The blessing this week is Delihah, Joel and Christina Priddy  have been greatly blessed this summer by having a beautiful baby girl placed with us for adoption. 

St. Stephen's Episcopal Church
This Week
September 28- October 5, 2017 
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Ministry Spotlight
Blessings & Abundance
Stewardship Corner
Your Vestry Hosts this week are:
Vic Grace and Kristin McCartor
If you have any questions about St. Stephen's or have any comments or questions in general, you can reach out to them or find them this weekend.
We pray for...
  • those affected by the earthquakes,
    hurricanes, flooding and fires wreaking havoc across the world;
  • civil discourse grounded in respect;
  • refugees, immigrants and those without a home.
Service Schedule
   5:00 PM - Holy Eucharist and Healing 

  8:00am Rectors Bible Study & Coffee
9:30am Holy Eucharist
Following worship, Fellowship, Coffee and Refreshments 
11:00am Adult Formation & Education
Office Hours
10:00AM-12:00PM & 1:30PM-4:30PM and other times by appointment .  
St. Stephen's Vestry
Christina Priddy
-Rector's Warden
Vic Grace
-People's Warden
Jack Colaric
Mary Heldenbrand
Lyle Skillen
Vicki Bradshaw
Ronnie Sunderman
Bruce Brannan
Kristin McCartor
Paul Basha
Ken Carleno
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Serving this weekend
This weekend, The Rev. Anne Ellsworth will be our supply priest. Please help us welcome her to St. Stephen's. 

If you need pastoral care anytime during this period of transition, please call Fr. John Christopher at 602-757-9282.
The Habitat Fall House is Under Way
We're looking for hammer swingers and other DIY volunteers to help the Genet Asress build her new home.  St. Stephen's is assisting the Episcopal Habitat Coalition of Central Arizona in its fall project.  Our coalition is  working with other several other non-profit organizations to build a new house for Genet to start her family.  We will meet at 6:15 AM on Saturday, 30 September frame the second of three floors on Genet's House.  We should be done by just after lunch. It is always a well-spent morning to help people put sweat equity into a house that they will buy from Habitat.

The house we are building is at 1937 E. Don Carlos in Tempe, near McClintock and Apache.  If you want to help us keep the Asress house on track for its February dedication, please contact Vic Grace at 602.463.8044, or sign up after service this weekend. We can get you a ride if you need one.  
Ministry Spotlight - Choir!

This week, we finish our month of recognizing the worship ministries by recognizing the choir.  Throughout the year they enrich our Sunday morning services with their voices and lead us in song and praise.  If you are interested in joining their ranks, please reach out to David Zych. choir  
Blessings & Abundance
This month, as we come back together after a summer of keeping cool, traveling and enjoying life, and start to look towards Autumn, let's celebrate God's abundance by acknowledging and sharing our blessings with one another. Take a picture of your blessings or what represents God's abundance to you and email it into the office by  clicking here  to be shared in the Highlights and on our Facebook page by    clicking here.   Blessings
Stewardship Corner: Why we give to St. Stephen's 
Lyle & Meghan Skillen: 
"Money is a renewable resource, time is not."

We give because we get. There is a saying that we have come to believe is true in our lives. "Money is a renewable resource, time is  not."

The things that Meghan and I get from our membership in our church  far out weighs the money that we give. Our community worship,  taking meals together, fellowship and projects allow us to be members  of the body with Christ. The time we spend together and working for  the betterment of our corporate body, well there is no price that can
compare with those moments.

We must however be realists as to the how and why of the body of  Christ on earth. The corporate body needs help to survive, God does  his part and we need to do ours. That is why we give to St. Stephens  Church. 

(Anyone interested in sharing why they give should email

We aspire to be an accepting community in which people will know Jesus Christ through worship, prayer, spiritual formation and fellowship. We hope our community will encourage all to use their God given gifts to serve others in the name of Christ.


St. Stephen's Episcopal Church