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May 10, 2013     
100 Days Countdown

May 3 - May 9

"100 Days" Countdown

to the June 30, 2013
Public Opening of our New Museum Exhibits

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Day 52 (May 9):

  • TUMBLR  |  The Register of Visitors

Day 53 (May 8):

  • TUMBLR  |  Meme: "Hey Dorothy"

Day 54 (May 7):

Day 55 (May 6):

  • TUMBLR  |  Exhibit Installation SNEAK PEEK: "Foundations of a Public Life" Gallery

Day 56 (May 5): 

Day 57 (May 4):

  • FACEBOOK  |  Artifact Highlight: FDR Sphinx Sculpture

Day 58 (May 3):


Coming Soon:


Day 48 (May 13):

Full Press Kit Available Online


Day 41 (May 20):

Online Preview: The Interactives


Day 20 (June 10):

Online Preview: Immersive Experiences



100 Days Countdown: TUMBLR 




as we provide regularly posted news and information about the new exhibits opening this summer. These exhibits will tell the story of the Roosevelt presidency beginning in the depths of the Great Depression and continuing through the New Deal years and World War II with an emphasis on both Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt's relationship with the American people. Special interactives, immersive audio-visual theaters, and rarely seen artifacts will convey the dramatic story of the Roosevelt era as the Roosevelt Library brings a New Deal to a New Generation.


Why "100 Days"?

The "100 Days" Countdown is inspired by the historic "First 100 Days" of FDR's presidency. In 1933 President Roosevelt took command of a country that was incapacitated by fear and economic turmoil. In less than four months his aggressive legislative agenda helped to stabilize the economy. Homes and farms were saved from foreclosure, and massive relief and work programs addressed the dire needs of the people. Most important, FDR's "First 100 Days" restored hope and, in the process, preserved democratic government in the United States.


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