Weekly Announcements | February 4, 2018
Living Water Lutheran Church

Jan 29 - Feb 4
Todd & Sally Schieffer
Feb 5 - Feb 11
Kari Kurtzhals
Feb 12 - Feb 16
Klump Family
Feb 17 (Ruby's)
Feb 19 - Feb 25
Wood Family &
Debbie Odden
Feb 26 - Mar 4
Renelle Gill
& Shannon Palma
Mar 5 - Mar 11
Mar 12 - Mar 16
Debbie Hamman
& Vicki Cole
Mar 17 (Ruby's)
Mar 19 - Mar 25
Diane Bowers
Mar 26 - Apr 1
Ebert Family

(Contact Carl & Lisa Fischer for a key or questions
about cleaning.
Carl @ 715-931-7668 or Lisa @ 715-931-7636)

Kim Weber &
Mamie Landsworth
Ushers & Greeters
Bryce & Brandi Burdick

Jeff Rasmussen

Jan 29 - Feb 4
John Klinkosh
Feb 5 - Feb 11
Jim Mortimer
Feb 12 - Feb 18
Todd Schieffer
Feb 19 - Feb 25
Jay Martinson
Feb 26 - Mar 4
Pete Kolpack
Mar 5 - Mar 11
Mark Palma
Mar 12 - Mar 18
Renelle Gill
Mar 19 - Mar 23
Cole Larson


Summer Hanson &
Kaelyn Ostenson

February 4 
Rory Schnacky
& Jim Adams
February 11
Jason Zappa & Scott Rataj 
February 18
Lisa Folz &
David Forcey
February 25
Jim Adams &
Scott Strickland
March 4
Rory Schnacky &
Wayne Schachel 
March 11
David Forcey &
Jason Zappa
March 18
Lisa Folz & Scott Rataj  
March 25
Jim Adams &
Wayne Schachel  

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Weekly Letter From Our Pastor

Sunday Church = Super Sunday
     In the two weeks leading up to Super Bowl Sunday we are fed a steady stream of interviews and information.  There is no end of speculation about things like Tom Brady's hand to Justin Timberlake's playlist to who will take home the prize for, 'best commercial.'   And this year because it's all happening right next door we in Western Wisconsin get a front row seat. 
     Aside from the Patriot and Eagles players facing off on the field, one group of people we'll be watching closely Sunday night are the referees:  the men in black and white entrusted with the job of keeping order on the field.  Which for us begs questions like, "What's God's plan for keeping order among God's people?  Does God ever blow the whistle on us and level penalties?  And if so, what are they?"  Join us for our message this Sunday:  "Penalties- Super Sunday Sins"
Satellite Worship:  Step One
     The months we've been preparing to capture Living Water's worship service in hi-def AV in order to make it available for streaming to smaller churches in our area.  Called the, "Satellite Worship Project," it has involved two areas of effort:  1) installing the necessary streaming equipment;  2) building relationships with churches interested in joining us in this ground-breaking effort.  This past month we completed part one - equipment installation. Over the next few weeks look for our new Tech Team to be up in LW's AV booth practicing how to use the new cameras and streaming equipment in order to be prepared to, 'go live' sometime in the coming months.  Interested in joining the Tech Team?  Cool!  Please stop by the booth, have a look, and give us your name!

Living for Jesus!

Chicken Coop Church Update
In February, CCC will be serving others through Christ by rolling up their sleeves on Tuesdays and Thursday, driving into town and volunteering at the Grantsburg area food shelf.  Jesus loves you!   -Pr. Peter
JAM (Jesus And Me) 
Pajama Day! Come to church in your jammies with a blanket or pillow and snuggle up to watch a movie. 
Little Jammers (3year olds-4K) - Miss Carli
Middle Jammers (K-1) - Mrs. Wilson 
Big Jammers (2-4) - Movie in the blue room with Mrs. Wilson 
Cast and Crew of "A Mother's Passion" Meeting This Sunday After Worship
We will be having a meeting for all members this Sunday, February 4 after church in the blue classroom. Staging will be passed out, housekeeping will be taken care of and we will be singing to the demo Cd.  Please bring your word sheets!!  On Sunday, February 11, just singers are asked to gather after church to sing together once again!!  We will be finished by 11:30!  Please plan to attend if you can!!  Blessings,  Janine
Families Needed for Announcements
Have you seen of the families featured below in our weekly announcements? Has your family been featured? If not, please send a recent family photo and your answers for the questions to Lindsey Wood. You can Facebook message or email her at linz_o@hotmail.com (just be sure to put Family Info For Church in the subject). We want to have every family featured! 
Also, if you are not featured on our wall at our 411 building- please print out a picture or email that to Lindsey Wood and we will get you up there!
Living Water Calendar
Want to know what's happening at your church?  One of the absolute best ways is the Living Water App.  Simply open the app and when you get the Welcome Page, click on the calendar button, located on the bottom.  We work really hard to update it each week with things you'll want to know. Thanks!
Hotel Soap and Shampoo Amnesty Program
Feeling guilty about those  bars or soap and little shampoo bottles that have fallen into your suitcase while travelling?  Cleaning out from under the vanity and finding all sorts of extra new bottles of soap , shampoo and toothpaste?  Bring them to church between now and February 12    no questions asked.  We will distribute whatever we collect to our Ruby's guests at the February 17   distribution.  You will be guilt free and your house will be a little cleaner.
First Communion Retreat
Saturday, February 10th

On Saturday, February 10 from 9 am to noon Living Water will be offering a one-day workshop for all those wishing to join our weekly meal called Holy Communion.  Parents - if your children have been asking about the bread and wine, it may be time to come and join this conversation.  Sign up is at Clipboard Central.  Please contact Pastor Ned with any questions.  
Couples Sign Class - February 18th
Couples can celebrate Valentine's Day with a special sign that they can create together. Sign choices will focus on love and family. The Fancy Bumpkin will be leading the class on Sunday, February 18th from 11am-2pm. Cost is $55 (plus tax) per couple, and will cover the cost of the all the materials needed. 
Individuals are welcome to come to this class if your partner can't attend. Each person/couple is asked to bring a snack to share.
*Couples only need to register once- not twice for this event.
Click here to register online!
Save Your UPC Codes
Luther Bible Camp is collecting "Our Family" brand UPC codes off grocery items.  Throughout 2018 any UPC codes you collect (we do not need the entire label, just the physical UPC code) will be sent to Luther Park and your donations will be turned into money for programs they do on Lake Chetek.  A collection container will be in the back of church.  Thank you for supporting this important resource for both children and adults.
Women's Small Group -
Sheila's Home Decor & More
February 25th

Living Water will be hosting a small group with Sheila's Home D├ęcor & More of Chetek on Sunday, February 25 from 11am-1pm. Ladies will be making a mason jar craft. Cost is $55 per woman. Need a minimum of 20 participants for this class to happen. Sign up on clipboard at church, or contact Lindsey Wood.
Living Water Blood Drive - Thursday,
February 22nd  1-6pm
Mark your calendars for Living Water's annual blood drive. This year's event will be held on Thursday, February 22nd from 1-6pm. You can register online for a time slot to donate blood. More information to come about how you help by donating as a kitchen volunteer, providing food, etc.   www.redcross.org  
Luther Park Bible Camp: July 8-13
Our church is mightily blessed to have a fabulous camping ministry right out our back door.  At Living Water we believe its impact is so worthwhile we're willing to support each camper with a $100 scholarship.  This summer the week we've identified for Living Water is Week 4, July 8-13:  Pathfinders (Grades 5-8).  To register simply log on their web site and note you are from Living Water:  http://lutherpark.org
Early bird discount of $10 if paid by May 1st!
Church - good news!  We now are able to offer text-to-give.  Here's how it works:
Step I:   text LIVWATER to 206-859-9405
Step II:   you'll receive a reply with the link to your giving interface
Step III:   login and give immediately if you've already set up a Subsplash Giving account! If not, you can create their account in seconds!
 Meet the Living Water Family of the Week
Names: Pennie Budan & Tyrah
Something interesting about our household:
My name is Pennie and my husband's name is Jayphy. My youngest daughter is Tyrah. I have three other daughters: Darian, my oldest has two daughters (Ryder 5 & Zoie 11 months); Hailey, has one son (Marcial who is 2 with one more one son on the way in January); then there is Kaitlyn. My husband has two kids Jade and Dylan.  We have four dogs and two stray cats.
How we became connected to Living Water:
I remember the first time I went to just check it out . I filled out the guest book and the next day or so Pr Ned contacted me. It  was nice to know he took the time. Then the next week he knew who I was.
What we like about Living Water:
The thing I like the most is that Pr Ned takes the time to get to know his congregation.
Wednesdays, 3:30-5:00pm
Wednesdays, 5:30-7:00pm
Chicken Coop Church - Sunday Schedule  
Soup in the Coop - 4:00pm
Worship - 5:00pm
Pr. Ned @ 411 Building
Tuesday & Wednesday, February 6th & 7th
School's Out: Under The Sea
Friday, February 2nd 9:00am-Noon
First Communion Retreat
Saturday, February 10th 9:00am-Noon
Ruby's Pantry
Saturday, February 17th
Couples Sign Class - The Fancy Bumpkin
Sunday, February 18th 11:00am-2:00pm
Celebration of Serving
Sunday, February 18th 10:30am-Noon
Blood Drive
Thursday, February 22nd 1:00-6:00pm
Women's Small Group - Sheila's Home Decor & More
Sunday, February 25th 11:00am-1:00pm
Easy Yoga for Women
Sunday, March 4th 11:00am-Noon
Women's Self Defense Class
Saturday, March 10th 9:00-11:00am
Kids Stranger Danger
Sunday, March 11th 11:00am-Noon
Just for Kids: Yoga & St. Patty's Shamrock Smoothies
Sunday, March 18th 11:00-Noon
Sunday Worship: 9am
JAM: 9:30am

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