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"Making friends while serving God"

The week of May 14-20, 2018  
The inclusiveness of Pentecost

Numbers 11:24-30, Psalm 104:25-35,37
Acts 2:1-21, John 15:26-27;16:4b-15

This week's lessons 
This week's reflection on the readings for Sunday may be a little like "Inside Baseball," where some folks don't know the rules and others could have written them. Regardless, we faced a choice this week as we prepared the collection of readings for Sunday's services.
Sunday May 20 is Pentecost this year. This is the day the Holy Spirit visited the followers of Jesus as they pondered their next moves following Jesus' Ascension into heaven ten days prior. As usual our lectionary readings contained collects, prayers that set the stage for our readings.
But this Sunday we were provided two different opening phrases. In the contemporary version, one collect read: "Almighty God, on this day you opened the way of eternal life to every race and nation by the promised gift of your Holy Spirit... " The alternative opening phrase was: " O God, who on this day taught the hearts of your faithful people by sending to them the light of your Holy Spirit..."
The lesson of Pentecost is that the Spirit brings us together. It does not discriminate. It offers to all the choice of being open to one another. That is its blessing.
As the folks gathered on the first Pentecost discovered, let us never sell ourselves short on the hope of connecting and communicating and sharing our faith with others. The most unlikely encounters may turn out to be the best connections. The spirit lives among all people, not just those already endowed with faith.
'In Service to God & You'
This week's helpers


Server:            Maria Bell


Lectors:           Rose Marie Proctor

                        Cora Keith


Litanist:           Pete Bedrossian



Organist:         Maris Kristapsons


Acolytes:         Shawn Prater-Lee

   Jordan Rosborough

   Ben Rosborough


Lectors:           Rose Marie Proctor

                        Daphne Barrett


Litanist:           Mark Debald


Usher:             Dewy Clarke

                        Mark Debald


Altar Guild:      Joanna & Rose Marie


Greeters:         Rose Marie Proctor

                        Alexis Plain                  

P A R I S H  N E W S

WEAR RED AND BRING BELLS--Pentecost is Sunday. Remember to wear red clothing and bring bells and tambourines on Sunday for the stunning arrival of the Holy Spirit during our 8 and 10 am services.

EPISCOPAL CHARITIES COLLECTION CONTINUES--The parish's collection for Episcopal Charities continues this Sunday for those who weren't able to make a donation on May 13. Please bear in mind the massive amount of good the organization does in the diocese as well as Episcopal Charities' regular grants in support of our primary mission work, our food pantry.

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Thursday May 17

"Pastoral Care With Veterans and Their Families"

Free Training for Clergy by The Department of Veterans Affairs VA Hudson Valley Healthcare System Chaplain Service



12:00 p.m.

Castle Point VA Campus, Multi-Purpose Room
Building 18 (41 Castle Point Road, Wappingers Falls)

To pre-register, contact Beatrice Riel at
(845) 831-2000 ext. 5408 by May 10th


3       Aidan Curtis                                              17     Kataleya Mayorga                                   

         Robin Porter                                             18     Claudette Tucker

7       Carolyn Dewald                                        20     Richlina Angel Hodge

         Clifford Clarke                                                   Jorge Santos Jr.

         Christina Hope Prater-Lee                        22    Shiann Mayorga Cash

         Frances Rogers                                        25    Theresa Butler

8       Bruce Wolven                                           27     Mark Goodwin

11     Mary Wethington                                               Bert Mazzuto

12     Kimberly Zeleznik                                              Velma Pusey

15     Joanna Frang                                            30     Debbie Pitcher


The Sunday Sermon.......
We are prepared indeed
SERMON: 7 Easter B 5 13 18

These are heady times. Imagine such shocking changes. Values are being challenged. Historic alliances and relationships are being blown up. Charges and accusations are flying every which way. It's hard to know whether to take cover or just give up. Or fight. Things are changing faster than anyone could ever have imagined. The old order is falling away. Some celebrate that. Others are dismayed. It's hard for people to keep their minds on the higher things, not the mundane or the self-centered. And in case you're wondering, I'm only talking about what's going in our Bible readings this week.

That's right. The confusion and the disorientation that are reflected every single day in the news --this is not new! This is old hat. Consider two thousand years ago. The followers of Jesus had been faithful if a little dull as they followed their Lord around the countryside. He preached and healed and performed other miracles and showed his disciples how it's done. The Christian Bible is full of reports of his wondrous works.

But it was unsettling, we can be sure. In the course of the past week we read of his followers witnessing the Ascension of Jesus into heaven, to be with God. This had all kinds of import for the disciples. First and foremost was: He is Risen, which we celebrate, also means He is gone. Yikes.

Irrespective of the joy they may and probably did feel at the confirmation of what Jesus had been teaching them, they were now going to be doing their business without his bodily presence.

In the past weeks we have been listening as Jesus again and again assured his disciples that they were equipped for the work ahead. He even goes so far as to insure them his reinforcement, the Holy Spirit, will be along shortly. While both notions --we've got the training and we'll have reinforcement from the Holy Spirit--are comforting, still...

There they were after the Ascension, after being asked, "Men of Jerusalem, why are you looking heavenward?" wondering themselves just how this was going to work out. We know what's coming. We've been here before. But they don't know. So they're pondering their situation. We know they're going to discover that they do have the training, they possess the confidence in faith and the resources to continue Jesus' ministry.

We know that Pentecost is coming, but two thousand years ago is was probably a slim reed of hope for the people who had followed and believed Jesus, and believed in him. Isn't that the way it is for us today? Many of us and our friends and neighbors were so relieved to have eight years of calm and thoughtful leadership of our country after the two terms of the prior president. For eight years we felt values which deserved being upheld were again taking hold in America": we were seeing concern shown for the people after eight years of government by and for the military industrial complex. We looked up to the leader whose administration recognized and followed humanitarian and -- dare I say Christian? -- values.
We believed with this type of leadership the nation was changed for the better, that the proper agenda was being followed, that there was hope in America like we hadn't seen for quite a while. We had turned a corner.

Then that leader left us. Not to ascend to heaven; just to submit to term limits.
But isn't that how the disciples must have felt? Like the hope and change and vision of a more generous common life which had been developed was all of a sudden lost? I think we know that feeling. I surely do.
As you know, Molly and I have four grandchildren. The younger grandchildren, one now four, one now two, get unbearably frustrated sometimes. Maybe their older sibling can do something they can't--read or ride a bike-- or maybe they've just had it with all the demands of being a youngster. What they do is squat cross-legged on the floor, cross their arms over their chests and pout mightily. They might make humph-ing noises, I'm not sure.

But they clearly have had it, all they can handle.

I can relate. I feel that way sometimes. Maybe I'll try it their response next time Molly and I have a difference of opinion. Maybe it will work!

Except it won't. Because not liking things the way they are, however unsatisfying, however disturbing, and needless to say, however unfair, doesn't change a thing. Except if I try it I'll get laughed at.
It's a good thing the disciples didn't try that. Instead they continued to gather information which indicated that they had in fact been trained and led sufficiently that they could continue after Jesus' Ascension.
In our collect we acknowledged their uncertainty, however, when we prayed that God would not leave us comfortless, a reference to the Holy Comforter, the Holy Spirit, which the disciples were waiting for and which we rely upon.

It is also clear from our readings that the disciples didn't give up after Jesus ent to heaven. Instead they filled their ranks by calling Matthias after drawing lots. This intriguing way of discerning God's will really amounts in trusting God, even without the leadership of their leader and friend, Jesus. It meant they were prepared to forge on.

Since we are examining the behavior of the disciples between the Ascension and Pentecost it is worth noting that our psalm, certainly recognized by the disciples, observes that God "knows the way of the righteous." This verse offers reassurance to the disciples that even in the absence of Jesus, God is with them, God knows their path. Emmanuel.

In John's Gospel selection for today we hear Jesus reinforce what he has taught his disciples in prayer to God. I suspect he prayed this prayer with a loud voice so his disciples could hear it and reflect on it and find it easier to believe and easier to imagine getting along without Jesus at their side all day every in human form.

Jesus assured God--and if they could hear him, assured the disciples--that they were properly oriented with Jesus' information and that that information was from God. They knew that Jesus was asking for their protection, "so that they might be as one." And then he said "as we are one."
For the disciples to imagine their relationships with each other to be like the relationship between God and Jesus, must have given them bold and new hope because Jesus prayed for that and that was how things were seeming at the time.

Finally Jesus asked God to sanctify the disciples in the truth. Then he asserted that God's word is truth. For us, of course, God's word is Jesus the Word.

Today's Gospel ties the disciples not only to Jesus more tightly but also to God. For those still trying to reconcile their relationship with Jesus, being directly tied to God was terrific glue. If Jesus was proclaiming their godliness and seeking heir godly protection, what could it be but true?
You and I can claim those same assurances that were being generated by and for the disciples just after the Ascension. God is with us on our path to do the will of God as we live our earthly lives. We are called to reach out to others in the full confidence that God wants us to help people in the name of Jesus. And we can trust what Jesus told the disciples because we do believe we are one, working as one with all who seek to love God and love their neighbor.         Amen
A sermon preached April 13 2018 at St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Poughkeepsie NY by The Rev. Tyler Jones, Rector

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1982                 224     Hail this joyful day's return
1982                 225     Hail thee, festival day!
CPWI                206     When God of old came down from heaven
1982                 516     Come down, O Love devine
HYMN INFORMATION: You may have wondered why hymns listed in our worship bulletins usually also have an additional title in parentheses or italics following the name of the hymn. This is known as the hymn tune name and it identifies the specific melody that the words will be sung to. The practice of naming hymn tunes developed because a text may be used with a variety of tunes, or a tune may partner several different texts. The name is typically chosen by hymnal editors or by the composer and usually has some special significance. For instance, several years ago when I wrote a new melody for the hymn I sing the almighty power of God I titled the tune Pine Plains, because I introduced the tune when I was organist at a church in that town and I knew there was no other tune with that name. This Sunday we will be singing When God of old came down from heaven, from the Caribbean hymnal we've been using to expand our hymn selection, paired in that hymnal with the hymn tune Winchester New, which you will likely recognize from the hymn As with gladness men of old.

May 14-20, 2018

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