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June 6th - Safeguarding God's People

June 14 - Daughters of the King 12 noon

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The Midweek Connection
June 4th, 2015

Inside this Midweek Connection:
  • Fr. Billy's Column
  • Giving blood
  • Daughters of the King to Meet
From Fr. Billy Tweedie

Some of my favorite moments of the week are during our bible study at the Genuine Joe's coffee shop.  Recently we have read all of 1&2 Samuel and 1&2 Kings.  It was an arduous process to read through the stories of Israel's monarchy and relationship with neighboring tribes.  Death, greed, power, and sex formed the common thread. Some kings did "What was good in the sight of the Lord" and others not so much.  


I bring this up because our lectionary reading from I Samuel this Sunday is the beginning of Israel selecting their first king. God, time and time again warns them that they do not want an earthly king for a multitude of reasons: death, power and sex covers many of them.  In the end Israel does select a king and has to navigate its relationship with God, neighbor, and enemy. The temple gets built with King Solomon and is ultimately destroyed by the Babylonians.  


Sometimes it's hard to understand why these texts would have any impact on us now, but I remain faithful that they are robust and informative about the human condition.  Truthfully, we all struggle with putting things before God, just as our ancestors did. I imagine that this will always be something that causes us problems, letting material things and wants get in the way of our relationship with God and each another. 


And this is why I love that bible study so much.  It is a prayerful time to read and ponder our lives and relationships. Good coffee and jokes don't hurt either. 


Let the summer begin,







Everyone who donated blood at our March drive is eligible to give again through May 30. But if you donate after the 30th, you will not be available for our July drive. The exception would be if the blood center calls you with a bona fide emergency, but this does not happen often. So if you want to make God smile, give blood at the Blood Center during this special time in thanksgiving for all your blessings.


Visit the Central Texas Blood and Tissue Center, 4300 North Lamar, or one of the Blood Centers at Round Rock and South Austin. Call 512-206-1266 for information on hours and addresses.


Your Brother in Christ,


Dudley Baker


Daughters of the King

The next Daughters of the King meeting is on June 14th at 12:00 in Classroom #4.  We will begin Week 2 of Jesus The One and Only.
Anyone interested in this study is welcome to join us.
FHS Helen Paulsen
We Are Pleased to Report

Miss Ella Tweedie won the highly prized St. Francis award at school. Be sure to congratulate her.  
Wednesday Bible Study Continues

Wednesday morning Bible Study continues at 8:30 am to 9:30 am at Genuine Joe's Coffee House at 2001 W. Anderson Lane. Our intrepid Bible scholars are now studying the book of Proverbs.
Music for June 7th:
Anthem:  Ten Thousand Reasons
Processional:  381, Thy Strong Word Did Cleave the Darkness
Gospel: R86, They Will Know We Are Christians By Our Love
Communion : R-88, Thy Word Is A Lamp Unto My Feet
533, How Wondrous And Great Thy Words
Missional: 569, God The Omnipotent!
Lay Ministry for June7th: Click here for readings

If you are unable to fulfill your lay ministry, arrange for a substitute and let Marty in the office know of the change by noon on Thursday before. 

First Reading:  I Samuel 8:4-15
Psalm 138
Second Reading: II Corinthians 4:13-5:1
Gospel:  Mark 3:20-35

8:30 am Service -
Lector: Jim Ryan
Psalmist: Pat Mills
Intercessor: John Ellis
Chalicist:  Jon Ellis
Usher: Jim Ryan

10:30 am Service-
First Lesson: Sara Burden-McClure
Psalm:Kenn Peters
Second Lesson:  Mary Morrison
Intercessor: Andy Lyon
Chalicists: (GC) Lana Beyer(C) Robert Beyer
Acolytes: Holly & Charles Davis & Douglas Foxworth
Ushers: Kenneth DeSilva, Dan Prikryl, Antwonn Blue, Ben Garza
Altar Guild: Pam Stout, Mason Kramer
Flower Guild:
Lay Eucharistic Minister: Jim Ryan/Dudley Baker
Bishop's Committee Host: Jon Ellis OO