Dramatic Rembrandt Lighting.

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I wondered about Rembrandt's paintings with no available color like we have today - then realized his drama came with using Lights and Darks.

This quick demo is one of my practice routines, painting the figure using his technique of lights and darks.

Afterwards, when these sketches dry and I am satisfied with the all black and white tones all over, I reach for the transparent colors and wipe those into and on the surface. The point being, I have not lost the initial monochromatic underpainting... and now, it's in color - YEAH!

This is a simple demo, but I feel this way of also "seeing" can increase drama in your painting. And that's what we all need more in our lives, er... painting. Drama. 

Materials used in this BobBlast:
Holbein Acrylic Fluid - Black
Holbein Acrylic Fluid - Marigold
Cheap Joe's Kilimanjaro Watercolor Paper 300 lb. CP
Escoda Brush

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Dramatic Rembrandt Lighting
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