October 5,  2017       
Picture of the Week
October is Safe Church month for us here at St. Alban's!
Quote of the Week
You may shoot me with your       words,
You may cut me with your eyes,
You may kill me with your   hatefulness,
But still, like air, I'll rise.

from Maya Angelou, "I'll Rise"
Worship Schedule
  • 8:00 am Quiet, spoken and traditional 
  • 9:30 am Holy Communion with choir and children's programs
  • 5:30 pm Celtic
    Eventide...contemplative, musical and prayerful


Centering Prayer
Clergy and Music
 This Sunday
  • The Rev. Judson Pealer will be preaching and celebrating at 8:00,  9:30 and 5:30.
  • Holly Clark will be assisting
  • Jim Strand at the organ

St. Alban's Choir 
Music Director, Jim Strand would love to talk with you about adding your voice to this much-loved ministry.
You can contact Jim at  jstrand@maine.rr.com

Meetings & Events

10/9        Office Closed
10/9        Health Ministry Meeting
10/10      Vestry Meeting
10/10      Book Club
10/14      Preble Street
10/14      Retreat
10/15      Rev. Brian Taylor preach and                 coffee chat
10/21      Theater Party
10/29      Long John Sunday
11/5        Parish Breakfast
11/13      2nd Monday Lunch

A Theater Evening

Youth Group

High School Youth Group 
On the first and third Sundays of the month from 3:30-5 pm, our high schoolers gather to spend time with one another.
Our gatherings make space for getting to know one another and to explore our faith through times of fun and games, food and fellowship, and conversation and prayer. The High School Youth Group goes on retreats, spends extended time together in overnights at the church, and participates in mission trips. 

Holly Clark, Anne Sedlack, and Peter Durin are the adults primarily involved with our high school youth group. 

We are excited for the year ahead and all the possibilities it holds. 
Children's Formation
 Safe Church

October is Safe Church month for us here at 
St. Alban's! 
This online training helps to ensure we all hold the same ethic of care for each other in our community. Everyone working with children,  and those making pastoral care visits are required to have completed the Safe Church training. Have you done the Episcopal Diocese of Maine Online Safe Church training in the last year? If not, please complete the training and turn your "certificate" into Katie Holicky, Minister of Family Formation. kholicky@stalbansmaine.org
NOTE: There is NO 2nd Monday Lunch in October
See you on November 13th!
Health Ministry Reminders...
H abits for a
Healthy Heart


It's that time of year. 

Fall is the time to get your FLU SHOT.

Do it for your health!
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Sometimes, in a sermon or a chat about a hard thing, you'll hear me say "we know a lot about this..." It's my way of trying to remind myself and you that, in our own experience and personal wisdom, the hard thing we might be talking about can often be illuminated by our memory and our own history.

This week's obscene shooting in Las Vegas shocked us and maybe even knocked us down. Its carnage and pain, its sheer audacity and vehemence, and its scale and scope stunned.

Sadly, we know a lot about this. And while we should be shocked, as that shows our humanity, we should not forget what we know. In our experience and personal wisdom, this hard thing...this violence with guns...has been well illuminated for us all. We know a lot about it. One thing that we know is that such brutal attacks will only continue, unless we change.

Another thing we know is that God has given us the gift of resilience. Resilience to get back up and to move forward. Resilience to shake our heads clear and learn from the chaos and to reach out to the wounded. Resilience to imagine a different way.

God is not through with us. Loving us as we are does not mean leaving us as we are. God continually calls us to better and wiser ways of living, deeper and more generous ways of loving, wiser and clearer ways of understanding, more powerful ways of hoping, more effective expressions of responsibility, more freeing ways of believing and ever clearer paths of obedience.  God calls us to change.

We have the knowledge and the resilience to change. Change is one of the signs of the nearness of God. We know a lot about this, too.

Vestry Meeting Reminder
October 10th at 6:30 p.m.

Rev. Judson Pealer
Guest Preacher 
St. Alban's warmly welcomes the Rev. Judson Pealer as our celebrant this week at all services. he will be assisted by our seminarian Holly Clark and lay leaders. 

Tim+ has a day off.
Rev. Pealer was ordained as priest in 1987 in the Diocese of Vermont. He has served as rector in parishes in  Maine, Vermont, New York, and West Virginia. He worked as a chaplain at the Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center. In addition to serving as visiting clergy, Rev. Pealer is an active member of several boards and committees within the Diocese of Maine. 

 Please give Jud+ your warm welcome!

Adult Formation, some great things!
S o, how's Your
 Prayer Life? 

   A Saturday retreat 
at St. Alban's, October 14th, 
9 AM to 2 PM  Light lunch provided
       RSVP   events@stalbansmaine.org

Led by the Rev. Brian Taylor, a gifted retired Episcopal priest and retreat leader, we will explore our prayer life, and try contemplative practices. Tim+ says, "Don't miss it!"

Brian will preach at St. Alban's Oct 15th at 9:30 AM, followed by coffee hour chat.

Episcopal 101- Re-discovering the Anglican Tradition and Hope

October 18, 25 and Nov. 1
 at 6:30pm  

Led by the Rev. Tim Boggs we will look into the basics of the Christian faith as received and celebrated by the Episcopal Church. A course for newcomers and old-timers. Confirmation or Reception in The Episcopal may follow,if a student so wishes.  
RSVP  events@stalbansmaine.org   
Carl Jung: a Doctor of the Soul,
a 2-part Sunday morning class .
October 22 & 29 following 9:30am worship  
Led by the Rev. Tom Cushman, this class will open our eyes to the helpful ways Jung understood the soul and the healing to be found in the spiritual journey. Questions abound! What is soul? Do we have soul? How do psyche and faith relate?
                                                                    No sign up necessary
Make a difference in young lives...
St. Alban's 
Long Creek Volunteers 
are making a difference in the  lives of young folks from Maine.  
A small, dedicated dedicated team from St. Alban's visits the girls' residential unit at the Long Creek Youth Development Center in South Portland monthly. Through conversation, play and social interaction, our team is engaging these young women, each of whom struggles to realize her full potential. The volunteers report they too get so much out of this caring ministry. If you too would like to reach out and make an important difference in the lives of some young Mainers, please chat with:  Michelle Whitney, our coordinator, at  mmwhit@maine.rr.com ,  or  Fr. Tim at tboggs@stalbansmaine.org  
Lunch is served!
Our fabulous volunteers who serve each month at Preble Street Soup Kitchen welcome you! 

Our next opportunity to serve is October 14th from 10-2.

Mark your calendar and let us know if you'd like to join the joyful crew.

 Long John Sunday
October 29th

Jubilee Center/Essentials Pantry
Ahoy!  The crew from the Jubilee Center/Essentials Pantry ministry is collecting long underwear to keep our neighbors from far off ports of call (where no snow ever falls) warm this winter. 
While local store supplies are fresh, please purchase a package or two of thermal or insulated tops, bottoms, or socks for women, children or men. Any size or gender of long johns are welcome! Our Essential Pantry neighbors come in all sizes!
There are alternatives for landlubbers:
Order items in the "Heat Tech" line from Uniqlo  at  www.uniqlo.com/us  or  order from other companies on-line.

Or...donate "pieces of eight" by writing a check: made out to St. Alban's Episcopal Church with memo line, "Long John Sunday"
No one need fear walking the plank.  Drop off your purchases in the treasure chest at church during the next few weeks.  

On "Long John Sunday," October 29th, our gifts will be received, blessed and sent on their warming way! 

Family Promise
St. Alban's Ministry with Greater Portland 

Thanks to everyone for the  time, energy, talent, and prayers that supported a very successful first experience of providing housing for homeless families along with the Cape Elizabeth United Methodist Church and St. Bartholomew's Roman Catholic Church through the Greater Portland Family Promise program.  

Upcoming dates to keep in mind  
  • The weeks of October 29 and January 28, our future dates of helping to host families at CEUMC