Buy the new Lagoon 52 F for Private Moon Vacations. Join our Charter Ownership Program in Tortola, BVI

Moon vacations is the future considering two people just signed up with SPACE X to fly 7 - 8 days around the moon in 2018. We think NASA should compete by considering our flawless modern design, the Lagoon 52, provided by CatCo as their premier guest accommodations if they decide to land on the moon. It is said it will cost $70 - 80 million per week to fly to the moon

The Lagoon 52 has a sales price tag of $1.2 million. Technically, based on their $80M single trip budget, they could have 70 to 80 of these beauties for their human colony. In fact we would probably start selling these lagoon 52's into moon charter considering we have been doing it for over 30 years and here is why we think SPACE X should consider the Lagoon 52:

  • Fly-bridge to hang onto whilst trying not to float away from the catamaran.
  • Beamy catamaran of 30ft. That's quite spacious for 2 guests but more than enough for 12 guests
  • Natural and intuitive flow from wide aft cockpit to roomy main salon.
  • Plenty of interior headroom permitting lots of floating.
We are not even certain there is water on the moon so maybe you just want consider owning a catamaran in our bareboat or crewed yacht fleet in Tortola, BVI and sail during FULL MOON.

Enjoy unlimited Owners week under the Full Moon.
Earn the highest return on your investment on Earth.

2017 Lagoon 52
Located: Fort Lauderdale, FL
Asking Price: $1,217,554
Charter Version:  5 Cabins/5 Heads
Available for immediate delivery

Latest Price Cuts
2000 Leopard 3800
Located: San Diego, CA
Was:  $214,000
Now: $199,000

2009 Leopard 46
Located: Lima, Peru
Asking: $380,000
Was:  $359,000

2009 Lagoon 420
Located: Fort Lauderdale, FL
Was:  $319,000
Now: $314,999

1995 Kurt Hughes 45
Located: Brisbane, CA
Was:  $330,500
Now: $329,000

Latest Listings
2017 Lagoon 52
"HULL 112" 
Located: Fort Lauderdale, FL
Asking: $1,217,554
2016 Lagoon 630 Motor Yacht
"HULL 023" 
Located: Fort Lauderdale,FL
Asking: $2,616,083

Charter Catamarans
Charter Lagoon 52's
Located: Tortola,BVI
Sleeps 10 - 12
Low Price p/w: $9,200
High Price p/w: $17,300
Charter Lagoon 42's
Located: Tortola, BVI
Sleeps 6 - 9
Low Price p/w: $6,450
High Price p/w: $9.950

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