Dates to Remember:

Nov 1 All Saints

Nov 8 ECR Concert Series Austin Civic Winds

Nov 6th Church Women United Meeting (See below)

Nov 14th ECW Meeting

Dec 4th NC Drive A SR Concert

Sunday Services
8:30 am
Rite I
In the Chapel
(no music)

10:30 am
Rite II
(with music)
In the Nave

Church Office
Monday - Thursday
Hours: 10:00 am to 
2:00 pm
Church Ministers And Staff

All the People, Ministers of the Gospel 

The Most Rev. Katharine Jefferts-Schori, Presiding Bishop

The Rt. Rev. C. Andrew Doyle, Bishop Ordinary

The Rt. Rev. Dena H. Harrison, Bishop Suffragan

The Rt. Rev. Jeff Fisher, Bishop Suffragan

The Rev. Billy Tweedie, Vicar

Brian McElligott, Bishop's Warden

Michael Paulsen, 
People's Warden

Sara Burden-McClure, Director of Music

The Rev. Kelly Jennings, Director, Children's Ministry

The Rev. Nathan Jennings, Theologian in Residence

Linda Bryant, 

Marty Newkirk, 
Church Secretary
The Midweek Connection
October 29th 2015

Inside this Midweek Connection:
  • A Video from Fr. Billy Tweedie
  • Stewardship Sermon Series
  • Gift Cards for the Needy
  • News from the Atrium
  • Church Women United World Community Day
  • Who Benefits from the Thrift Shop?
A Video From Fr. Billy Tweedie

        Click Here to See the Video
Ourselves, Our Souls and Bodies 
Stewardship Sermon Series

Join us beginning Oct. 25th for special guest preachers in this year's Stewardship season as we look at the gifts we offer to God during Holy Eucharist and in service to one another 
  • Oct 25    The Rev Dr. Nathan Jennings Introduction
  • Nov 1     Dr. Stephen Bishop        Wine
  • Nov 8     The Rev. Kelly Jennings  Bread
  • Nov 15    The Rev. Billy Tweedie   Prayer
  • Nov 22    Dr. Anthony Baker        Alms Basin 
Gift Cards for the Needy

Fr. Billy has alerted us that our supply of gift cards for the needy is getting low and needs to be replenished. He requests cards from HEB, preferably in the $10 denomination. Please place them in the alms basins. They enable us to help those who come to us in need. We are pleased to report that, with your help we have given over 30 gift cards to neighbors in need. Thank you for your generosity in God's Name.  
A Message from the Outgoing
Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori

'I am deeply grateful for what God has been up to in the midst of our journey together'

News from the Atrium

Dear Families,
What a joy this season to give thanks in the atrium for rain and friends and all the saints. 

This Sunday, Nov. 1, is All Saints Sunday.  I'm looking forward to being in Christ's presence with your children over the next few Sundays in the Atrium - we are building up to Advent, and that means a current focus on:
For Level I
Liturgical time and colors
Nomenclature of articles of the Eucharist
Globe and surface map of Israel
For Level II
Eucharistic presence of the Good Shepherd (He came for all of God's people around the world) 
Nomenclature of the articles of the faith
The books of the Bible
Pin maps of Israel
By Advent, we will already be into the Prophecies of the Messiah in the Old Testament, and Infancy Narratives - for Level II, we begin to do syntheses, and consider how there are themes present in the narratives when we look at them side by side.
Advent is so important for our children's (and our own) spiritual preparation for Christmas.  Do prioritize Sunday mornings (9:15am for Level II, and 10:15 for Level I), and feel free to hang around and do some of your own spiritual preparation with us, or join the adult Christian ed classes.  
Peace in Christ,
November 6, 2015
Church Women United 
World Community Day - Our Journey Together

Please join The Episcopal Church Women and the Church Women United on Friday, November 6,2015 for a morning of service for World Community Day -- Our Journey Together.

Fellowship and registration will begin at 9:30 a.m. in the Narthex, followed by the prayer service beginning at 10:00 a.m. in the church.

ECW is the host for Church Women United and will be providing refreshments for this event. Please consider providing pastries, fruits, etc. The ECW will arrive at 8:00 a.m. to set up for this service and provide any assistance to Church Women United as needed. If you are willing to donate your time and resources, your assistance would be gratefully appreciated.

For additional information, or if you have any questions, please contact Pat Starkie at or 512-523-8144.  
All Saints Day Nov 1

All Saints Day is just around the corner on November 1st. Please send the names of those you wish to have read and remembered at that service. Send them by email to or call 512-459-0027 to let Marty Newkirk know.   
Announcement from the Scouts

Granville Ott has announced that the Boy Scouts will be in the Narthex this Sunday, Nov 1st to take orders for Christmas wreaths. 
Who Benefits from the ECR Thrift Shop?

You may not be aware of how many different ways in which people benefit from the blessings of our Thrift Shop.

Refugees from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Burma, Maylasia, Ethiopia, Sudan, Eritrea and Cuba have been provided free clothing and household goods in the last year. We also provide very low cost and sometimes free clothing from time to time for our own poor and needy here in Austin

Thrift Shop patrons and donors receive a benefit knowing that they are good stewards of God's bounty by keeping their unwanted items in use and out of the landfills.

A Company named Josco buys, picks up and pays us for cotton fabric that's at least 75% cotton, regardless of its condition and repurposes it. A new benefit is that rescue dogs at no-kill shelters receive dog beds made from the fabric not eligible to be sold to Josco, further reducing what goes into the landfills.

Thrift shop shoppers benefit from shopping at very low prices which keeps the lights and heat on. So many do receive benefits and blessings.
New Acolytes 

Our new Acolytes, Vitaly Jennings and Liam Tweedie assisted in the 10:30 a.m. service last Sunday. You will be seeing more of our wonderful children taking their places in the services over the next few weeks. Both boys did an excellent job, especially for their first time serving in the big service. Thank them when next you see them for their efforts. 
Wednesday Bible Study Continues

Wednesday morning Bible Study continues from 8:30 am to 9:30 am at Genuine Joe's Coffee House at 2001 W. Anderson Lane.  The Bible students have studied a lot of the scripture so far, and will continue on. The Bible students are now well into the Maccabees, but there is room for more interested students.
Hospitality Team for Sunday Nov. 1st

Team Leader:  Kellie Billings-Ray
Tammy Chappelle
Leonard Oliver
Music for November 1: 

 Anthem: Eye Hath Not Seen, Marty Haugen
Processional: 293, I Sing A Song of the Saints of God
Gospel: 533, How Wondrous and Great
Communion: 302, Father We Thank Thee Who Has Planted
325, Let Us Break Bread Together On Our Knees
Missional: 287, For All The Saints

If you are unable to fulfill your lay ministry, arrange for a substitute and let Marty in the office know of the change by noon on Thursday before. 

First Reading: Wisdom of Solomon 3:1-9 or Isaiah 25:6-9
Psalm: 24
Second Reading:  Revelation 21:1-6a
Gospel:   John:11:32-44

8:30 am Service 
Lector: Jim Ryan
Psalmist: Katrin Erk
Intercessor: Michael Paulsen
Chalicist:  Michael Paulsen
Usher: Jim Ryan

10:30 am Service
First Lesson: Andy Lyon
Psalm: Tina Prikryl
Second Lesson:  Helen Paulsen
Prayers of the People: Robert Beyer
Chalicists: (GC) Michael Paulsen (C) Lana Beyer
Acolytes: Holly & Charles Davis
Ushers: Kenneth DeSilva, Ben Garza, Dan Prikryl
Altar Guild: Pamela Stout, Mason Kramer
Flower Guild: 
Lay Eucharistic Minister:  To be announced
Bishop's Committee Host: Michael Paulsen