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100 Notes Released!
Weekly Note #117
Quote of the Day
All great achievements require time.
-Maya Angelou

Bestselling WCS Books!


 From the South to Australia, from Rio to Russia, to St. Louis to New Hampshire... WELCOME I've gained so many new followers, readers and swing dancers from all over the world recently, and I wish I could meet each and every one of you - hear your stories, and learn your histories, and of course, dance with you!


But for now, I can only give you this. But it is no small gift by any means. It's an enormous one. It's taken all summer long to prepare. And it is finally here. I have prepared, to meet your needs and requests, just for the community around the globe, a single:

  • HUGE
  • FREE and
  • PUBLIC Swing Library and Archive

of my Swing writing and work, including a great deal of material from BOTH of my two books as well! And yes, I've made sure to include my greatest achievement: the very first written and accepted Definition of Swing Dancing: The Tenets of Swing. Historians from every swing dance have praised it and used it to protect their dances since it was born in 2012.


Oh, but the world of swing is much bigger than that! In the end, the archive took all summer long to do, but if I'm going to retire from swing, then I'm going to do it right, right? 


Let's make history together, shall we? Read on!

xoxo, Katherine


100 Original Weekly Notes 
Released Online
Celebrating the Largest Release in 
Weekly WCS Note History

The Very First Note:
#1: 'Boogie' Music?

This is a snapshot of the very first Weekly Note that was ever written,  Weekly Note #1: 'Boogie' Music?.

And you know what? If you click on it, you'll find yourself staring at just that - the very first Note ever written! I dare you. Go ahead. Click it! 

(If your email inbox refuses images, just click here. It's the same link. Just not as fun. But still. It'll get you there. I won't tell!)

Now, if you had  asked me yesterday, Sept 15th 2016, can I see that very first Note you sent out? Can I get a copy? Can I see what it looked like?

I would have said, 

"Sorry, but no."

Because no one has ever - ever, in FIVE YEARS - seen the original Notes that were first released. The book came out, time passed. They were hard to get- always.

Well, that's not true.

The real truth is - I did my best to make the Weekly Notes available to everyone in the beginning. In fact, you'll notice some of the original Notes have a section called "Back Issues."

"Back Issues" was a service I offered for the longest time, where upon new subscribers could email me with a Back Issues request, and I would go ahead and - get this - literally forward them, email by email, every single Weekly Note I'd written so far.

When I had to hire a personal assistant to handle the Back Issues requests alone, I knew the service needed to be discontinued. And that's when the idea for Setting Dancers Free began to form.

It wasn't until a genius of a student, who had printed all of my Notes out into a huge Notebook that she took with her to all of her lessons, turned to me one day, when I voiced the idea of writing books instead of blogs - I'll never forget it - and she placed her hand firmly on that folder, stretching her fingers wide, and said, "This is your first book."

And she was right.

Well, it was my second, in fact. The articles - my swing definitions, the new dance that "isn't" WCS or swing at all (Abstract Improvisation) - that definition - and the rest - became my first book.

The Notes followed the articles.

You can read them in the book collection,  Setting Dancers Free, fittingly dedicated to my genius student. And yes, it is available in both print and in Kindle. I love these Notes in book form - love them there and use them there like my Bible. 
But you know what? 


No one - for years - has ever seen an original Weekly Note! Not for years! Not unless you were there back then or visit your email folders regularly. 

Were you there? Do you still have yours?

Because let me tell you. I had to GO FIND MINE! in order bring you the originals - for the very first time - in pristine condition - in public release form.

That's right. I found them. And yup - I DID release them. Today. Tonight. They are out there, for everyone in the world to see.

I worked hard to not simply make the Weekly Notes available publicly, but make them available to you in one easily accessible place. 

Because my Public Blog, Katherine's Dance Word, already had a "Weekly Notes" Page which listed all the Weekly Notes I'd ever written in their correct order, I decided it would be best to simply create links to each Note on this page and rename the page, "The Weekly Notes Archive."

This did end up changing the Page's format slightly, with more details given, stories added, Notes expanded - but the result was a Page much more rich in content, and the readers can now enjoy interacting with these Notes, exploring them and learning about them for years to come.

You've Arrived!
What the Weekly Notes Archive Page looks like at the top. Notes with links are highlighted in RED/WINE colored text.

Once there you will find that  I have released nearly 100 Weekly Notes in their ORIGINAL formats no less, which was not an easy feat, let me tell you - but I did it. Yes! I did! Let the learning begin! 

Setting Dancers Free

I have released SEVEN from the book Setting Dancers Free, including t he first five ever written. Not only that, but three of these releases have been updated to include the extra features from the book! 

That's right. Three of the released Notes will include the extras that were added to every Note in Setting Dancers Free, like Discussion Questions for Word Groups, etc. I think you'll really love it. 

Want to know a secret? I wrote all of these in three days. Three days! It was my first week of Weekly Notes! I hadn't written anything since The Time Has Come! People had been writing to me from all across the globe, begging me to write, write, write... and I had a million things to say, but too much to say in one nicely trimmed, sweetly, perfectly  packaged, 8 drafts of edits article...

That when the Weekly Note format popped into my head - that offered me the perfect solution - the dam broke, and the waters crashed - and I wrote five Notes in a row without stopping. And you guys loved it all. 

Here they are. Beautiful. And true.

I've also released two more from Setting Dancers Free:

My greatest  achievement: 

and the METEOR that hit the competition world:

Convention Mention literally received 10x the reader response than any other Note! (It did! I counted) And my Notes already had a huge reader response weekly. It was incredible.


Perhaps the most spectacular part of this release lies in the information found "in between the lines." That's right. This time, I added the reasons behind the changes in Notes, and highlighted the separation of segments and series that occurred within them.

This is a wonderful change. Instead of mere numbers, I've been able to add the story. The story may shock you. It is certainly the reason no one has heard it until now. But it is the story none the less.

So enjoy the Notes even more now. Play with them - understand them - and open them even wider than before. You should wield much more power with all of this information before you now, than ever you could before.

Be free and dance free. Swing it all the way down.

The WCS Revolution

The years of 2011 and 2012--- with the Articles at their back--- and a year of revolutionary Notes in their bellies --- Telling the Truth in their left hand and Setting Dancers Free in their right....

The WCS Revolution had begun... 

Tearing away from Nissies first - building new halls an making new lives and new ways and their own floors - they danced free and clear and their music played on into the night... swing was alive again. There was hope.

But the cat caught wind. They drove the dancers out. Placed their dances on every one of their night, booked their halls, booked their floors, slashed their names, harassed and shamed and tore and clawed at every door, throat and look that ever even dared to show desire for footwork - freedom - or hope.

Swing died back down.... hope turned to slowly sifting smoke... then... blues. Blues clubs. Blues nights. Alternative nights. Alternative venues. Secret nights. Secret venues. Or ballroom. Or yoga. Or adventures. Like Alaska.

Because as the years went on - the WCS Revolution's flames grew so high that dancers could chose what they wanted - Swing? or Abstract? only days into WCS.

And that is holy and glory in itself. But a cult? Really? How did we get here? A Monopoly? The Lobby?

Almost every single Note is here everyone. 

Because no matter what I said in all those other emails - my health isn't good. I'm not getting better. I'm not going to get the rest of these Notes into a third book like I wanted to. It's been worked on - so hard - but it won't be finished.

So I gave them all to you.

Use them wisely.
Use them well.

Meet the Author

 Katherine is the leading voice in the war against the cult that operates within the West Coast Swing community today. She's written 4 Books, 1 million words and counting... 

She's beloved in more than 85 countries, she's taught in more than 36 states, she was inducted into the CA Swing Dance Hall of Fame Board of Directors and owned her own dance studio after working with inner city students with a degree from UCLA.

Want to know more about Katherine? See her biography here.


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