A Unitarian Universalist Congregation
Join us for worship and religious education!  Services and Religious Education Classes take place on Sunday morning at 9:15 and 11:00am
March 10, 2017
Sunday, March 12
Worship Service  -  9:15 and 11:00am
"The 2017 Auction Sermon: God for Unitarian Universalists"
What's God got to do with your life? How is the concept of God useful to Unitarian Universalists, for whom the divine name may not hold imaginative power? How are we supposed to think about God in a post-modern world of inclusion and religious pluralism? Each year at our annual fundraising auction, one member wins a sermon to be preached on the topic of their choice, and this year Ellen Rieger has chosen the topic of "God for UUs." Rev. Bret Lortie speaking.

UCE's favorite jazz pianist Karl Montzka will be playing at both services this Sunday, March 12. He is a freelance pianist based in Chicago and member of UCE. He worked recently in Hawaii with Gary Sinise and the Lt. Dan Band for the 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor. Karl has worked in many "Broadway in Chicago" productions and currently is substitute keyboardist and rehearsal pianist for Hamilton.

Religious Education
This Sunday our preschool, kindergarten¬≠-first-second grade, and third-fourth-fifth grade classes will meet from 9:15-10:30 and 11:00-12:15. All begin in the sanctuary for the first part of the worship service before going to classes.    Starting time for the sixth-seventh-¬≠eighth grade class to watch this week's movie is 9:45am. Senior high meets at 11:00am.    Childcare for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers is available from 9:00-12:30. 

Crackerbarrel - 9:30am
"How Republics End"
Paul Krugman, in a New York Times editorial on 12/19/16, said "Many people are reacting to the rise of Trumpism and nativist movements in Europe by reading history - specifically, the history of the 1930s. And they are right to do so. It takes willful blindness not to see the parallels between the rise of fascism and our current political nightmare." Is Krugman being an alarmist? Let's discuss. Discussion Leader: Dick Whitaker. Click here for upcoming topics.
Join us to stand in support of Black Lives Matter
You are invited to stand on Ridge Avenue between 12:10pm and 12:30pm to support the Black Lives Matter movement.  Signs and buttons are available for purchase at the back of the sanctuary. Signs and song lyrics will be provided for use.  Sponsored by the REAL team.

The Chris Isely Cancer Support Group -  9:15am
The group is open to anyone facing cancer, either personally or through a family member or friend. This lay-led group is a safe place for sharing and hope. Interested participants are encouraged to drop in any time. Questions? Contact Renee Hoff  or Brian Meister.
From the Senior Minister -- 
Spiritual Life and Outreach bret
Rev. Bret Lortie
Tell me all your thoughts on God

The one-hit wonder band Dishwalla's song "Counting Blue Cars" might be an anthem for all who wonder about the big question of "God?":

Tell me all your thoughts on God
'Cause I would really like to meet her
And ask her why we're who we are.
Tell me all your thoughts on God
'Cause I am on my way to see her
So tell me am I very far, am I very far now? ...
And ask many questions
Like children often do

On Monday, I decided to ask about a few of your thoughts on God with an online "flash survey," which if you'd like to take, is still accepting submissions:

The result has been fascinating, and a little unexpected. Click here to read more.
Pledge Drive Update  pledgedrive
The Pledge Drive began with great excitement and great momentum from Early Bird pledgers.  By now, you have seen Reverend Bret's video telling us what we can do together --

Why We Pledge
Why We Pledge
By now, you should have received your pledge information in the mail and a Visiting Steward has probably made contact with you.  It is vitally important that you share with your Visiting Steward what is important to yo u about UCE and the work we do. Click here to read more.
Upcoming Crackerbarrel Topics crackerbarrel
Sunday, March 19, 9:30am
 "Free Speech"
Discussion facilitators:  Gordon Mallett & Scot Campbell
Sunday, March 26, 9:30am
"Let's Compromise!"
Discussion Leader: John Tobin

Sunday, April 2, 9:30am
"Identical Twin Studies"
Discussion Leader: Scot Campbell

Click here for more information about upcoming crackerbarrel topics.
Celebration Sunday Extra Special Super Party
Sunday, March 19, 12:00pm celebrationsunday
Don't miss the Celebration Sunday Extra Special Super Duper Party to mark the successful end of the 2017-18 Pledge Drive.
When you attend, you will enjoy a Free Lasagna Lunch coordinated by Michael Skilton and his team of culinary experts, plus art, music, and children's activities planned by UCE notables  Johna Van Dyke, William Phillips, Jennifer Tackett and Wil Kurth.  Watch as our beautiful sanctuary is transformed into a Party Palace under the leadership of Mike Takada. Click here to read more.
On Easter Sunday, April 16, children in Preschool through Fifth Grade are invited to participate in a "canned goods hunt" at 10:30 am (between the 9:15 and 11:00 religious education sessions).  Children will hunt for the hidden cans and then trade in the cans they find for a small bag of toys and treats.  Our senior high youth will organize the event and assist children in the cooperative "hunt."

Please bring in your donations of canned goods by Sunday, April 9 and place them in the labeled bin in the lobby.  After the "hunt," the canned goods will be donated to Hillside Food Pantry.
Do you have a task around your home that you need help with?  Hire a team of UCE Journeys students to get a lot done in a little time! As a fundraiser for their Boston trip they will be available for hire to help with household tasks such as yard work, garage cleanup, or getting "rummage" together for the upcoming sale.  Hourly rate for a team of three youth and an adult supervisor is $50.00 (minimum two hours), with Saturday mornings or afternoons and Sunday afternoons available in April.  Please contact Valerie Curtis  with a description of what you need done and an estimate of how long it will take. We can then get a crew together and schedule a time. 
We are caught between Postmodernism and the legacy of the Enlightenment. This conflict affects how we think of science, other cultures and even liberal religion. The class shows how we got here and suggests that we need more reason, not less. Recommended: The Enlightenment: A Very Short Introduction and Postmodernism: A Very Short Introduction. Facilitated by Rev. Jerome Stone, UCE's Affiliated Community Minister. A former United Church of Christ pastor and philosophy teacher, Jerry is the author of A Minimalist Vision of Transcendence and Religious Naturalism Today.  

Click here for a list of readings.

Click here to register.
Click here for information about upcoming Adult Religious Education programs sponsored by the Learning Associates.
Women Making Change
Saturday, March 25, 6pm at UCE womenmakingchange
The REAL team invites you to an event on March 25, 6:00-8:30 at UCE that will provide food for thought and spirit, as well as sustenance.  We are lifting up the stories of black women in Evanston, famous and ordinary, that can help us understand what we can do now to help make a better history for tomorrow.   Dinner will include conversation with black and white neighbors and is part of the program. Click here for more information and to register.
2017 Soup Kitchens soupkitchens
UCE hosts soup kitchens when our neighbor Beth Emet is celebrating the Jewish holidays.  We have added two dates this year to assist Second Baptist Church.  March your calendars for the following dates:  Wednesdays - April 12, September 20, 27, October 4 and October 11 at UCE and Mondays - August 14 and August 21 at Second Baptist Church. Click here to sign up. For questions, contact Winnie Stevenson or Marilyn Wroblewski
From the Food and Shelter Team FAST
The Food and Shelter Team encourages Evanston residents to attend the Interfaith Action Candidate Forum on Affordable Housing in Evanston,  March 15, 6:30 to 9:00 at Grace Lutheran Church, 1430 South Blvd., Evanston. Click here for more information.   The two mayoral candidates and the two candidates for alderman in the 8 and 9th wards will also be present. 
Rummage Sale rummage
(To the tune of "You Know Dasher and Dancer....")
You'll bring dishes and clothing and bikes and some tables
And linens and jewelry and shoes and some sables!
But do you recall
Why you're bringing those things here at all?
Well, May Five and May Six is our sale
When the whole building becomes full of re-sale
But the week right before
Is when we'll set up our store!
And we'll need lots of help to not fail!
Covenant Group Sunday
Sunday, April 2covenantgroupsunday
If you are wondering about covenant groups and want to learn more - stop by the information tables on Sunday the 2nd to talk with covenant group facilitators and members about their experiences. A covenant group could be a part of your monthly spiritual practice. Contact Eileen Wiviott for more information. 
News from CRS, UU Prison Ministry, UUANI CRS 
Actions you can participate in with CRS, UU Prison Ministry, and UUANI:
CRS (Community Renewal Society) - This year's actions will focus on employment opportunities for people with records, violence prevention, implementing the Fair Cops Ordinance in Chicago, and resolving the budget impasse fairly.  Join Community Renewal Society for our annual mass trip to the capitol on May 9, 2017 to advocate for these issues.   Contact Dale Griffin or Doug Erickson for more information or to RSVP!
The UU Prison Ministry of Illinois is planning a teach-in on supporting legislation reducing the use of solitary confinement in Illinois, in April, date TBD.  Scheduled is a workshop on "Radical Hospitality" April 22 at UCE, on welcoming returning citizens at church and partnering with them to transition into life outside of prison.  RSVP Dale Griffin or Steve Serikaku. 
UUANI (UU Advocacy Network of Illinois) has begun an "action of the week" in this time of rapid change due to the recent election.  This week's issue is the new executive order on immigration.  To receive notifications please contact Scott Aaseng or Dale Griffin. 
UUANI will lead a workshop in conjunction with the MidAmerica Regional UUA Assembly at the Unitarian Church of Hinsdale on Friday, April 28, 1-5pm 
For more information on any of these please contact Dale Griffin or other participants. 
Greenwood Group
Thursday, March 16, 7:30pm  Greenwood
The Greenwood Investment Group, member of the National Association of Investors Corporation (NAIC), is a partnership of individuals interested in learning about and practicing good investment strategies. We maintain a single portfolio, making decisions for investment by majority vote. Members commit to participating fully as a partner in the business of the group. We meet the 3rd Thursday of a month at 7:30pm at UCE. Inquirers are invited to sit in on a meeting before deciding whether to become a partner.  Contact Hillis Howie.
Caregiver Support Group
If you are in a care giving role, whether it be caring for an ill family member, a handicapped child, an aging parent or any of a number of other care giving arrangements, we invite you to join the Caregiver Support Group.  We will next meet on Tuesday, March 21 at UCE. Then, going forward, we plan to meet the 2nd/4th Tuesdays of the month (4/11, 4/25, 5/9, 5/23, etc.)  If you have questions,  please contact Renee Hoff or Joyce Lofstrom.
Doing the Most Good Group
Monday, March 20, 7pm  doingthemostgood
The book, "Reinventing Philanthropy: A Framework for More Effective Giving,"challenges common views about charitable giving and offers practical strategies for donors to maximize the impact of their gifts. The book raises many important questions, however Friedman writes that it is intended to provide donors with a framework to make the biggest impact with their donations. Also join us on April 5 at 7pm for a public lecture at UCE from the author.  Click here for more information.
Update on Atheism updateonatheism
Tuesdays, April 4, 11, 18 & 25, 7:00pm
We'll consider each of the four "angry atheists" from 10 years ago (Dawkins, Dennett, Hitchens, and Harris) when they first became well-known. Where are they and their arguments now? We will review their initial statements, the criticisms, the rebuttals, and some more recent writings. Did the angry atheists spark a new consideration of atheism, agnosticism, and naturalism? We'll look at famous atheists in history and their contributions to the current debate, as well as some recent studies on the sociology of belief. Suggested reading: Richard Dawkins, The God Delusion (2006); Sam Harris The End of Faith (2004); Greg Epstein Good Without God (2009). Facilitated by Dick Whitaker. Click here to register.
UCE/Countryside Church UU Camping Trip August 11-13, 2017
Kettle Moraine State Forest, South Unit, Dousman, WI camping
Please make your reservations soon for another fun church camping trip.  This is a very informal trip, with time together or apart, as you wish. We have a potluck on Saturday night, and lots of opportunities to hike, swim, boat, visit small towns nearby, and have campfires.  It is a great opportunity to get to know other UCE and Countryside members better. 

Please complete the form and turn in by March 31. Payment of $55.65 is required.  The $55.65 covers 2 nights of camping ($23/night) as well as the $9.65 reservation fee.  Upon arrival, there is a $22 vehicle sticker fee as well.   Reservations can be limited and are offered on a first come-first served.   All checks must be made payable to: Unitarian Church of Evanston. Please write "Camping Trip" in the memo. Drop off the form with payment in the "camping folder" in the church office.

Contact John Bolling or Dale Griffin for information.
Upcoming UCE Events

Friday, March 10, 7pm
Green Team Movie Night

Thursday, March 16, 7:30pm
Greenwood Group

Sunday, March 19, 12;30pm
Pledge Day

Monday, March 20, 7pm
Doing the Most Good Group

Saturday, March 25, 6:00pm
Women Making Change

Sunday, March 26, 12:30pm
One Book, One Church

Sunday, April 2
Covenant Group Sunday

Tuesdays, April 4, 11, 18 and 25, 7:00pm
Update on Atheism

Wednesday, April 5, 7:00pm
Reinventing Philanthropy: A Framework for More Effective Giving

Sunday, April 9, 12:30pm
Town Hall Meeting

Thursday Nights, 5:30pm
Meditation Group

Thursday Nights, 7pm
UCE Addictions Ministry Group

Sunday Mornings, 8:15am & Wednesday Mornings, 9:30am

Saturdays at 10:00am
Open Drumming Circles

Community Involvement
Click each event for more information.
Saturday, March 18, 1:00pm
Clothes for Toddlers in Haiti

Sunday, April 23, 3:30pm
Youth Choral Theater Concert - a UCE rental featuring pianist Gregory Shifrin

YWCA Let's Talk at Lunch
Third Thursday of the Month
Pledge Day

Sunday, March 19, 12:00-2:30pm

Join us for free lunch, music, art and kids activities to celebrate the end of our upcoming annual pledge drive (March 5-March 19.)

Door prizes (get your name in the Grand Prize drawing for a Kindle Paperwhite e-reader by getting your pledge in by the 19th!)

Please sign up for lunch at the back of the sanctuary on Sunday or email Michael Skilton with number of people and any dietary restrictions.
Save the Date!
Town Hall Meeting

Sunday, April 9, 12:30pm
Green Team Movie Night

Tonight! Friday, March 10, 7pm

Please join the Green Team for movie night!  We will be viewing and discussing the documentary film "Tapped," which examines the role of the bottled water industry and its' effects on our health, climate change, pollution, and our reliance on oil. Feel free to bring a snack for yourself or to share with others. 

Questions?  Contact Heather Brown We hope to see you there!
One Book, One Church

Sunday, March 26, 12:30pm

Citizen: An American Lyric  by Claudia Rankin "throws a Molotov cocktail at the notion that a reduction of injustice is the same as freedom." (NY Times) This book length poem about race and the imagination is the chosen book for our coming discussions. Called one of the best books of the year, you will not want to miss the discussion on March 26 - 12:30pm. You can find the book at Book H. 
Fiction Book Group

Friday, March 17, 7:30pm

We will be discussing The Lowland by Jhumpa Lahiri. All are welcome.
UU Identity Discussions

Continued learning opportunities offered monthly by the New Member Committee; open to all who want to better understand what it means to be a Unitarian Universalist, no matter where you are on the membership journey:

Principles and Sources Class 
1st Sundays 10:15 - 11am
Whether you are new to Unitarian Universalism or you would like to better understand the seven principles and six sources of our faith, join us for this rich 45-minute discussion led by members of the New Member Committee. We ' ll use thought provoking metaphors to dive deeper into the foundations of being a UU.  Next Principles & Sources Class: April 2 between services.
Spiritual Journeys - 
a 3-part conversation
2nd, 3rd, 4th Sundays 
at 10:15-11am 
We'll explore our religious and spiritual backgrounds, where we come from, what we want to cherish and what we want to release as we continue our journeys. This is a conversation open to all no matter where you are on the path - exploring membership, new members and long-term members alike. You can participate in any one or all three in any order. 
Next Spiritual Journeys Sessions:  3/12, 3/19, 3/26.

Yoga at UCE

Join us every Sunday at 8:15am and every Wednesday at 9:30am.

Yoga at UCE is designed to reduce stress, bring relaxation, increase range of motion, and find balance - restorative yoga. If you never have done yoga before, this is your opportunity. Drop in, wear comfortable clothing for stretching, and try it. Yoga is learned by doing. Community yoga mats provided if needed.

 for Spiritual Practice

Upcoming Membership Classes

For those who are thinking about becoming a member of the church.

Intro to Unitarian Universalism 
Sunday, March 12,  12:30 - 2pm
Led by Rev. Bret Lortie, we'll look at our history, our principles, the sources of our faith, and the meaning of covenant. (This is the first step in the membership process.) 

Orientation Toward Membership 
Sat. March 25, 9am - 12pm
Led by Rev. Connie Grant, Membership Director Eileen Wiviott, and members of the New Member Committee. An interactive class exploring our spiritual journeys, the diversity of our beliefs, and what it means to be a member of this congregation. (This is the second step in the membership process.)

Sign up at the Guest & Member Table in the lobby or email  Eileen Wiviott. There will be childcare available upon request in advance for both of these classes. 
Ministers' Schedules

Rev. Bret Lortie  is available on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and by appointment. Monday is sabbath and Friday devoted to writing. To send a message or read Rev. Bret's blog, visit  www.liberalfaith.org .
Rev. Connie Grant is generally in the office during the day on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and often has evening meetings on those days. She takes Mondays off and works at home on Fridays. Please email or call Connie for an appointment.
cgrant@ucevanston.org. (847) 864-1330 ext. 103 (office); (847) 840-8542 (cell).
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Evanston, IL 60201