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November 2, 2017
Issue #425
Turn clocks back Sunday!
Sunday Worship Service
10:30 am

The service will explore the history of that symbol that almost all Unitarian Universalist congregations now use in their worship services: the Flaming Chalice. How did a flaming chalice come to represent our Unitarian Universalist faith? What more ancient meanings are embedded in the archetypal symbols of chalice, flame, and circle?

Past services  (you can listen to the audio of many past sermons)
The Sunday Circle 9 am

9 am - The Sunday Circle 

Upcoming Topics and Leaders

11/5/17: Super Power Sunday: Why do we envision life without limitations?
  Meg Jordan

11/12/17: iGen: What's happening to youth since the Iphone arrived?
  Jim Prochaska

More Info and additional service topics.

The Sunday Circle is held from 9:00 am to 10:00 am each Sunday in the Fireside Room.
Words of Joy       

The weather has suddenly turned to autumn. You can feel it in the new chill in the air, and see it in that certain slant of light as the days grow shorter. Each season has its mood and its own gifts. I especially love the wistful, beautiful autumn, even here where many of the leaves still cling to the trees, stubbornly green.
Here is a lovely poem by Wei Yung Wu, Chinese poet of the Tang Dynasty (6th century):
The moon is full, the autumn nights grow longer,
In the north forests, startled crows cry out.
Still high overhead, the star river stretches,
The Dipper's handle sets to southwest.
The cold cricket grieves deep in the chambers,
Of the notes of sweet birds, none remain,
Then one evening gusts of autumn come,
One who sleeps alone thinks fondly on thick quilts...
[Our lives} are not as the grass and trees,
Still the season's changes can stir the heart.
Translation: Witter Bynner
May you have a blessed autumn season.
jef melcher
There were some   exquisitely delightful costumes  last Sunday. Thank you to the parents who brought the tots in costume. If anyone has photos, please send them to me for FB and newsletter sharing. (some photos have already been posted on facebook). All said and done, I hope your time in remembrance of your own special loved ones has led to a joyful and heartfelt week.

Stone Soup - Nov. 19th  - It is again going to be a   special day of community  with a skit from the youth, soup from Mikey Songster, and now an addition of fresh bread from Hank. It will be a Sunday to remember. We ask all families with kids 6 and up to arrive by 9 AM so as to get in on the community set-up and decorations.

Deck the Halls - Dec. 3rd  - This all congregational event begins right after the service to get our Winter Holiday Spirit ON - trimming the tree, singing, hot chocolate, wreath making, snowflake cutting, and more. It is a classic UUCM multi-generational activity. Noon-3pm. Light lunch of soup and bread. Always the first Sunday of December.

Star Wars movie outing:  Take this revised   Survey Monkey link  to chime in on your interest and preferences. Ride-sharing encouraged. Everyone welcome - All Ages.

Jeffrey Melcher,   M.Div.
Selected Upcoming Dates
Upcoming dates link to the UUCM calendar for saving on iCal, Outlook etc.

6:30 PM  - 9:00 PM

12 noon - 1:30 PM

7:00 PM  - 8:30 PM
Thank You, Julie!
If you have been in the Clara Barton room lately, you may have noticed a beautiful new large flatscreen TV hanging on the wall, with a black console below it. (similar to photo)

A great big Thank You to Julia Prentice for this most generous donation! Now we can show videos and project computer screens in this room - and it has excellent sound quality as well.

Thanks also to Norman Davidson and Jim Harrison for getting the electricity installed,  hanging the TV, and bringing the console up to the church. 
 It definitely takes a village to make our church a beautiful place! 
UUCM Board Report
Board Forges New Paths

The Board of Trustees is forging new directions with plans to engage a developmental minister.  The application has been filed with the UUA, so candidates will soon be applying.  The team of leaders that identified the congregational stretch goals will be also serving as the search committee:  Chair Lynne Scarpa, Dick Park, and Susan Mathews from the Board; David France, congregation; Isaac Trumbull-Stearns, youth; and Bea Meluch, young adult.  Find out more at the Congregational Meeting on Sunday, November 5th at noon.  This is an opportunity to meet the Board, who will provide lunch. Childcare will be provided.

The San Francisco UU church just had a successful experience with a developmental minister where Rev. John Buehrens served as a catalyst.  He will come to Marin on Sunday, November 12th to lead a service at 10:30 AM and then engage in a conversation with the congregation at a Noon lunch on his role as a developmental minister. Rev. Buehrens has had a distinguished career. He served as President of the UUA from 1993-2001. A graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Divinity School, he has served as a minister in Knoxville, TN; Dallas, TX; New York, NY; Needham, MA; and Monterey Peninsula, Carmel, CA.   He received honorary doctorates from Starr King School of the Ministry in 1990 ( Doctor of Divinity ), and from Meadville Lombard Theological School in 1995 ( Doctor of Sacred Theology ). He is married to the Rev. Gwen Langdoc Buehrens, a priest in the Episcopal Church.

Since volunteers are the life-blood of the congregation, the Board decided at the September meeting to honor two volunteers per month.  Certificates of appreciation will be presented at the November 5th Congregational Meeting to the following individuals who stepped into leadership roles:
  • July:  Jim Harrison, co-chair of the Facilities Committee & Joan Nelson, chair of Social Action and Community Outreach.
  • August:  Kim Holscher & Dave Tetta for their efforts to rebuild the labyrinth.
  • September: Carolyn Bopp who coordinated the new photo directory & Nani Ranken, who re-launched the Remarkable People program.
  • October:  Ken Ross & Jean Bee Chan, who led the Fall Auction Committee.
  • November:  Valerie Taylor & Julie Prentice for developing the new UUCM website.
The Board meets the last Thursday of the month at 7 PM. All are invited to observe.  The next meeting will be November 30th.  
Harry and UU class (grades 2-6)  
   Our Justice Minded Witches and Wizards of the Harry and UU class have not only done a book drive during October as part of the literacy horcrux, but have also been exploring what it means to literate, as well as trying to imagine what it is like to have difficulty reading and writing.

     Another project accomplished was to use material from the UUCM archives and have the children interview six congregants who represented Spirits of UUCM, founders and early members whose contributions of work and money have enabled UUCM to survive for over 50 years:  Gordon & Adina Robinson, E K.  Butler, Ken  McKinnon, Art Wesley, John & Marguerite Siemens, and Mr. Rose  were represented by Ben Gale, Gretchen Leavitt,  Thomas Ervin, Joyce Rhodes,  Dick Park and Carolyn Planankis. We plan on making posters to share these stories with the congregation.

~ Respectfully submitted by Prof. Mary B., Lead Historian Witch
New Book Group Forming
New Book Group Forming:
Kat Braeman and Kim Holscher are forming a monthly book group. Please join us for an organizing meeting on Sunday, Nov. 19 at noon in the Fireside Room. 

Books will be chosen by the group. We will start with poems by Alice Walker for the first meeting.

We expect to meet in members' houses, and envision potluck refreshments.
Can't attend this meeting but are interested in joining? Drop us an email, and we will include you in the announcements of which book to read and where to meet. Kim  Kimholscher51@gmail.com 
Adult Ed Class continues
Rev. Joy is offering an Adult Education class this fall on the American Transcendentalists, a small group of Nineteenth Century characters who were very influential in the shaping of the American character, as well as American literature and philosophy. They are also a important part of our Unitarian and Universalist history. 

We are reading original works by R.W. Emerson, H.D. Thoreau, Margaret Fuller, Bronson Alcott, Elizabeth Peabody and others. The class is meeting for two more Sundays,  1-3:00 PM : November 5 and 19 (no class November 12). Call the UUCM office 415 479-4131 or contact Rev. Joy to sign up.
Dinners for Eight starts November 4
Dinners for Eight is an organized potluck.  It is a wonderful way to socialize with UUCM members in their homes 'breaking bread'.  We get to know others in a casual setting and have more in depth conversations than large UUCM dinners.

We meet the first Saturday of the month except January and usually have dinners until April or May.  A host volunteers their house and provides the main course.  Other attendees bring appetizers, salads or vegetables, wine, and dessert.  Food assignments are usually done on a first to be contacted.  Dinners usually start at 6:30 or 7:00. Individuals are welcome and if your house isn't large enough to host you can co-host with another member. Sher Sheldon arranges the dinner attendees. If you have not already signed up and want to be involved, contact her at 415-892-1727.
Sending Announcements for the Order of Service
If you have an announcement for the back of the Sunday Order of Service please send it to Julie Prentice  rebel1955@gmail.com instead  of sending it to the office. Please send by 5 PM on Wednesday, any later submissions will be considered for timeliness and room. The Worship Committees members are now putting together the Order of Service and Janette will print it.
UU Thanksgiving Camp -  Nov. 23rd - Nov. 26th
U.U. Thanks Camp
Thursday, November 23rd - Sunday, November 26th, 2017 
Camp Sylvester
28770 Dodge Ridge Rd
Pinecrest, CA 95364

We are excited to welcome families and people of all ages to Thanks Camp!  Your vitality will be restored with activities such as round singing, hiking, fireside chats, archery, dancing, beading, fun in the snow and other spontaneous fun with fellow campers.  For more info or to register, visit the NCUUCC website:
Save the date for 2018 Retreat
Retreat 2018
Please save the date. Your annual All Congregational Retreat at Walker Creek Ranch will be held the first weekend in May 2018 - May 4, 5 and 6. Details and registration starting in February.  
Thomas Ervin
Web Site Help Needed  
Web Site Help Needed 

The Communications Team is updating the UUCM website. We are migrating the site to a WordPress template provided by the UUA and in use by over 100 UU Congregations in the US. And we are looking for help! 

We need a few people to help migrate material to the new site, edit text, and add some functions to the new site. If you have experience with WordPress, website maintenance, or editing, and would like to help with this project, please email  communications@uumarin.org , or call Valerie Taylor.
Social Justice Education/Action
We have a newsletter list to inform you about  UU Social Justice actions and local issues. Sign up by  replying to this email and typing  "Yes to Social Advocates".
Contribute to the 3rd Tuesday night dinner at the First Presbyterian Church.
Do you know of an inspirational activist who would be a good speaker for one of the Social Justice Committee's education-action luncheons? If so, please contact Joan at figleafjoan@comcast.net  (415-506-4166, Cell: 415-595-6221)
UUSC Take Action Items - Sign petitions, learn about issues, donate money.
Ever feel frustrated that you're not doing enough to make a difference in the world? Bring your concerns to the  UUCM Social Justice Committee.
Continue your commitment to environmental and economic justice by shopping at   http://shop.uusc.org
Visitor's Box
We cherish diversity and welcome among us
people of all races, cultures, ages, abilities, sexual
identities/orientations, and faith perspectives.

GUESTS are always welcome. Sunday worship is a time for inspiration, renewal, and connection.

CHILDREN AND YOUTH join adults during the first part of the service, and then attend Religious Exploration classes.  Nursery and toddler care is provided during the 10:30 service. There is a speaker system to bring sound from Fellowship Hall to the nursing room and the pre-K area. 

  REFRESHMENT HOUR  in the Courtyard or  Fireside Room follows the services.
 There are four "Sunday First Time Visitor" parking spots at the top of the parking lot.  
Come, join us! 
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