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August 3, 2017
Issue #414
Sunday Worship Service
10:30 am

Carolyn Bopp

Loneliness is everywhere and touches everybody. It is becoming an epidemic.
Researchers have found mounting evidence linking loneliness to physical illness and to functional and cognitive decline; it is a predictor of depression, obesity, and early death.
"The profound effects of loneliness on health and independence are a critical public health problem," said Dr. Carla M. Perissinotto, a geriatrician at the University of California, San Francisco.  But what's the antidote?  Carolyn will take a look at the statistics and what they mean for congregations and their members.

Carolyn Bopp has been a member of UUCM since 2003. She is a market researcher and has a Master's Degree in Communication Science from Munich University. She is a science nerd and interested in this fascinating topic.

Jeffery S. Melcher, M.Div., UUCM Director of Religious Education

Growth is multi-faceted, whether it is in our own hearts or in relation to a community. Congregations and society at large also have dynamic growth patterns. How can we support and engage each other in a free and responsible search for growth and meaning?

(If you have an announcement for the Sunday service, send it to Julie Prentice rebel1955@gmail.com  
The Sunday Circle 9 am

9 am - The Sunday Circle  (Contemplative Service newly renamed)

Upcoming Topics and Leaders:
8/6/17: INCREDIBLE: Things that we share in our society that are incredible 
  Jim Harrison  
Everyone is invited to one name thing in our society that is/was incredible.     
An example: There used to be smoking on airlines!  That's incredible.

8/13/17: Brainstorming Session to Plan Fall Topics
  All -- Come propose topics of interest and be inspired by our shared curiosity.

The Sunday Circle is held from 9:00 am to 10:00 am each Sunday in the Fireside Room.
jef melcher
Take a big breath and exhale.  Three more weeks of summer. Yep, I know, right? School starts in a few weeks and so does the UUCM RE program.

We will have an  RE kick-off on Sunday, August 27th  with the first day of classes, an introduction to the new curricula, and a parents meeting with a potluck. Please plan on staying after the service for eats, fellowship, and RE registration/program overview. We expect to be done by around 2pm.

Summer-shorts-Sunday: To help celebrate the transition, still in summer but back to school, we are inviting people to  wear summer shorts on Sunday, August 27th  to the Sunday service. Don't let Milton and I be the only ones!

Oh, and I am doing the sermon on August 13th with the YRUUP Summer Con youth attending. Over 70 youth will be attending that weekend. Bring the kids. Bring the youth you know. Expect a few surprises.

Jeffrey Melcher, M.Div.
Selected Upcoming Dates
Upcoming dates link to the UUCM calendar for saving on iCal, Outlook etc.
Web Site Help Needed  
Web Site Help Needed 

The Communications Team is updating the UUCM website. We are migrating the site to a WordPress template provided by the UUA and in use by over 100 UU Congregations in the US. And we looking for help! 

We need a few people to help migrate material to the new site, edit text, and add some functions to the new site. If you have experience with WordPress, website maintenance, or editing, and would like to help with this project, please email  communications@uumarin.org , or call Valerie Taylor.
Knitting and Crocheting Group
Second Wednesday evenings, 6:30 - 9:00 pm, offsite
Knitters and crocheters of all skill levels are invited to join in ongoing efforts to create handmade items for children and adults facing challenging life circumstances. Recipients include Syrian refugees, Afghan babies, and emergency shelter women. We are also making pussy hats to benefit UUCM & Planned Parenthood.
Patterns, guidance, encouragement, comraderie and some materials provided. Beginners welcome.
The next monthly meeting will be Wednesday, August 9. For location or more information, email crafting@uumarin.org.
Come Celebrate and Stand with Us
Installation of our Black Lives Matter banner, August 13th directly after the service. Three of our youth started a process at the 2015 UUA General Assembly in Portland, OR. Two years later through study, letters to the board, advocacy, fundraising, design, committee approvals, etc and finally installation. Congratulations go to the youth group and their advisors for seeing this through to completion.
Autumn Auction  - October 7

SAVE THE DATE for the Autumn Auction on Saturday, October 7, 2017, 5:30-9:00 p.m.  The rough schedule is:  5:30-7:00 for silent auction and social hour (hors d'oeuvres, drinks); 7:00-8:30 for live auction and potluck dinner; 8:30-9:00 check out.  Childcare will be provided.

The food for the auction will be provided potluck by attendees. The categories will include appetizers, main dish, salad, dessert, and will probably be assigned alphabetically. There will be wine for purchase. Details will be made known closer to the date.  
Meanwhile, start thinking about what goods and services you or your friends might donate for the auction; also what businesses might be asked to donate.  Some ideas are:  SPECIAL EVENT (use of vacation home, hike with lunch, catered meal or picnic, magic show, take kids to a museum or zoo).  LESSONS (cooking, piano, dancing, painting, golf, math tutoring, fishing, etc).  MONTHLY SPECIALS (casseroles, desserts, fruit, pet treats, etc). HELP AT HOME (garden, yard, odd jobs, handy work, eliminate clutter, taxes, walking the dog, etc). PERSONAL ITEMS (artwork, music or dance performance, scarves, hats, antiques).  For a more complete list of ideas,  click here. There are so many suggestions you are bound to see something you want to donate.
Donation forms are online and are also available in the UUCM foyer next to the rear window.
The primary contact person regarding the auction is Ken Ross ( kenross.church@gmail.com , 541-686-1549).
UUCM Labyrinth Rebuilt
The hillside below the play structure is the perfect spot for a walking labyrinth. Church members thought so in 2007, when they enjoyed the labyrinth constructed by the Youth group. By 2017, however, the path was no longer recognizable, but the center stones remained.

On July 5, having received encouragement to restore the site, we began by collecting all the stones and placing them into the center, and removing the dry grass from the circle.Then we laid out an ancient labyrinth design, working from the center outward. By July 7, after about 10 hours' work, the new labyrinth was complete. The center stone remains the same, and the seashells and all stones are reused from the site. The outer circle consists of the bricks Jeff Melcher and a more recent youth group had added, and the labyrinth is surrounded by stumps from the hill. Since only one person can walk at a time, others can sit and contemplate the view. Several people, including a dog-walking neighbor, have expressed their enjoyment of the labyrinth. Now all it needs is continuous use. Photo is of finished labyrinth. Dave Tetta and Kim Holscher did the restoration.
Collect Water and/or Stones
river stones
While you are traveling or staying at home be sure to collect water/and or stones to share at our ingathering service in September.

 July UU Roots Summer Reading - Margaret Fuller
Adult Ed Announces JULY UU Roots Summer Reading - Margaret Fuller   
"Men, Emerson observed, felt that Margaret "carried too many guns." Edgar Allan Poe succinctly defined that anxiety when he divided humankind into three categories: men, women, and Margaret Fuller."
For the month of July, we invite you to become better acquainted with the dazzling and intelligent female public intellectual Margaret Fuller: "An Unfinished Woman - The desires of Margaret Fuller" by Judith Thurman, from the Apr. 1, 2013 issue of the New Yorker: 
If you wish to respond in any way to any of these articles, please send your brief letter (250 words) to  groupemail@uumarin.org,  no later than two weeks after the link appears. Lisa may publish these responses in the Weekly, at her discretion, during the month.
Look upon this "summer reading" as coffee hour conversation starters and preparation for the 6 classes on Transcendentalism that Rev. Joy hopes to offer (time permitting) in the coming year. 

UU Roots is an ongoing reading group series for members and friends that explores the religious roots of our Unitarian Universalist tradition. 
This summer, UU Roots concentrates on Transcendentalism, a philosophical movement that was a major current in "modern" Unitarianism.  Look here in the UUCM weekly for a link to a New Yorker article about one or more Transcendentalists. We encourage you to click on the link and read the articles online, most of which are about 5 pages long. If you prefer, you may borrow a printed copy of the month's article, located in a specially-marked box in the Community Room.  
Touch of Beauty
Hello to Summer! 

For the next 2 months everyone (yes, YOU!) is invited to participate in Touch of Beauty. Please bring a flower or two or ten - there's no such thing as "too many flowers - as often as you can, and put it (them) in the vase on the corner of the Greeters' table. Somebody will  be on hand to create an artistic whole and place it on the dais for the service. We're better together!
Sally Schroeder
Summer Changes
Summer is here and there are a few changes at UUCM for the summer months.
The choir is on vacation but Milton is still providing wonderful music. The 9:00 AM service continues as does the 10:30 AM service.
Rev. Joy is away but we will have interesting speakers from Starr King and our congregation.
Jef is working part time and will provide activities for the children in the foyer on Sundays and coordinating other activities. Child care is available. YRUU will meet.  (see Jef's article for details)
The newsletter will be sent every other week starting July 6. See article below for specific dates.
Weekly newsletter publish dates
Weekly Publish dates:

August 17, 31
September 7 (back to weekly schedule)

Deadline for articles is 10 pm Monday for Thursday publishing date.
New Usher Scheduler still needed
Volunteer needed to take over the duty of scheduling ushers for the Sunday services. There are currently 16 ushers on the list, most serving just once or twice a quarter.  Scheduling might be feasible with "sign-up-genius" but supervision is required to ensure that two ushers are present without fail.

Please contact Nani Ranken for further details if you are interested in taking this task over from her. 
Shelter Supper Coordinator Still Needed
Due to Joan's "out-of-whack back," UUCM will need a new co-ordinator/
supervisor for this rich and rewarding program project which she has administered  for the last nine years. Contact her for more information. 

Joan Nelson -  415-506-4166  -  c: 415-595-6221
Labor Day Camp - September 1 - 4
Friday, Sept 1 - Monday, Sept 4, 2017
Mendocino Woodlands

We are excited to welcome families and people of all ages at Labor Day Camp this year. Join us at the end of summer in the glorious grandeur of the redwoods. Allow the crisp air and serene setting to refresh your spirit. Indulge yourself with family fun, solitude along the creek, or fellowship at the lodge. Your vitality will be restored with activities such as round singing, hiking, fireside chats, dancing, beading, or other spontaneous fun with fellow campers. For more info or to register, visit the NCUUCC website:
WALKING THE WALK 2017 - North Bay and Far North
UU Justice Ministry of California and UU Justice of Arizona are excited to present our 2017 Walking Leadership Summit and Camp from August 12 th through August 16th at Camp de Benneville Pines in the San Bernardino mountains.   
This exciting opportunity is open to all UUs interested in social justice, allowing them to meet other UUs from California and Arizona to develop knowledge and skills to strengthen your congregation's social justice program and grow as social justice leaders. The extended program length incorporates time for reflection and rejuvenation with numerous activities available at the camp. Families are welcome and discounts are available for youth!  
Registration and additional information is available at http://uujmca.org/training-education/walking-the-walk/
Social Justice Education/Action
We have a newsletter list to inform you about  UU Social Justice actions and local issues. Sign up by  replying to this email and typing  "Yes to Social Advocates".
Contribute to the 3rd Tuesday night dinner at the First Presbyterian Church.
Do you know of an inspirational activist who would be a good speaker for one of the Social Justice Committee's education-action luncheons? If so, please contact Joan at figleafjoan@comcast.net  (415-506-4166, Cell: 415-595-6221)
UUSC Take Action Items - Sign petitions, learn about issues, donate money.
Ever feel frustrated that you're not doing enough to make a difference in the world? Bring your concerns to the  UUCM Social Justice Committee.
Continue your commitment to environmental and economic justice by shopping at   http://shop.uusc.org
Visitor's Box
We cherish diversity and welcome among us
people of all races, cultures, ages, abilities, sexual
identities/orientations, and faith perspectives.

GUESTS are always welcome. Sunday worship is a time for inspiration, renewal, and connection.

CHILDREN AND YOUTH join adults during the first part of the service, and then attend Religious Exploration classes.  Nursery and toddler care is provided during the 10:30 service. There is a speaker system to bring sound from Fellowship Hall to the nursing room and the pre-K area. 

  REFRESHMENT HOUR  in the Courtyard or  Fireside Room follows the services.
 There are four "Sunday First Time Visitor" parking spots at the top of the parking lot.  
Come, join us! 
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