Martin Luther King, Jr.
"Now let me say finally that we have difficulties ahead but I haven't despaired. Somehow I maintain hope in spite of hope. And I've talked about the difficulties and how hard the problems will be as we tackle them. But I want to close by saying this afternoon, that I still have faith in the future. And I still believe that these problems can be solved. And so I will not join anyone who will say that we still can't develop a coalition of conscience." - Martin Luther King, Jr., exerpt from "The Other America" speech, 1967.
En Espa ñol:
Ahora por último quisiera señalar que tenemos dificultades por delante, pero no me he desanimado. De alguna manera, mantengo la esperanza a pesar de la esperanza. Y he hablado sobre las dificultades y lo difíciles que serán los problemas a medida que los abordamos. Pero quiero concluir esta tarde añadiendo que todavía tengo fe en el futuro. Y todavía creo que estos problemas pueden ser resueltos. Y entonces no me uniré a nadie que diga que todavía no podemos desarrollar una coalición de conciencia ". - Martin Luther King, Jr., extracto del discurso de" La otra America ", 1967
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The Family Resource Center (FRC)/COIA musical is right around the corner!
Children in grades 2 through 5 are invited to audition right after school on MONDAY, JANUARY 22, for a part in this year's play. Rehearsals will be held right after school and in the evenings Monday through Thursday. The final performance will be held TWICE on Friday, January 26. It's a wild and crazy week but the performances are worth it. Details will be coming home soon. And this year's show is...still a secret!
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