The Sacred Circle of the Mandala
Some writers have suggested that a major contribution of the Abrahamic religions has been to replace a cyclical world view with a linear one in which humanity progresses toward an end time, one in which Christians look for the return of Christ. However, for 20th century theologian Paul Tillich, the Christ event was not the end of history but the center around which it revolves. In Christ we move beyond the confines of time to find that both the beginning of Creation and its conclusion are present together.
As one who works with mandalas, I am drawn to Tillich's theology. Mandalas are sacred circles that draw our attention to God and they are an integral part of Christian symbolism. We find them in our sanctuary carvings, on our altar cloths and many kneelers, and of course in our glorious rose window. The center point or "bindu" of a mandala serves as a kind of portal. Just meditating on a mandala or coloring one can draw us into our deepest Self, the place where we experience the loving presence of Christ in a way that transcends words.
Here at Saint Luke's there are several ways you can experience mandala meditation. Every Tuesday there is a Mandala Prayer Circle at Saint Elizabeth's Jubilee Center. All are welcome to join with our neighbors and color mandala ornaments to be taken home, given away, or hung on our mandala prayer tree. On the third Saturday of each month, from 9:30-11:30 in the Chapter Room, there is a class on Mandala Journaling as Spiritual Practice that examines the twelve life stages of the mandala Great Round. You will learn all sorts of techniques for using mandala to explore your inner life. And this summer, look for a workshop on the Flower of Life as a Christian Symbol.
Whether you join in the Mandala Prayer Circle at Saint E's, try out a mandala workshop, or just meditate on our rose window during worship, may you experience the loving presence and power of Christ as your bindu.
Linda Carleton

Maine Walks for Haiti Tomorrow!

The Haiti Partnership committee invites you to read our spring newsletter which will introduce you to the teaching staff at the St. Simon/St. Jude in Haiti.  We bring awareness to our work in Duny by joining Maine Walks for Haiti Saturday, May 13 and ask that you to consider making a donation to support teacher salaries at the school.  Donations can be made at our secure site set up through St. Luke's,  or directly to the office.  We thank you for your continued generous support. 

Service for Debba Curtis
Saturday Morning at 11:00 am

A celebration of the life of St. Luke's parishioner Debba Curtis will be held Saturday, May 13 at 11:00 am in the Cathedral Nave.
A reception will follow at the Cumberland Club.

Renaissance Voices Concert
Saturday, May 13 at 7:30 pm
Baritone to SIng at Twilight in the Chapel
Local baritone, Eric Winter, will be the guest soloist at the Twilight In the Chapel service at 5:15 pm on Sunday, May 28.  A snack reception will follow the service.  All are welcome!

May 12, 2017
Parking on
Sunday, May 14
A reminder to those worshipping with us on Sunday, that the Cumberland Club lot is NOT available to us as it is Mother's Day.  Please plan your parking accordingly. 
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Spiritual Formation 
 for Adults

 The Sunday Morning Explorers are deciding which book to read next and  also discussing Dr.Hanson's paper on worship. Newcomers are always welcome. We meet in the Chapter Room from 8:45 'til 9:45 am.
Heart of the Matter explores religious belief through the work of Joseph Campbell.  It's a great place for those seeking new ways of understanding their relationship with their faith. Join us in Classroom 9 on Sundays from 8:45-9:45 am.
The Tuesday Bible Study and brown bag lunch continues each week after the 12:10 service.

The Thursday pm Theological discussion group
will be discussing St. Augustine's ideas on evil, time and the pre- selection of those to be redeemed.Join us for a better understanding of how these key ideas became doctrinal issues. In Tarnas read pages 148 - 165, and Russell pages 334 - 374.