Open The Gateway to Your Erotic Soul   
Study the Secrets of the G-Spot 

Expert G-spot Author and Workshop Leader  

November 3-5, 2017
Country Retreat Outside Münster, Germany near The Netherlands  

Group Room 
The Feminine Fountain Workshop  
Weekend Workshop for Women     
Begin: Friday,  Nov 3, 2017 at 5:00 pm 
End: Sunday, Nov 5, 2017 at 3:00 pm
With Deborah Sundahl 
Theme: Women's Sexuality
Cost: 280,00€  till 3/30/17   325,00€  till 6/30/17   375,00€  till 11/1/17
 Questions about the Workshop please contact Angela Lorenz.en.

This is a weekend workshop for women with the famous American sexuality teacher and author of the book, Female Ejaculation and the G-Spot.

The focus is to understand all about the G-spot in your body. We accomplish this via a sex education lecture, See, Find and Feel exercises and mindfulness practices to learn how to awaken the ultra-sensitivity of the G-spot. From this gentle approach, a G-spot orgasm and female ejacula tion - and how these specifically work in your body - is understood experientially by you.

Female Ejaculation & G-Spot
You will learn all a bout female ejaculation's ancient history, female prostate anatom y, and the function and purpose of the G-spot and fe
male ejaculation. It will include an explanation on what female  ejaculate is, how it  works, why it is blocked in many women, and how to release it. The practices are devoted to finding your G-spot, and obtaining an experiential aw areness 
of what the sensations of an awakened G-spot feel like in your body. 

Deborah Sundahl is an expert at facilitating women to learn this valuable language of their erotic body. The private and secure space that 
is arranged for the group supports women to find and reclaim this centerpiece of your sexuality. 

 The workshop is indeed educational and unique. This is hands-on learning - your hands only! You will leave the workshop empowered and pleased.

By end of workshop you will be able to
-    Have more understanding of how you do or can ejaculate 
-    Feel more depth and variety in orgasms and sensations of pleasure
-    now what a G-spot orgasm is, and how you can best have these 
-    Experience greater presence, openness and satisfaction in your self-lovemaking and in your intimate connection with a partner
-    Have more sexual self-confidence

This  Workshop is  in  English  with  German Translation

workshop alter
group room
280,00€ by March 30, 2017    
325.00€ by June 30, 2017 
375,00€ by November 1, 2017 
Food and Lodging for two days and 
two nights.
116€ Multi-bed rooms ,  130€  Double room,   160€ Single room
Double Room  
has taught thousands of women and men throughout North America and Europe through her seminars, lectures, videos and her seminal book what female ejaculate and the G-spot orgasm is and how to do it. Her 30 years of researching the science and ancient history, and teaching the practical applications on this essential subject offer groundbreaking contributions to the field of female sexuality, and specifically sex education.

Their Experience at the Workshop

" It's always a pleasure to be in one of Deborah's workshops - I did my second last November. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming and Deborah approaches the topic in a pleasant and understanding way. She gently walks you through the exercises so that you can indulge in the emotional and physical experience of getting to know a new, profound and very own dimension of your sexuality. It worked with me - I benefitted greatly and have made good progress - all in all a rewarding and deeply relaxing experience." - Melanie, Hannover, Germany

"Deborah created a safe and supportive space for me to discover and learn about my g-spot. Realizing it was numb, started my journey towards reclaiming my pleasure in this sacred spot. It was a total revelation I was actually able to see it and that all women have the ability to ejaculate! It gave me a new awareness and a lot of hope. " - Lauren, London, UK

"Friendly, professional, reassuring, and fun, this workshop provided a safe and comfortable space, as well as the all too often censored knowledge, that empowered us to progress in our intimate understanding of ourselves, our bodies, and our desires. It revealed choices many of us didn't even know we were making and gave us the power to take control of them. Truly eye-opening. Thank you, Deborah!" 
 - Regina, Poitiers, France

"The workshop with Deborah was a very enjoyable and revealing experience. To explore the female prostate in this respectful manner woke up a totally new sensitivity and awareness. It makes me feel more grounded, empowered and joyful. It also increased my capacity to pleasure a lot! And Deborah´s way of teaching this delicate theme, natural and direct, is both liberating and inspiring. Thank You!"
 - Irene Andersson, Sweden
Author and teacher in Taoist sexual Qigong and sexuality

"The information on the G-spot I found very exciting and interesting, and gave me power for my experiments. The practices during the workshop were loving and attentive, and there was enough space provided for me to move at my own speed. Important for me was to feel safe in such an intimate setting."
- Sabine, Berlin, Germany

"Talking about sex is something I have never really been able to do, even with most of my sexual partners.  The workshop helped me to do so afterwards, at least with my nieces and close friends."  - Penelope, France

"I was so interested to know about my G-spot, and so I found Deborah's book. Female ejaculation was not a point of interest for me  because I did not think that I could ejaculate. But after reading the tempting book, I began to experiment, and now, I can ejaculate! This discovery was unbelievable for me, because after 46 years, I (and a lot of other women) have no knowledge about female ejaculation. The workshop helped me to realize and integrate my ejaculation as a part of me."
- Barbara, Switzerland

"I met likeable and very interesting participants in the seminar. Deborah was great in creating an atmosphere of trust and openness in which we were able to talk and learn more about our femininity and sexuality. If you are interested to get more knowledge about your own sexuality than take your chance to participate like I did."  - Diana, Münster
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