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"Making friends while serving God"

The week of April 9-15, 2018  
Jesus reconnects with his disciples 
The fish was an early Christian symbol. The Greek letters in ICTHYS represent 
an acrostic which translates "Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior."

Acts 3:12-19, Psalm 4;  1 John 3:1-7, Luke 24: 36b-48

In Sunday's Gospel reading from John we relived the experience of the first encounters between the Risen Jesus and his followers as well as the enlightenment of Thomas, also known as the twin, but generally referred to as Doubting Thomas. In these joyful meetings in the upper room Jesus showed his wounds and established for all, even Thomas eventually, that he was indeed risen from the dead.
This week's lessons 
This week our Gospel reading is from Luke. In it the disciples are at first terrified by Jesus being among them. He encourages them to inspect his wounds so as to demonstrate the validity of his resurrection. The disciples were not certain, at first. Our reading relates, "While in their joy they were disbelieving and still wondering, he said to them,'Have you anything here to eat?' They gave him a piece of broiled fish, and he took it and ate in their presence."
These two examples of post-Resurrection encounters reveal one of the key mysteries of faith: what it takes for people to believe.
In Thomas' case last Sunday it took Jesus knowing in advance that he wanted proof and offering him the opportunity to touch his fatal wounds. It is worth nothing that the proof Thomas insisted was needed was not actually provided, since he did not put his fingers in the holes in Jesus' hands or his hand in Jesus side. Jesus offering himself in that way led Thomas to exclaim, "My Lord and my God!"
In this Sunday's Gospel the disciples are somewhat satisfied by the invitation to see and touch Jesus' wounds. But what really allows them to believe it is their friend and teacher for the past three years is his asking for food, then eating with them.
Some needed to confirm it was the resurrected Jesus. Others needed to know he was the same friend on a human plane.

'In Service to God & You'
This week's helpers


Server:            Maria Bell


Lectors:           Rose Marie Proctor

                        Tom Walker


Litanist:           Pete Bedrossian



Organist:         Maris Kristapsons


Acolytes:         Shawn Prater-Lee

   Jordan Rosborough

   Ben Rosborough


Lectors:           Adrian Goldson

                        Alexis Plain


Litanist:           Mark Debald


Usher:             Dewy Clarke

                        Mark Debald


Altar Guild:      Hyacinth & Daphne


Greeters:         Rose Marie Proctor

                        Alexis Plain                  

P A R I S H  N E W S


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Public Forum- Helping the Formerly Incarcerated through Faith-Based Initiatives





Catherine Street Community Center (69 Catherine St, PK)

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Repair Cafe 
9am- 12pm
First Evangelical Lutheran Church
(325 Mill St, PK)
Bring a beloved broken item and get fixed for free.
Bring a food item for St. Paul's Food Pantry




Public Forum: Service Needs for Individuals with Chemical Dependency



Dept. of Behavioral & Community Health  (230 North Rd, PK)
More info: (845) 486-2766

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St. Paul's Episcopal Church-Poughkeepsie

1982                 182     Christ is alive! Let Christians sing
1982                 618     Ye watchers and ye holy ones
LEVAS-II          215     Children of the heav'nly Father
1982                 460     Alleluia! sing to Jesus!
HYMN INFORMATION: Alleluia! Sing to Jesus! is a hymn which praises Christ for his salvation, glory, honor, and power, written by Englishman William Chatterton Dix in 1866. Set to an 1830s tune by Welshman Rowland Hugh Prichard, it achieved great popularity after Ralph Vaughan Williams published it in 1906 in the arrangement we know today. While each stanza has its own significance, the second is especially appropriate in the season of Easter, in the line "Alleluia! not as orphans Are we left in sorrow now." Jesus told his disciples that he would not leave them orphans (John 14:18), and though he did leave them at his Ascension, in a spiritual sense he has promised to be with us to the end of the age (Matthew 28:20).

April 9-15, 2018

MON 9             7:30am AA Meeting; 5pm Stewardship;
                         6pm Evening Prayer, Worship/Altar Guild;                                               
TUE 10            10am-2pm Office, Food Pantry, Small Blessings Thrift Shop;  
                         6pm Evening prayer, Bible Study;                    
WED 11            7:30am AA Meeting;  
                        10am-2pm Office, Food Pantry, Small Blessings Thrift Shop;
                        12:15pm Healing Service w/ Eucharist;
                         1pm Parish Aid;
THUR 12          10am-2pm Office, Food Pantry, Thrift Shop;    
                          6pm Evening Prayer, Pastoral Care, Relatives as Parents;           
FRI 13              7:30am AA meeting;
SUN 15             8am Rite I
                         8:45am Lessons' Discussion
                         9:30am Choir practice;  
           10am Rite II
           10am Sunday School;
           11:15am Coffee Hour;


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