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How to Slow Weight Re-gain? Behavioral Interventions Shown to be Effective 
Typically, after patients complete a weight loss program, no further intervention is offered to help them maintain their weight loss. In light of the difficulty in maintaining weight loss, researchers from Durham Veterans Affairs Medical Center and Duke University Medical Center (Durham, NC) set out to investigate the efficacy of a weight loss maintenance program. A unique feature of this intervention program was it would be delivered to patients via telephone and hence reduce the need for future clinic visits for patients... 

Can Dietary Changes Increase Production of SPMs?  
Philip Calder, PhD

In this video, Dr. Calder explains how dietary changes can increase the production of SPMs. SPMs are formed from DHA and EPA, so an individual could improve their EPA and DHA status by eating more fish, taking supplements, and reducing the intake of omega-6 fatty acids. Omega-6 fatty acids come from vegetable oils and meat or other animal products

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Protein Beneficial for Satiety and Weight Management 
Protein is required by the body for providing necessary amino acid building blocks for growth, development, tissue repair, hormone and enzyme building. Evidence suggests that protein may also be beneficial for weight management, improved body composition, and satiety. There is slight variability in protein recommendations depending on the source

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Uncontrolled Blood Glucose Effects on Inflammatory Markers
presented by Robin Walsh, ND 

Robin Walsh, ND discusses the nutritional factors associated with the development of diabetes and obesity. Recent studies have shown that nearly 60% of the population has a genetic predisposition for developing diabetes. Dr Walsh presents the many factors that lead to carbohydrate intolerance, insulin resistance and diabetic co-morbidities

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