Worship on Sunday at 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.
August 13, 2017
1650 W. Foster Ave.,  Chicago IL
(773) 561-8496
Do Not Be Afraid
"Elijah finds the presence of God not in earthquake, wind, or fire, but in the sound of sheer silence. When the disciples face a great storm on the sea, they cry out with fear. Jesus says: “Take heart, it is I; do not be afraid.” Amid the storms of life, we gather to seek the calm presence of Christ that soothes our fears. In comforting words of scripture and in the refreshing bread and cup of the eucharist, God grants us peace and sends us forth to be a sign of God’s presence to others."

See you Sunday!

This visual prayer is  Jesus Walks on Water,  an illustration from an illuminated manuscript by Ilyas Basim Khuri Bazzi Rahim, 1634 From the Vanderbilt Digital Library. 
Sharing Faith at Home
Reading the Scriptures:
The Tenth Sunday after Pentecost

1 Kings 19:9-18    Psalm 85:8-13
Romans 10:5-15
   Matthew 14:22-33

Morning Prayer: God of awe, from whom we flee in holy terror: your silence burns like ice; your whisper cuts through fear; we long to hear your faithful word of righteousness and peace. Bless us with bold belie even in the darkness of the night and the assault of life's storms, that we may be messengers of your justice, in the name of the One whom wind and wave obey. Amen.
Evening Prayer:  Through the storms of life, O God, you are with your people in the person of Jesus your Son. Calm our fears and strengthen our faith that we may never doubt his presence among us but proclaim that he is your Son, risen from the dead, living for ever and ever. Amen. 
Prayer with Children: Dear God, you understand what it is like to be afraid sometimes, and you come to us when we are worried and unsure. Thank you Jesus! Amen.

In our prayers: Howard, Ahmed, Denny, Theresa, Richard, Nelson family, Dan, Lili, John and Sharon, Pastor Geoffrey, Lynda, Chris, Sofia, Olivia, John, Joshua, Nancy, Jinny, Mary Laura, Steve, Ione, Tom, Velda, Paul, Charlie, Ina, Don, Kyle, Ashley, Brian, Eric, and Nikki. We also pray for our bishops, Elizabeth and Wayne.

Ebenezer in Mission
Worship by the Lake: Sunday, September 10 at 5:00 pm.
Gather with friends from Unity and Immanuel Lutheran as Edewater reaches out in Rogers Park! Instead of our 5:00 p.m. liturgy, we'll gather at Loyola Park for food and worship that is open to the community and welcoming to our Rogers Park Neighbors. 
Project Promise School Kits: You can help!
Here's a handy supply list (a complete description of the project is available by the collection box in the Narthex):
70-sheet notebooks
of wide- or college-ruled paper, approximately 8” x 10 ½”; no loose leaf paper
30-centimeter rulers, or a ruler with centimeters on one side and inches on the other
pencil sharpeners
pairs of blunt scissors (safety scissors with embedded steel blades work well) unsharpened #2 pencils with erasers
black or blue ballpoint pens (no gel ink)
boxes of 16 or 24 crayons
2 ½” erasers
sturdy drawstring backpack-style cloth bags, approximately 14” x 17” with shoulder straps (no standard backpacks)
Please, no religious or patriotic symbols on any items. Thanks!

A Festival Weekend that has been 125 Years in the Making: The Ebenezer Quasquicentennial!

Plans are in the making for the weekend of September 30-October 1, and we want all members, friends and alumni of Ebenezer to celebrate 125 years of ministry in Andersonville:

Family Fun Fair featuring food, games, and crafts, Saturday, Sept. 30, 11 am--3 pm.

Dinner with Entertainment for the People of Ebenezer, Saturday, Sept. 30, Cocktails 6:30; Dinner 7 pm.

Festival Liturgy, Sunday, October 1, 10 am followed by brunch to close the 125th Capital Campaign.

All events are free and open to the public. All are welcome to attend, but we need your help to make the fun possible. If you can donate some time, sign-up in the Narthex or click  here.

We are also looking for donations for prizes and food for the Fun Fair and for Breakfast items for the Brunch. If you are a Thrivent member, you can apply to be part of an Action Team, which provides dollars to underwrite an outreach event.

If you would like more information, contact Chris Comella at  Ebenezerarchives@gmail.com or the contact the Church Office. Or mark the attendance sheet in your Sunday bulletin, and we will contact you! 

God calls Ebenezer Lutheran Church to be a Christian home for all who seek the sustaining nature of the Holy Spirit, to demonstrate faith and trust in God through the ministry of its people, and to let Christ’s model of service, justice, and love give expression to how we share God’s gift with the world.
Parking and Trumbull Redevelopment Update.
Trumbull School’s sale to a development company has closed. The plan for residential apartments and a professional theatre in the existing building is moving forward. This is a reminder that as of now, Ebenezer does not have an agreement with the new owners for use of the parking lot. We’ll keep you updated should an arrangement become possible.
No Wednesday Morning Devotions or Evening Prayer in August
As Pastor Michael will be away and our sanctuary filled with workers during the week in August, morning devotions (9 a.m.) and Evening Prayer (6 p.m.) will not meet July 26 or during the month of August. Both will resume on September 6th.
Women's Book Group
The Women's Book Group invites participation in their upcoming discussions:
at 7:15 p.m. Happy reading!

August 21: The Last Chinese Chef by Nicole Mones
September 18: Woman of God by James Patterson
Stained Glass Restoration and Preservation: UPDATE!
The first work run for the sanctuary stained glass restoration began on July 31 and will end on August 12th. This first run included the restoration and repair of the Gothic windows (tall skinny ones).  The second run will start at least one week after the end of the first run and will cover the remaining larger windows. This project will ensure many more years of beauty and light in a sacred space that serves our neighbors. You can still support this exciting project! Make a gift to the 125th Anniversary Capital Campaign today!
Sabbatical Coverage July 25 – August 23
Pastor Michael will be taking a one month sabbatical beginning July 25.  During this time he will catch up on much needed professional and academic reading and finalize materials for Ebenezer’s New Member process. Excellent ministers are in place for Sundays (so come enjoy wonderful  worship each week!) For emergencies and pastoral care needs that are urgent, please leave a message for Pastor Michael at (773) 561-8496 ex. 102. Messages left there are immediately forwarded to his cell phone, and he will quickly contact a pastor on call to assist you. Please note that messages and emails that are not of a time-sensitive nature will be returned at the conclusion of his sabbatical.

A new tutoring year begins on Sept. 21 at 6 p.m.

Ebenezer’s tutoring  program serves children in grades 1 -12.  Our students come from 16 area schools. 45 children attend each Thursday last year and nearly that many are on a waiting list.  Ebenezer folks and their friends and neighbors can be involved at several different levels.

1.    Individuals or small groups prepare a meal which is served to children and tutors at 6 PM.  Meals can be simple and kid-friendly but These meals allow tutors and kids who are just coming from work and school to continue to work until 8 PM. Meal preparers serve a meal once or twice a year.

2.   Substitute tutors serve when a tutor can’t attend.  Often this is on short notice. Substitutes often prefer certain age ranges and are free to say so.  Substitutes are folks who want   to help kids learn but can’t make a weekly commitment

3.   Tutors work with   the same children or child all year. They develop a relationship with their student and often work in a small group with other tutors.  Tutors’ skills and interests are matched with   the needs of the children.  A training and orientation session for tutors is planned for Sept. 14 at 7 PM. About a third of the tutors last year were Ebenezer members.  If you can’t tutor but know someone who can,  talk us up.

Please mark the green sheet with your interest or  contact the tutoring facilitator, Norm Dynneson, with any questions at normdynneson64@gmail.com or 773-218-8729.

Parish Nurse Seeks Helpers!

Our parish nurse ministry is developing and evolving.  Inspiration is moving us to try some new things.  In order to help meet the needs of parishioners and to help make new programs succeed, it would be great to know who is able and interested in volunteering. There are many ways to help. For example:
Giving people rides, to church, the store, doctor appointments, etc; Bringing meals to people when needed due to surgery, illness, family crisis, etc; Being a banquet bearer, that is, taking communion to people unable to come to church; Assisting in organizing events, programs.

Volunteering can be very occasional or frequent, whatever works for you. The more folks we have to draw from the less often anyone would be called on to do so.
If you are interested or have questions please contact parish nurse Marcia Smith at 773-561-8496, ext.103 or at Marcia.smith@advocatehealth.com.

Facilities Feedback
Ebenezer's facilities are busier than ever, which is both a gift and a challenge! To help us understand areas where cleaning and repair could be improved, you are invited to use this form to provide feedback to Jesse, our sexton. This is a more reliable method than verbal reports to staff or volunteers on Sundays, when our focus in on worship. Please let us know how we can continue to make Ebenezer a place of hospitality for all! The link is also available at any time at the Ebenezer Facilities webpage.
Community and Announcments
Give with Goodshop
Shopping online at  goodshop.org allows you to do the shopping you'd do anyway at your favorite sites, while supporting the ministry at Ebenezer! Simply register and then select Ebenezer Lutheran Church, Chicago, as the beneficiary of the donation Goodshop makes when you shop through their site. Check it out today!
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Our Mission:
God calls Ebenezer to be a Christian home for all who seek the sustaining nature of the Holy Spirit, to demonstrate faith and trust in God through the ministry of its people, and to let Christ's model of service, justice and love give expression to how we share God's gift with the world.
Do you or someone you know need someone to talk to? 
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