St. Paul's Episcopal Church   Poughkeepsie, NY

"Making friends while serving God"

The week of Nov 20-26, 2017         

Happy Thanksgiving

Come one, come all
Don't forget....
This Sunday, 4pm service only.
All are most cordially invited

Our celebration of becoming a self-supporting congregation and the events and people that have made that possible is scheduled for this Sunday at 4 pm with our diocesan bishop, The Rt. Rev. Andy Dietsche officiating, celebrating and preaching. If you thought New Consecration Sunday Nov. 19 was exciting--and fun!--just you wait.
For two decades St. Paul's was part of our diocesan Congregational Support Plan, a financial aid program intended to insure that parishes had full time clergy in exchange for one half of the parish's normal operating income. Thanks to a lot of work by our parish leadership, some generous bequests and the termination of the CSP, St. Paul's finds itself in a position to be self-supporting. One side effect of this is Fr. Tyler has moved from being a vicar, employed by the Diocese on behalf of St. Paul's, to the position of rector, employed by the parish.
Sunday we will celebrate all that has brought us to this momentous and fulfilling state. At least, as much as can be squeezed into a church service. The circumstances, the delights, the disasters, the leaders and the workers who helped bring this about at St. Paul's will be celebrated.
We have invited all to attend. Especially we want to include in the invitation list those who have supported us and been drawn to our ministry in the North Side neighborhood of Poughkeepsie over the past five decades. Be sure to remember your family members, co-workers, friends and neighbors who have recognized the importance of this parish and invite them to attend.
We take special pleasure in the participation of Bishop Andy. He has been with this congregation through, literally, fire and flood, thick and thin. His friendship, his ministry to us and his leadership as we sought to live into the new diocesan strategic plan were invaluable, uplifting and are deeply appreciated.

Turn, turn, turn
Ecclesiates 3:1-8;  Genesis 8:6-11, 9:8-11;
1 Corinthians 12:1,14-31,2731; Matthew 25: 31-46

This week's lessons

 Sunday's readings--except for the Gospel--will not be found on the back of the November page of our church calendar. This week we are reading lessons that describe our parish celebration Sunday, in particular, but also all year round.
Our first reading, from Ecclesiastes, actually provided the lyrics for a popular song in the 1960's, "Turn, Turn, Turn," by the Byrds. In clearly poetic form and rhythm it helps us remember that our timetable is not always God's timetable. This has been true at St. Paul's since 1835 and for people of faith forever. Our Genesis reading (yes, we have two Hebrew Bible readings this week) is the story of God's covenant with the people who followed Noah onto the ark. Our Epistle from the First Letter of Paul to the Corinthians describes the different gifts with which people are endowed.
Our celebration notwithstanding, Sunday is Christ the King Sunday and the appointed Gospel  is from Matthew. In it is one of the most famous exchanges in all the Bible, Jesus tells the righteous, "...I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me, I was naked and you gave me clothing, I was sick and you took care of me, I was in prison and you visited me." The righteous ask when this took place and Jesus' reply sets the stage for 2000 years of ministry since: "just as you did it to one of the least of these who are members of my family, you did it to me."

P A R I S H   N E W S

On Monday the firm restoring our pipe organ installed the console, seen above. The balance of the installation is expected to be completed Tuesday and we have every hope of having the organ available for our Sunday service.  If it is operable Bishop Dietsche will bless the instrument Sunday.
Actual dedication will follow at a later date.

Availability for Safe Church training
Last week the Messenger contained an article on the need for 'Safe Church' training at St. Paul's. As of Monday evening only six of the estimated 25-30 leaders and volunteers at St. Paul's had indicated which of the potential training dates could work for them.
Every one of our parish volunteers and leaders--except for Father Tyler--is in need of this training in order to comply with diocesan and vestry regulations. Please advise Father Tyler ( at your earliest opportunity as to which of the following dates could work for you. Please consider all dates so we can maximize the number of leaders and volunteers receiving the training in December of February.
December dates and times:                        February dates and times:
Dec. 9 (Sat.) 9 am - 1 pm                               Feb. 10 (Sat) 9am-1 pm
Dec. 10 (Sun) 1 pm - 5 pm                             Feb. 10 (Sat) 1 pm -5 pm
Dec. 16 (Sat) 9 am-1 pm                                Feb 4 (Sun) 1 pm-5 pm
Dec. 16 (Sat) 1 pm-5 pm                                Feb 17 (Sat) 9 am-1 pm
                                                                        Feb 18 (Sun) 1pm-5pm

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St. Paul's Episcopal Church-Poughkeepsie

November 20-26, 2017

MON 20          7:30am AA Meeting;                          
                        6pm Evening Prayer; Formation;                               
TUE 21           10am-2pm Office, Food Pantry, Small Blessings Thrift Shop;
                        6pm Evening Prayer, Seekers group;
WED 22            7:30am AA Meeting;  
           10am-2pm Office, Food Pantry, Small Blessings Thrift Shop;
           12:15pm Healing Service & Eucharist;  
            2pm Private S.H. Event;            
THUR 23         Church CLOSED for Thanksgiving;                        
FRI 24              7:30am AA meeting;
SAT 25            3pm Private S.H. Event;                   
SUN 26            Christ the King Sunday
    3pm Choir practice;  
           4pm Celebration with Bishop Dietsche;
                   5:30pm Celebration reception


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