May 18,  2017       
Picture of the Week 
The parish breakfast group.
Yes, that is Erik's apron!
Quote of the Week 
Turn over the rudder in God's name, and sail with the wind heaven sends us. 
   Catherine of Siena
Clergy and Music
 This Sunday
  • Fr. Tim will be preaching. 
  • Fr. Reed will be celebrating
  • Jim will be at the organ bench!
The Flower Committee is GROWING!

Come join us! An activity plan is being hatched, look for an announcement soon!
Need more info?
Email Priscilla 
Worship Schedule
8:00am Rite 1 Holy Eucharist
9:30am Rite 2 Holy Eucharist 
5:30pm -  Celtic Eventide

5:00 pm - 
Centering Prayer
Meetings & Events 

5/21           BP Check
5/22           Feldenkrais/cancelled
6/4             Family Service  9:30 am
6/4             Summer Seminarian                         starts
6/4             Parish Breakfast
6/6            Jubilee Center
6/10           Soup Kitchen
6/11           Health Chat
6/20           Book Club
6/26           Feldenkrais

Children's Formation
It is not too late to sign up.
Online or in Bonoff Hall

July 10-14 
Children's & Youth
programs on Sunday during 9:30 worship.  
Come check'em out!
Celtic Eventide
Here's a rich experience for those who would like a calm, candle-lit way to start their week. 
Celtic Eventide is held every Sunday at 5:30pm at St. Alban's Episcopal Church. 
Come for the quiet; come for the music. Come. 
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Most of us sailors avoid sailing in the rain. Makes sense...who wants to get wet or cold or risk uncertain winds or the other heavier stuff that sometimes comes with rain?  

But last summer I sailed in the rain on Blue Hill Bay and was treated to one of the most memorable sails of my life. The rain, though chilly, was a relief on a summer day. I felt closer to the elements, indeed part of them. I didn't melt. Water ran down the back of my neck, my old slicker revealing its worn edges. I felt the wood of the tiller...especially smooth, as it was wet, too. The decks glistened and the sea's surface took on new color and form. 

A heightened mindfulness came over me as I knew to be alert to puffs and gusts and visibility.   I felt vulnerable, yet alive in a new ecology. I wasn't a fish, just as wet as one. But I was at at one in that water. I was vulnerable to life, to creation, familiar yet new. Fresh.. 

We sure don't like being vulnerable, and we spend a lot of energy armor-ing ourselves for the stuff that the world throws at us.  Some of this makes sense. Flame retardant fabric is good thing...

But, maybe if I could more often let myself out of my armor and open to the rain in my face, I could touch, and see and feel my way to the sacred more easily. I could fall deeper into love. I could know and share my God with greater clarity and energy. 

Brene Brown wrote, about this. She said, " Vulnerability is the birthplace of love, belonging, joy, courage, empathy, and creativity. It is the source of hope, empathy, accountability, and authenticity. If we want greater clarity in our purpose or deeper and more meaningful spiritual lives, vulnerability is the path." 

I hope you'll join me this Sunday at St. Alban's. Let's be vulnerable to God's word in this good place. It's pretty safe here, but watch out, when consciously vulnerable, big things happen!

Blessings and thanks,

From the Health Ministry
Blood Pressure Screening
May 21st, after 9:30 service

Blood Pressure

Health professionals from St. Alban's Health Ministry will be on hand to offer blood pressure screening following morning  services. 

If you are taking your blood pressure at home and would like to consult with a  Health professional on how you are doing, please bring your equipment with you.  
Thank you to all who have supported the  programs addressing the Opioid crisis..
Please plan on joining us  
SUNDAY, JUNE 11 @ 11 am
 More information to come.

   The film, The Hungry Heart, is available for you
 to view or maybe a group can plan to watch in the  theater at the church.  It is in a folder in Katie and  Reed's office.

Making A Difference
Jubilee Center/Essentials Pantry
Collecting now
  Spring and Summer clothing and footwear for all 
Please save your winter wear to donate in Fall.
Also needed for new Mainers are  cookware, cutlery, linens, dishes, and small appliances.

Please make sure your donations are clean and in good repair. Thank you.
Merci -  Obrigado -  Shukraan-  Thanks -  Waamaansuntahi

Preble Street Soup Kitchen

From October through May,  Middle School youth
and their leaders have consistently volunteered at the
Preble Street Soup Kitchen on the Saturdays we prepare
and serve lunch.

They have been willing to do any job --- from chopping onions and peppers  and slicing strawberries and bread to grating cheese and pulling  pork in the kitchen to setting up the dining hall and serving lunch.

We are so grateful for their help and generous spirit.  
Thank you!