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Monday October 31, 2016

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Cristina's Corner
I love this quote by Jane Goodall.  
We are entering a month of 11.
November has a powerful networking energy.  It also connects with our duality of Masculine and Feminine energy.  

Masculine is our power center.  Our action.  How we survive and put forth.  Feminine is the nurturing and a forgiving force.  Compassion.  

Yin and Yang.  As above, so below.  Polarity.  
If you are facing a challenge or opportunity, remember this polarity.  If we are not balanced we cannot compromise.  We may act angrily without compassion, or we can be too wishy washy, and emotional.

We need to make it a priority to stay in balance.  If your head is getting carried away, like chicken little running around scaring everyone, get in balance.  Use your own strength and action to rid yourself of negative thinking.  Like a police officer on your shoulder, or better yet, Archangel Michael.  See him sitting there next to your cheek, carrying a sword of truth and poking you with it to help you stay in check.  
Stay grounded.  Don't get all up in your head! 
Your anxiety, without control will leave you reeling. 
Know where your attention needs to be.  If you are feeling scattered, you're doing that to yourself.  Be aware and focus.  
if you need to come to an agreement, agree to disagree, that is fine.  You need to have integrity and respect your boundaries.  But, you don't need to force your stance.  Just be. 
Envision powerful leaders that you have adored.  Did they beat people up for what they believed in?  Or, did they just stand in their conviction?
Buddha, Jesus, Mother Theresa, St. Padre Pio, Gandhi, and oh yes, Jane Goodall.  
They stood for what they believed in, quietly. 
Stand your ground, without anger or frustration.
Just be.  
Factual and with conviction. 
this is a powerful  month of community.  Seek out like minded others.  Even though you may sometimes feel the need to recluse, force yourself out and find your tribe!  
Realize that every encounter is a lesson, whether you view it as good or bad, it is to teach you.  See it through the eyes of awareness.  
Can you see spirit working in the details of your life?  
It's been there all along, you may not have noticed.
Stay focused and grounded.
You are the conduit! 
You know you can fly!
all my love,

Relationship, Career or Psychic Development readings 
available with Cristina Leeson. 
call or email for an appointment 
610-413-8191 or  Cristinaleeson@hotmail.com

Can't get out of your head?  Are you always thinking?  
Try my free guided meditations!   Click here to meditate!

Classes & Events

Yoga Tuesday nights 7:00 PM    
Tai Chi  Wednesday nights 5:30 PM
Meditation  Friday mornings 9:30 AM
Ascension class 1st Thursday of the month 7:00 PM
Intuition class 2nd Wednesday of the month 7:00 PM
Reiki Share  1st Sunday of the month 1:00 PM
Spirit Talk 3rd Wednesday of month 7:00 PM
Women's Wisdom Circle  Last Wednesday of the month 7:00 PM


Happy Halloween!  

Yoga Tues. 11/1  7:00PM
with Annette Lemma  $12 drop ins welcome 
$10 sign up for group of classes 
Hatha yoga is for beginners as well as seasoned yogis who prefer a slower, gentler yoga.  Join in this ancient practice that unites body, mind and spirit with the use of breath and postures to achieve better flexibility, balance and strength.  Bring your own mat, extras available, and a water bottle.  Space is limited.  RSVP recommended.  
alemma429@gmail.com or 610-585-3012

Readings with Cristina  Wed. 11/2  4:00-9:00pm
Need validation?  Direction with a career or relationship?  Would you like to develop your own psychic skills?  Connect to a loved one on the other side?
Call or email to book a time tonight.  1/2 hour session is $60  full hour is $90.
receive a cd recording of our session.  Other times available.
 cristinaleeson@hotmail.com or 610-413-8191

Ascension Class Thur. 11/3  7:00PM
Ascension is about learning how we can move up the spiritual ladder of awakening. There are many levels of learning, through life lessons.  As we understand these lessons we hone our connection to source.  If you feel pulled to take this class you are ready.  Cristina will guide you to connect to your Master Teacher and Ascended Masters as well as Angels.  Held the first Thursday of the month.  Drop ins welcome!  $10.  cristinaleeson@hotmail.com or 610-413-8191

Meditation Fri. 11/4 9:30AM 
with Cristina Leeson  $10.  drop ins welcome!
Using guided visual imagery, (an easy way to meditate) we will feel peaceful and balance body, mind and spirit.  Carry the peace with you throughout your weekend! Take this very important time to connect to your essence!  Meditation is key! cristinaleeson@hotmail.com or 610-413-8191
If you cannot join us, go to my website-  cristinaleeson.com and listen to free podcasts of our past recorded meditations.

Daylight Savings Time!   Fall Back!

Reiki Share Sun. 11/6   1:00 PM-3:00PM
Community, healing, learning.  Free event to all Reiki 1,2 and 3 practitioners.  We offer a safe loving environment to share the loving energy of Reiki.  Drop ins welcome!  Held the first Sunday of the month.  
cristinaleeson@hotmail.com or 610-413-8191

Yoga Tues. 11/8  7:00PM
with Annette Lemma  $12 drop ins welcome 
$10 sign up for group of classes 
Hatha yoga is for beginners as well as seasoned yogis who prefer a slower, gentler yoga.  Join in this ancient practice that unites body, mind and spirit with the use of breath and postures to achieve better flexibility, balance and strength.  Bring your own mat, extras available, and a water bottle.  Space is limited.  RSVP recommended.  
alemma429@gmail.com or 610-585-3012

Series Start!  Tai Chi Class Wed. 11/9  5:30 PM
with Raea Pereira 
Want to experience inner peace, increase flexibility and balance, while having fun in a supportive, non-judgmental class? Raea's Tai Chi classes combine gentle martial arts, breath practices, and body mechanics in a unique experience that will have you moving, laughing and understanding your body as never before! Perfect for all levels of physical conditioning as a health and self-care practice for modern times. 
 register to hold your space:  raeapereira@gmail.com or 484-350-8489  
$65 for all 4 classes.
4 class series- Nov. 9,16,23 and 30  No Tai Chi classes in December

Intuition Class Wed. 11/9 7:00 PM 
with Cristina Leeson
Want to develop your psychic connection?  In this safe and caring environment, you will connect with other like minded people, doing the very same thing!  We will exercise our intuitive abilities, discuss how we connect as well as experience a guided meditation to meet our guides.  drop ins welcome!  $10.  cristinaleeson@hotmail.com or 610-413-8191

Meditation Fri. 11/11 9:30AM
with Julie Ziegler  $10 drop ins welcome!
Using guided visual imagery, Julie will guide you as we center ourselves, relieve stress, lower blood pressure, and create balance through mind, body and spirit.  juliesalternatives@gmail.com or 610-636-7522

Inner Light Holistic Expo November 12 & 13!!
Coventry Mall Pottstown PA  
In the Former Ross Department store, next to Dick's Sporting Goods.
Sat. 10-9  Sun. 10-5
Free Admission  Free Lectures and Reading Galleries!

Over 100 Vendors from all over the East Coast over 1200 People in Attendance!
Jewelry, Spiritual Gifts, Gems, Aura Photography, Ionic Cleanse, Reflexology, Chiropractics, Reiki, Psychic and Medium Readers, Tapestries, Clothing, Candles,
Aromatherapy, Books, CD's, Authors, and so much more...

Lecture schedule below...
Link to vendor list:   Vendors

Come share your Inner Light with us!

Vendor spaces still available!  cristinaleeson@hotmail.com or 610-413-8191

New!!  Pranic Healing Level 1 weekend workshop   2 Dates!!
Sat & Sun. Nov. 19 & 20
Sat.& Sun. 12/10-12/11
with Kim Siar  9:00AM- 6:00PM both days.
Master Choa Kok Sui Pranic Healing level 1  
You will learn how to access vital energy from the surroundings: Air, Sun and Ground and how to project it for healing.  How to scan or feel energy, cleanse, energize and stabilize projected energy, release and cut energy cords.  How to accelerate the healing process, self healing, distance healing, and how to harness the natural energies needed for miracles in relationships, health and life.  
A meditation that flushes out stress, anxiety, insecurities as well as builds inner strength, immunity, happiness and love.  All pranic healing courses are "experiential" which means that you learn by performing the techniques and exercises in class, on yourself and others.  Kim Siar MS is a pranic healer, arhatic practitioner and instructor.  
$325. before 11/20/16.  $350. regular price.  
Contact to hold your spot!
pranichealingpenn.org or goldenappletree5@gmail.com  484-919-8226

Reiki 1 for Kids Thurs. Dec. 29 10:00 AM
with Cristina Leeson  RSVP to hold spot.
$50.  Any age under 16.  Kids will learn the history of Reiki, how to tap into it and 
use it with intention.  Receive a booklet, certificate and an attunement.  Kids are amazing conduits of healing and Reiki energy.  If your child shows interest, they want to be of service and it also helps them to develop their own spiritual beliefs.
We will share reiki at the end of class.  Parents are welcome to stay or drop off their kids. 
cristinaleeson@hotmail.com  610-413-8191

Reiki 2 for Kids  Fri. Dec. 30 11:00 AM
with Cristina Leeson  RSVP to hold spot.
$60.  Any age under 16.  Kids will learn sacred symbols as per Dr. Mikao Usui.
Distance Reiki, receive a booklet, an attunement, and a certificate.  
We will also go over Crystals and chakras.  How to clear the aura and chakras.
We will share reiki at the end of class.  Parents are welcome to stay or drop off their kids.  
cristinaleeson@hotmail.com 610-413-8191

Reiki 1 Class Jan. 14. 9:00 AM
with Cristina Leeson  RSVP  to hold your spot. $60.
cristinaleeson@hotmail.com or 610-413-8191

Reiki 2 Class Jan. 21 9:00AM
with Cristina Leeson RSVP to hold your spot. $80.

Readings, Reiki
Sacred Contracts


Intuitive Healing    Classes & Sessions  

Raea Pereira Spiritual Teacher
Classes & Events

Annette Lemma Yoga Instructor
Gerry Yergey Spiritual Mentor
55 Concepts

Life & Leadership Coach
Classes & Sessions

Lucey Harley Young Living Oils

Angela Bongarzone Pranic Healing

         Saturday Lectures

10:00- Living from Your Heart
                Bill Sniffin- Zoetic Workshops
10:30-What is Spiritual Awakening?
                Corbie Mitleid- Fire Through Spirit
11:00- Kabbalah, finding meaning within
                Deborah Potash Brodie- Kabbalah Inspired Designs
11:30-Young Living Essential Oils
                Lucey Harley
12:00- Psychic Medium Reading Gallery
Maree Belote- Celestial Connections
1:00-  22 Strand DNA Activation
Charlie Goedken
1:30- Pain Management/Chiropractic/Weight Loss
Dr. Randy Yucha- Yucha Chiropractic
2:00- John of God
Rosemary Volpe- Sprt of Rose
2:30- Ayurveda Herbal Alternatives
Uday Gupta- American Ayurveda
3:00- Living Life Out Loud
Wendy Marcelli- Pass it Onword
3:30- Diet through your Eyes
Birgit Lueders- Birgit Care
4:00- Energetic Psychology
                Mark Reinhart- Three Pure Rivers
4:30 - Law of Attraction
                Maja Taylor- Inner Light Holistic Center
5:00-How Creativity Builds Intuition
                Jody March- Harmony Hill Farm
5:30- Metabolic Syndrome
                Dr. Michael Connelly-Lifetime Fat Loss Centers
6:00- The Orgone Experience
                Jason Leininser
6:30- The Common Core of Indigenous Beliefs
                Raea Pereira  Inner Light Holistic Center
7:00- Angels and how to know they are near
                Maria Killgore
7:30-Being Present Through Grounding
                 Corina Schad- Presence in Mind and Body
8:00 - Shamanic Jorneys-what is it?
                 Catherine LaBella
  Sunday Lectures
10:30-Marconics-5D healing
                Poonam Mitra-Circle of Life Soul Center
11:00- Oracle Healing
Katherine Brosof  Kindred Spirits Store
11:30- doTerra Essential Oils
                Holly Miller
12:00- Psychic Medium Reading Gallery  
                Cristina Leeson-Inner Light Holistic Center
1:00- Holistic Natural Products
                Lynn Rene MacDonald
1:30-  Heal Your Body With Tea, Herbs & Spices
                Nick Sabharwal- Cardamom & Curry
2:00- Hypnotherapy
                Julie Ziegler- Inner Light Holistic Center
2:30-Chair Yoga
                Annette Lemma-Flower Child Yoga
3:00- Channeling the Divine into Art
                Sophia Kelly Shultz-Wandering Paintbrush Studio
3:30- Spiritual Healer Course
                Judit Papp- Academy of Metaphysics
4:00- Limitless Connections to Spirit
                Christi Rafferty- Simply Shine
                 Lectures subject to change

Subway in the food court 
offering Soups and 20% off Coupons!

There are still spaces available at the Expo!

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