Stormwatch awakens a slumbering [information redacted] buried deep within the earth. But has the team found an ally or a threat greater than the antibody? However it plays out, the DC landscape literally will be changed forever! Plus: Don't miss a major change to the Stormwatch roster!

Swamp Thing #4

All across the world, those with a primal connection to the forces of life and death can feel that something is very wrong. The war between The Green and The Other has begun, and the knights of decay walk the Earth unchecked -- but without Alec Holland, the Green has no champion strong enough to fight back!

Gift Certificates!

Now through Christmas, purchase $50 worth of FNC Gift Certificates and receive a $5.00 Gift Certificate absolutely Free as our gift to you!

Add it to your gift or use it yourself!  FNC Gift Certificates never expire and never lose value.

Bellingham Women of Today
Christmas Toy Drive - Last Call!

Once again this year we are a collection point for the Bellingham Women of Today Christmas Toy Drive!

Please consider donating a toy to a needy family. The Women of Today work with area churches to bring joy to children on Christmas morning.

The FNC community as always been very generous to the toy drive, thank you!


New Comics Wednesday! 

For a list of this week's new comics, check
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Lord of the Rings

The new Lord of the Rings HeroClix are here!

We have starter sets with figures, game maps & everything you need!

We also have individual boosters boxes of great characters to round out your teams.

We are offering a game demo this Saturday at 3pm!  Win cool prizes!
Save $1.00 off the purchase of Defenders #1!

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