Dates to Remember:

Dec 2nd 5:30 pm Advent pm Prayer starts

Dec 4th NC Drive A SR Concert

Dec. 12th 9:00 am. Greening of the church

Dec. 13th 10:30 am service Advent Lessons and Carols 

Dec. 13th ECR Concert Series Austin Brass Band 5:00 pm

Sunday Services
8:30 am
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In the Chapel
(no music)

10:30 am
Rite II
(with music)
In the Nave

Church Office
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2:00 pm
Church Ministers And Staff

All the People, Ministers of the Gospel 

The Most Rev. Michael Curry, Presiding Bishop

The Rt. Rev. C. Andrew Doyle, Bishop Ordinary

The Rt. Rev. Dena H. Harrison, Bishop Suffragan

The Rt. Rev. Jeff Fisher, Bishop Suffragan

The Rev. Billy Tweedie, Vicar

Brian McElligott, Bishop's Warden

Michael Paulsen, 
People's Warden

Sara Burden-McClure, Director of Music

The Rev. Kelly Jennings, Director, Children's Ministry

The Rev. Nathan Jennings, Theologian in Residence

Linda Bryant, 

Marty Newkirk, 
Church Secretary
The Midweek Connection
November 26th 2015

Inside this Midweek Connection:
  • The First Sunday of Advent -- Hope
  • A Message from Bishop Doyle and others
  • ECW to Sponsor a Family for Christmas
  • New Banners on campus
  • Urgent need for gift cards for the needy

  • Thanksgiving


A Message from Bishop C. Andrew Doyle, and other s.

About Those Refugees: 
An Open Letter From Houston Christian Leaders
'It is morally irresponsible for political leaders to lead with fear and misinformation.'
Give me your...huddled masses yearning to breathe free...
People of Christian faith are on the cusp of the season of Advent, a time when we remember the birth of Jesus. The Gospel of Matthew tells us that just after Jesus' birth his family became refugees to Egypt in order to flee persecution and violence. Our scriptures and many other faith traditions have as a central and prominent tenet the welcome of the stranger, the foreigner, and the immigrant. This nation has a history of such welcome.
Fellow citizens, these lines are written on our Statue of Liberty. When commissioned, this monument and these words were meant to welcome people fleeing all sorts of situations back home in native lands to our shores. Many of our ancestors were among these huddled masses.
Fast forward to this historic moment in 2015. We live in a time of mass migration. Refugee crises are the reality the world over. This has been true not for months but for years. Those from Central America, and now from Syria, and the war-torn Middle East are the latest ones. Old and young seek a safer, more hopeful life somewhere other than in their ancestral land - a striking decision when you stop to think about it. The vast majority of them come with this simple aim: a peaceful life.
During times of terror, murder, and violence, political leaders will make decisions that protect their own innocent citizens from harm. Yet what about the innocent who are left in the crossfire? Of the Syrian refugees being referred by the United Nations for settlement, more than half are children under the age of 18. A large proportion of them are women or elderly men. The protocol for admittance under refugee guidelines takes an average of 18 to 24 months during a rigorous screening process. Kathleen Newland, a senior fellow at the Migration Policy Institute says, "The refugee resettlement program is the least likely way for a terrorist to infiltrate the United States."
It is morally irresponsible for political leaders to lead with fear and misinformation. Governing is about making considered choices in speech and action for all of a nation's citizens. Recent statements by political leaders are disappointing and appeal more to our base selves than to our more worthy selves. We expect our leaders to shepherd us on a higher plane.
Does this mean we receive people indiscriminately and irresponsibly? Of course not. But neither do we indiscriminately and cavalierly shut out those masses who are "yearning to breathe free."
One year ago we were grappling with a response to those coming in larger numbers to our southern border. That challenge is ongoing. The Syrian question is the latest manifestation of a global reality. This challenge will not go away and, in fact, is an opportunity for our communities to show our moral courage in the face of fear. If we are not able to do that, I am afraid we have responded in exactly the way the forces of evil desire. If instead we respond with conviction we will show once again that, in the words of Martin Luther King Jr, "darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that."
As Christian faith leaders, we call upon:                                                                               
* Governor Abbott, U.S. representatives, and senators to reject any bill that shuts down funding for refugee resettlement;
* Each faith community to find tangible ways to welcome a refugee family;
* All citizens and leaders to reject rhetoric unbecoming American values;
* And all Christians to speak in ways that give dignity and honor to all people.
Janice Riggle Huie, Bishop, Texas Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church.
The Rt Rev. C. Andrew Doyle, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Texas.
Michael Rinehart, Bishop, Texas-Louisiana Gulf Coast Synod, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.
The Rev. Mike Cole, General Presbyter, Presbytery of New Covenant.
The Rev. Tommy Williams, Senior Pastor, St. Paul's United Methodist Church.
The Very Rev. Barkley Thompson, Dean, Christ Church Cathedral.
Rev. Dr. Steve Wells, Pastor, South Main Baptist Church.
The Rev. Harvey Clemons, Pastor, Pleasant Hill Missionary Baptist Church.

Advent & Christmas Services

Advent Evening Prayer
       Wedensdays, 5:30 pm
Greening of the Church
       Sat. Dec. 12, 9:00 am
Christmas Eve Family Service
       Thu. Dec. 24, 5:00 pm
Christmas Eve Service
       Thu. Dec. 24, 8:00 pm
Christmas Day Service
       Fri.  Dec 25, 9:00 am
New Banners for ECR

Brand new, double sided banners now grace the campus grounds outside the Thrift Shop. They are attractive, and should go a long way to dispel the myth that Resurrection is closed. We are alive and well, and these new banners help to convey that good news.
ECR Concert Series On Dec. 13th at 5pm

Usher in the holiday season in fine fashion and with merriment. Come enjoy seasonal favorites, carols and more with family friendly music and fun for all ages, with the Austin Brass Band . This concert will have wide appeal, and it's highly recommended for families with children. As always, the concert is free, and donations are gratefully accepted. 
ECW Sponsors Family for Christmas

The ECW is sponsoring a family (Mom and 7 children) for Christmas through the Strong Start and Austin Children's Shelter Programs. ECW has been given the Wish List for the family.

If you are interested in providing a gift, please contact Pat Starkie for the list. If you prefer to make a monetary donation, please place it in the offering basin and note that your donation is for the Christmas family.

Our goal is to be in receipt of all gift donations by December 12, 2015. Donations will be collected at the ECW Christmas Party on December 12th and then delivered to the drop off location. Gift tags wil be available to label the packages. Gifts should be unwrapped. If providing clothing/shoes, please include a gift receipt in an envelope with the person's name.

You can contact Pat Starkie at
Church Office Closed for Thanksgiving

The church office will be closed starting at 2:00 pm on Tuesday, for the Thanksgiving Holiday, and it will open again Monday morning,  Dec. 1st at 10:00 am. Have a Blessed Thanksgiving.
The Acolyte Spot

Last Sunday, we welcomed Marisol and Kenn Peters as new acolytes. Marisol also beautifully read the second lesson. Thank you both for your service.

The new acolytes enhance and enrich our church and our services. We thank you so much as you continue in this vital ministry.
An Urgent Need for Gift Cards

Fr. Billy requests that we donate gift cards for the needy from HEB preferably in the $10 donation. Please write the amount on the back of the card. They can be placed in the alms basin on Sunday. At the present time, we have an Urgent Need for gift cards in the community.
The cards enable us to help those in need in our community, and we are grateful to those who have already donated cards. Thank you so much.
Wednesday Bible Study Continues

Wednesday morning Bible Study continues from 8:30 am to 9:30 am at Genuine Joe's Coffee House at 2001 W. Anderson Lane.  The Bible students have studied a lot of the scripture so far, and will continue on. They have worked their way into Second Maccabees now. The Bible study is ongoing, and there is always space for more interested folks.
Note: There will be no Bible Study this Wednesday prior to Thanksgiving Day, and the study will resume the week after. 
Hospitality Team for Sunday Nov. 29th

Team Leader:  Laura Tweedie
Liz Haltom
Michael Paulsen
Music for November 29th: 
Anthem: Show Me Thy Ways, O Lord Mark Patterson 
Processional: 73, The King Shall Come When Morning Dawns
Gospel: 51, Lo, He Comes With Clouds Descending
Communion: 61, Sleepers Wake! A Voice Astounds Us
R21, Give Thans With A Grateful Heart
Missional : 616, Hail To The Lord's Annointed
Lay Ministry for Nov. 22nd 

If you are unable to fulfill your lay ministry, arrange for a substitute and let Marty in the office know of the change by noon on Thursday before. 

First Reading:  Jeremiah 33:14-16
Psalm: 25:1-9
Second Reading:  I Thessalonians 3:9-13
Gospel: 21:25-36

8:30 am Service 
Lector: Tina Prikryl
Psalmist: Granville Ott
Intercessor: Katrin Erk
Chalicist:  Helen Paulsen
Usher: Jim Ryan

10:30 am Service
First Lesson: Michael Paulsen
Psalm: (Sung)
Second Lesson:  Marisol Peters
Prayers of the People: Helen Paulsen
Chalicists: (GC) Jon Ellis (C)  Michael Paulsen
Acolytes: Holly & Charles Davis
Ushers: David Bryant, Travis Johnston, Richard Fromme, 
Joe Page
Altar Guild: Linda Bryant, Holly & Charles Davis
Flower Guild: Linda Bryant
Lay Eucharistic Minister:  To be announced
Bishop's Committee Host: Brian McElligott