September 28,  2017       
Picture of the Week
Our Lampedusa Cross
given in thanks for St. Alban's care of refugees. Made f rom the broken wood of boats washed ashore, it holds a  
 scent of sea and suffering and hope.
Quote of the Week
To gently push aside and silence the many voices that question my worthiness and to trust that I will indeed hear the voice of blessing---that requires effort, but the reward is my fully bloomed humanity.

Henri Nouwen
Life of the Beloved

Worship Schedule
  • 8:00 am Quiet, spoken and traditional 
  • 9:30 am Holy Communion with choir and children's programs
  • 5:30 pm Celtic
    Eventide...contemplative, musical and prayerful


Centering Prayer
Clergy and Music
 This Sunday
  • The Rev. Timothy Boggs will be preaching and celebrating at 8:00,  9:30 and celebrating at 5:30.
  • Holly Clark will be assisting
  • Jim Strand at the organ
  • The baptism of Lucja Beatrice Stankiewicz will be taking place at the 9:30 service
Thursday, September 28th Practice
Chancel Choir: YES
Bell Choir: NO  
If you have any questions please contact Jim at

St. Alban's Choir returns. 
Music Director, Jim Strand would love to talk with you about adding your voice to this much-loved ministry.
You can contact Jim at

Meetings & Events

9/2 9        French Dinner
10/9        Office Closed
10/9        Health Ministry Meeting
10/10      2nd Monday Lunch
10/10      Vestry
10/10      Book Club
10/21      Theater Party
10/29      Long John Sunday

A Theater Evening

Youth Group

High School Youth Group 
On the first and third Sundays of the month from 3:30-5 pm, our high schoolers gather to spend time with one another.
Our gatherings make space for getting to know one another and to explore our faith through times of fun and games, food and fellowship, and conversation and prayer. The High School Youth Group goes on retreats, spends extended time together in overnights at the church, and participates in mission trips. 

Holly Clark, Anne Sedlack, and Peter Durin are the adults primarily involved with our high school youth group. 

We are excited for the year ahead and all the possibilities it holds. 
Heifer Farm Update

This past weekend several of the St. Alban's youth ventured down to the Heifer Farm in Rutland, MA. It was an amazing weekend of learning, community building, and working hard together!
Interested in seeing more pictures?
Children's Formation
 Fall Children's Offerings
Please register all children ages 4- grade 12. 
Forms can be found near the Children and Youth bulletin board in Bonoff Hall, and online at our website!
Godly Play:
A program of wonder and storytelling for children ages 4 and 5. Come explore God's story through fun and "feast"! 

Our Place:
An experiential program of Bible exploration for children grades 1-4. Come splash into the Baptismal Covenant through rotated stations like, Thou Art, Show Me Cinema, and St. Alban's Playhouse. 

God's story meets our story, every week, with games, artwork and fun. For youth in grades 5-6. 

Rite 13: A program for youth in grades 7-8 which emphasizes finding God at work in our real lives. We begin in church at the  9:30am  Sunday  service, and then following the Peace we continue upstairs in the youth group room. 

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Woody Allen said, "I'd never join a club that would allow a person like me to belong."

One of the efforts we humans make in life is the search to truly belong. My guess is that we spend real energy searching for a sense of such worthiness. 

Well, I'm hear to say that we and Mr. Allen have made this business much too complex and anxiety-filled. We belong. We are loved. Indeed, we are beloved. No joining of any club is required. No membership applications. No review of our worthiness. We are blessed and there's nothing we can do about! 

But often we just don't know it yet. 

We may not have had moments like the poet Yeats who wrote:

I sat, a solitary man, in a crowded London shop,
An open book and empty cup
on a marble table top.
While on the shop and street I gazed,
My body all a sudden blazed;
And for twenty minutes, more or less
It seemed, so great my happiness,
That I was blessed and could bless.

Like all states of being, belovedness requires some becoming. Our happy challenge is to find the ways of becoming fully human, becoming the blessed and blessing. 

We may not know of our belovedness, "all a sudden," but when we pause and look and listen and taste and smell our way forward, we do indeed find we are chosen ...not out of any elite status, except that elite status of being a child of God, for a rare and powerful belovedness.

My prayer is that you will together become the sharers of your own blessed status...and take it out into the world where you belong. 

S o, How's Your
 Prayer Life? 

   A Saturday retreat 
at St. Alban's, October 14th, 
9 AM to 2 PM
      Light lunch included

Led by the Rev. Brian Taylor, a gifted retired Episcopal priest and retreat leader, we will explore our prayer life, and try contemplative practices. Tim+ says, "Don't miss it!"

 Brian will preach at St. Alban's Oct 15th at 9:30 AM, followed by coffee hour chat.


Make a difference in young lives...
St. Alban's 
Long Creek Volunteers 
are making a difference in the  lives of young folks from Maine.  
A small, dedicated dedicated team from St. Alban's visits the girls' residential unit at the Long Creek Youth Development Center in South Portland monthly. Through conversation, play and social interaction, our team is engaging these young women, each of whom struggles to realize her full potential. The volunteers report they too get so much out of this caring ministry. If you too would like to reach out and make an important difference in the lives of some young Mainers, please chat with:  Michelle Whitney, our coordinator, at ,  or  Fr. Tim at  
French Dinner..tomorrow
Benefiting  all our ministries!
Friday, September 29th -  All are welcome!

Aperitif included          BYOB for dinner
         Tickets on sale now 
Contact Lisa Newbold 831 9545 or 
Joan Hankinson 767-8152 
for more information and tickets
A new grant is given!
St. Alban's Sends Grant Aid from Maine to to Help Refugees 

The Diocese of Maine makes special grants to fight  poverty and support  the UN's Global Goals for sustainable development.
 Over the summer, 
Holly Clark and Patrick Keyser, a fellow Yale seminarian, submitted an international aid grant proposal that was co-sponsored by St. Alban's and Holly's home sponsoring parish of Christ Church, Norway, ME. 

The grant they wrote was in support of the  Joel Nafuma Refugee Center, a ministry of St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Rome, Italy. This is one of the places Holly visited on her  personal pilgrimage to Rome this year. Patrick had volunteered at the  Center in May.
St. Alban's has a special connection to those the Center serves. The Lampedusa Cross, hanging in our nave, made from the wrecked refugee boats on Lampedusa Island off Italy, is a tangible token of our past support of  those crossing the Mediterranean Sea as refugees.
Thanks to the initiative of Holly and Patrick,  a Maine grant  of $6,000 has been sent to help refugees. To learn more about the JNRC or to make your own tax-deductible contribution, visit:

 Long John Sunday
October 29th

Jubilee Center/Essentials Pantry
Ahoy!  The crew from the Jubilee Center/Essentials Pantry ministry is collecting long underwear to keep our neighbors from far off ports of call (where no snow ever falls) warm this winter. 
While local store supplies are fresh, please purchase a package or two of thermal or insulated tops, bottoms, or socks for women, children or men. Any size or gender of long johns are welcome! Our Essential Pantry neighbors come in all sizes!
There are alternatives for landlubbers:
Order items in the "Heat Tech" line from Uniqlo  at  or  order from other companies on-line.

Or...donate "pieces of eight" by writing a check: made out to St. Alban's Episcopal Church with memo line, "Long John Sunday"
No one need fear walking the plank.  Drop off your purchases in the treasure chest at church during the next six weeks.  

On "Long John Sunday," October 29th, our gifts will be received, blessed and sent on their warming way! 

Family Promise
St. Alban's Ministry with Greater Portland 

Thanks to everyone for the  time, energy, talent, and prayers that supported a very successful first experience of providing housing for homeless families along with the Cape Elizabeth United Methodist Church and St. Bartholomew's Roman Catholic Church through the Greater Portland Family Promise program.  

Upcoming dates to keep in mind  
  • The weeks of October 29 and January 28, our future dates of helping to host families at CEUMC
Health Ministry reminder...
It's that time of year. Fall is the time to get your FLU SHOT.

Do it for your health!