April 2, 2017                                                                                 Vol. XXXVII  No. 20
Saturdays at 6pm
With Pastor Jim Bell
April 8
"The Triumphal Entry Of Jesus"
Pastor Glenn Kirby
will preach this Saturday
Sundays at 9 & 10:45am & 5pm
With Pastor Rob Denton
Face Time
With God
April 9
"Learning Prayer"

(Ages birth through 5th grade)
Please bring in filled plastic eggs.  You can drop them off in the church office or just
bring them to church this weekend.   We need 1,000 of eggs for our Easter Egg Hunt.  This is the last weekend to bring them.
1. April 5 -  Wed Life Groups Continue at 7pm
    There is something for everyone.  Nursery, preschool, elementary, youth and

2. April 6 - It's Here! Ladies' Coffee & Company - Evening Edition - 7pm
    Please join us for a fun and relaxing evening of conversation and coffee.  We will meet
    on the first Thursday of the month at 7pm at the Starbucks at Platt & Victory.  

3. April 8 - Hike The Victory Trail Head - 8am
    Meet at the church at 8am and then caravan to the trail.  Robert Childs will lead the
4. April 22 - WVCC Women's Ministry Super Run/Walk 5K - 9-11am
    San Buenaventura State Park, Ventura CA - Entry Fee is $39 and an optional 
    WVCC T-shirt is $10.  You can sign up this weekend at the table in the lobby.

5. April 22 - Prayer Ministry Workshop - Equipped Through Prayer - 9-11am
    We will meet in the Fireside Room.   Click here for more details.   Coffee will

6. April 29 - WVCS Sponsored - Mother/Son Bowling - 6pm - Simi Valley
    WVCS & WVCC families invited and welcome. 
Click here for more details.
People Count - April 1-2, 2017
Worship - 532
Budget - $26,681
Sunday Life Groups - 42
Offering - $25,389
Mid-week Life Groups - 194
2017 New Members - 17
Visitors - 9

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