Dates to Remember:

Analog -- Tonight Nov 12th at 6 pm in the Parish Hall

Nov 14th ECW Meeting (see below)

Nov 15th noon Daughters of the King Mtg

Nov 21st 8:30 am Brotherhood of St. Andrew

Nov 21st 5:30 pm Dine Out at Ross' Old Austin Cafe

Dec 4th NC Drive A SR Concert

Sunday Services
8:30 am
Rite I
In the Chapel
(no music)

10:30 am
Rite II
(with music)
In the Nave

Church Office
Monday - Thursday
Hours: 10:00 am to 
2:00 pm
Church Ministers And Staff

All the People, Ministers of the Gospel 

The Most Rev. Michael Curry, Presiding Bishop

The Rt. Rev. C. Andrew Doyle, Bishop Ordinary

The Rt. Rev. Dena H. Harrison, Bishop Suffragan

The Rt. Rev. Jeff Fisher, Bishop Suffragan

The Rev. Billy Tweedie, Vicar

Brian McElligott, Bishop's Warden

Michael Paulsen, 
People's Warden

Sara Burden-McClure, Director of Music

The Rev. Kelly Jennings, Director, Children's Ministry

The Rev. Nathan Jennings, Theologian in Residence

Linda Bryant, 

Marty Newkirk, 
Church Secretary
The Midweek Connection
November 12th 2015

Inside this Midweek Connection:
  • A Meditation from Fr. Richard Rohr
  • Stewardship Sermon Series
  • A Message from Mother Kelly Jennings
  • ECW Meeting Announcement
  • Thanksgiving Crafts to Teach Gratitude
What's Happening In Heaven?

The most simple rule for discovering what we are to do on earth is to ask what's happening in heaven. What's happening in the heavenly kingdom is communion, unity, family. "Lord, your will be done on earth as it is happening in heaven." What God's love creates in heaven is perfect union. Union and communion are the goal of what God is doing on earth. God is not creating religion and righteousness -- God is creating unity. That's why Jesus' basic rules for the kingdom are about forgiveness, reconciliation, healing and communication. Those who are capable of union and communion are capable of God. 
Fr. Richard Rohr
From "What The Mystics Know"
Ourselves, Our Souls and Bodies 
Stewardship Sermon Series

Join us beginning Oct. 25th for special guest preachers in this year's Stewardship season as we look at the gifts we offer to God during Holy Eucharist and in service to one another 
  • Oct 25    The Rev Dr. Nathan Jennings Introduction
  • Nov 1     Dr. Stephen Bishop        
  • Nov 8     The Rev. Kelly Jennings  Wine
  • Nov 15    The Rev. Billy Tweedie   Prayer
  • Nov 22    Dr. Anthony Baker        Alms Basin 
News from the Atrium

Hi All,
Coming up after Christmas is a neat presentation for Level II that connects with the Ribbon.  It emphasizes
God's gifts to us in Creation. It's called the Gifts Strip.  It's a big work.
Check out the list below, and consider treasure hunting and donating if you have any of them - it might be fun to search for one or two of these with your children.  
A variety of pictures of the planets, moon, sun, stars, galaxies, solar system, Milky Way
Rocks, metals, minerals, stones.  They may be grouped:
flint, salt and coal are USEFUL minerals (Kelly has a piece of coal)
jade, turquoise, amethyst, bring DELIGHT and ENJOYMENT; 
artifacts that are crafted from gold, silver, copper - made by God and us, together
Shells, coral, plant life from the sea
variety of sizes
unique items (sea horse, sand dollar, pearl)
Plants, trees, leaves, seeds
Fruits, vegetables, cotton, flax
Vials of fragrances from flowers, spices, herbs
Picture panels (of 2-4 pictures)
- animal of the water, of the air and of the land
-animals that give us clothes and food (familiar farm animals)
-animals that help humans work or provide transportation
- animals that simply delight us
- pets

ECW Meets This Saturday

The next ECW meeting will be held in the Parish Hall on Saturday, November 14, 2015 at 10:00 a.m.  Our presentation topic will be "A Light that Shines in the Darkness: The use of votives in personal devotions throughout history to the present."
Brenda O'Keefe and Ginger Kirchhof will be providing refreshments.
Fr. Billy will be conducting a Eucharist Service for the ECW prior to the presentation and business meeting.
Please mark your calendars to attend.
Pat Starkie
President, ECW

5 Thanksgiving Crafts to Teach Gratitude

"The four weeks in November that lead up to Thanksgiving -that lynch pin before Advent - offer plenty of time for teaching gratitude."

 Click Here for Crafts that encourage Gratitude
Daughters of the King Meet Nov. 15th

The St. Clare Chapter of the Daughters of the King will meet this Sunday at noon in Classroom Four. The study will be "The Preacher" from "Jesus, The One and Only." Everyone is invited. 
If you have any questions regarding the study or the Daughters of the King, contact Helen Paulsen, and she will be glad to give you any information you may need.
Dine Out is Back With Another Favorite

Mr. Joe Page has booked another all time favorite for Dine Out this month -- Ross' Old Austin Cafe, 11800 North Lamar Boulevard. 5:30 pm Saturday November 21st. The proprietors are our own Sandy and Ross Sterzing. 

There is a sign up sheet in the Narthex, and if you have any questions Joe Page can answer them all for you. You can call him at 512-453-3077. There will be plenty of good food and good fellowship, and everyone is invited. 
The Acolyte Spot

The latest of our first-time acolytes joined the 10:30 Eucharist last Sunday. You can see them here as they listened to the children's sermon    Both made a great contribution to the service, and we appreciate their efforts.

Another new helper at the altar was Maria Jennings, who carried and held the quite heavy gospel book for Mother Kelly at the gospel reading. Congratulations and thanks to Maria for her important contribution to the service.
Wednesday Bible Study Continues

Wednesday morning Bible Study continues from 8:30 am to 9:30 am at Genuine Joe's Coffee House at 2001 W. Anderson Lane.  The Bible students have studied a lot of the scripture so far, and will continue on. The Bible students have worked their way into Second Maccabees, but there is room for more interested students.
Hospitality Team for Sunday Nov. 15th.

Team Leader:  Pat Starkie
Mary Wade Edgecomb
Roger Wines
Music for November 15th: 

Prelude: He Has Surely Borne Our Sorrows, Mosie Lister, arr. by Robert Nagel
Now Walk With God, Otis Skillings, arr. by Robert Nagel
Bob Hutsko, trumpet

 Anthem: We Come O Christ, Al Fedak, arr. by Russell Schulz
Processional: 665, All My Hope on God Is Founded
Gospel: 596, Judge Eternal, Throned In Splendor
Communion: R-55, Kyrie Eleison
R-92, We Are Marching in the Light of God
659 Love Divine, All Loves Excelling
Missional: R91, We Are All One In Mission
Lay Ministry for Nov. 15th: 

If you are unable to fulfill your lay ministry, arrange for a substitute and let Marty in the office know of the change by noon on Thursday before. 

First Reading: Daniel 12:1-3
Psalm: 16
Second Reading:  Hebrews 10:11-14 (19-25)
Gospel: Mark 18:33-37

8:30 am Service 
Lector: Robert Beyer
Psalmist: Steffen Pilotek
Intercessor: Pat Mills
Chalicist:  Robert Beyer
Usher: Jim Ryan

10:30 am Service
First Lesson: Sara Burden-McClure
Psalm: Jon Ellis
Second Lesson: Ben Garza
Prayers of the People: Brenda O'Keefe
Chalicists: (GC) Robert Beyer   (C) Lana Beyer
Acolytes: Holly & Charles Davis 
Ushers: Jim Ryan, Leonard Oliver, Chris Segrets, Jeri Wines
Altar Guild: Ginger Kirchhof, Reba Ott, Liz Haltom, 
Jeri Wines
Flower Guild: Reba Ott
Lay Eucharistic Minister:  To be announced
Bishop's Committee Host: To be announced