Dates to Remember:

June 14 - Daughters of the King 12 noon

June 14th 5pm ECR Concert Series: Kathy & the Kilowatts (see below)

Sunday Services
8:30 am
Rite I
In the Chapel
(no music)

10:30 am
Rite II
(with music)
In the Nave

Church Office
Monday - Thursday
Hours: 9:00 am to 
2:00 pm
The Midweek Connection
June 11th, 2015

Inside this Midweek Connection:
  • Safeguarding God's Children
  • Next in the Concert Series
  • Daughters of the King to Meet
Safeguarding God's Children

 Unless you've recently been sequestered away on a desert island somewhere, you must be aware that child sexual abuse has been prominently in the news. Sadly, the most prominent involvements have been in religious and educational venues. 

One place where you have not seen any allegations of such abuse is in Episcopal Churches, and I like to believe the reason for that is at least in large part, the prevention provided by Safeguarding programs. Yes, they take effort and dedication. But they make us aware of the potential for danger, and the rewards of prevention. 

Quoting the journalist Charles Blow, himself a survivor of child sexual abuse:


When a child is sexually abused, it breaks bonds of trust. It is a violation of the sovereignty of the self and one's zone of physical intimacy. It is an action of developmental exploitation. It is a spiritual act of violence that attacks not only the body but also the mind.

It can take decades, or even a lifetime, to recover if recovery is even emotionally available for the survivor.

We will be offering another Safeguarding God's Children Class in either late July or early August. Watch for the date and sign up. It only takes three hours, and our precious children are well worth the time spen

Mary Morrison

Safeguarding Trainer

Kathy Murray & the Kilowatts
On the ECR Concert Series
June 14th at 5pm

Traditional Austin R&B

2200 Justin Ln
Austin, Texas 78757

Plenty of free parking
Concerts are always free
Donations gratefully accepted
Light reception to follow
A Reminder

The church office will remain closed until June 22nd for remodeling. If you need to get in touch please send an e-mail to

That will be the most efficient way to communicate.
Thank you.
Daughters of the King

The next Daughters of the King meeting is on June 14th at 12:00 in Classroom #4.  We will begin Week 2 of Jesus The One and Only.
Anyone interested in this study is welcome to join us.
FHS Helen Paulsen
We Are Pleased to Report

Miss Ella Tweedie won the highly prized St. Francis award at school. Be sure to congratulate her.  
Wednesday Bible Study Continues

Wednesday morning Bible Study continues at 8:30 am to 9:30 am at Genuine Joe's Coffee House at 2001 W. Anderson Lane. Our intrepid Bible scholars are now studying the book of Proverbs.
Music for June 14th:
Anthem:  The Lord Be Near Us, Hopson
Processional:  558, Faith of Our Fathers
Gospel: 209, We Walk By Faith, and Not By Sight
Communion : R-9
291, We Plough the Fields
Missional: God Is Working His Purpose
Lay Ministry for June14th: Click here for readings

If you are unable to fulfill your lay ministry, arrange for a substitute and let Marty in the office know of the change by noon on Thursday before. 

First Reading:  I Samuel 15:34-16:13
Psalm 20
Second Reading: II Corinthians 5:6-17
Gospel:  Mark 4:26-34

8:30 am Service -
Lector: Mariel Fox
Psalmist:Steffan Pilotek
Intercessor: Reba Ott
Chalicist:  Granville Ott
Usher: Jim Ryan

10:30 am Service-
First Lesson: Richard Fromme
Psalm:Linda Bryant
Second Lesson:  Mary Morrison
Intercessor: Pat Mills
Chalicists: (GC) Helen Paulsen(C) Michael Paulsen
Acolytes: Holly & Charles Davis & Douglas Foxworth
Ushers: David Henderson, Richard Fromme, Joe Page
Altar Guild: Holly & Charles Davis, Linda Bryant
Flower Guild: Linda Bryant
Lay Eucharistic Minister: Juanita Grady
Bishop's Committee Host: Ben Garza OO