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March 28th, 2014

A Message From 
Rev. Ruth MacKenzie


This is a hard time of year. You can sense spring. You smell it on the breeze occasionally. You infer it with the song of a fat robin perching outside your window.  Still the snow is dirty. The cold wind seems endless, and you STILL can't put that winter coat away. It's the transition from one season to another, from one reality to another that taxes the spirit. But I am a woman of imagination and faith. That's what gets me through.


This year's turning has been particularly hard with the winter that will not end, and now with the announcement of John Jensen's retirement, our beloved Director of Music on June 1st, the transition seems particularly poignant.  John has been such a blessing to our church. He has astounded us with his music making, and his tender heart. John will be stepping back from the rigors of evening rehearsals, and Sunday morning worship. But we are getting creative with this wonderful musician and friend. We are living into this transition, into this new reality with our imagination, and faith. John will continue to work with the Jazz Band, and make guest appearances in our worship services next year. That's what we have planned so far. I will sorely miss seeing and creating worship with my colleague every week, but I am living into a spring of good goodbyes, and hope for the future with imagination and faith. That's what gets me through. That's what gets us all through, I think.


~ Rev. Ruth
March 30
Order of Service

March 30

Highlighted Event

CPR Training: Open to All
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Hurry...we have limited availability
Pledge Drive Update
The Pledge Drive is over but many of us haven't pledged yet. 
Here is where we stood as of Friday, March 21:

Total pledges: 184 pledge units pledging $402,460.88 
Percentage of pledge units who've submitted their pledge: 21%
This is not unusual and we always seem to bring in what we need at the last minute but this can be a bit stressful and nerve wracking for us.  Help reduce the stress of the Pledge Team.
Please set some time aside this week for your ritual of giving.  
Think about it.  Talk about it.  Pledge.
~ The 2014 Pledge Team
A Message From Facilities Manager, Tracy Van Epps:
To all the winners of reserved parking spaces for 2014 through early 2015


Congratulations to the silent auction winners of the reserved parking space at the Great Gathering Event, and thank you again for participating! At the beginning of each month, I am going to place the winner's name on the reserved parking sign. Please display your certificate inside of your vehicle in a visible place, such as your dashboard, so I know it is you every time you park in the reserved space. It is very important that you make your certificate visible so your vehicle will not get towed.


Thank you in advance for your cooperation! 


Thank you,



Tracy Van Epps

'Thank You' to the Housing Heroes at First Universalist!


This past Sunday folks posed at the Habitat for Humanity booth on the stage and made postcards in the Social Hall for 'Housing Heroes'.  To see more pictures, check out our Facebook page!  To learn more about how to become a Housing Hero, check out


Winter Parking Restrictions HAVE ENDED!  
Please note that more street parking is now available near Church. Thank you for your patience and cooperation in making it easier for emergency vehicles to navigate city streets.
Saturday, March 29th, Meatless Monday Cooking Contest, 5:30 PM, Social Hall

Sunday, March 30th, Art 4 U Reception and Sale, after both services, Social Hall

Thursday, April 3rd, CPR Training, 7:00 PM, Chalice Room

Friday, April 4th, AUW Get Connected Movie Night, 7:00 PM, Edina Cinema

Sunday, April 13th, Tilling the Soil: Racial Justice Discussion, 1:00 PM, Cummins Room

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