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Successful originators in the commercial equipment leasing and finance industry are constantly moving their relationships, transactions, and careers to the next step. They are professionals in perpetual motion - always moving forward. They don't let minor obstacles cloud their larger objectives. Successful originators learn from their challenges and move on to better opportunities such as:
  • A lost transaction. There are thousands of other transactions to be cultivated and top originators pursue them all. This is a long-term career opportunity and one lost transaction should never break your spirit or destroy your volume expectations.
  • A long-time vendor switches to a manufacturing program. As an originator, you should use your experiences to quickly move forward; to build new and better vendor relationships. Often, a new focus will allow you to prepare for winning back the original vendor in the future.
  • Long-term co-workers leave the company.  As a top originator, it is time to step-up and assume more responsibilities and engage others within the company to move forward. By taking a pro-active stance, you will emphasize your commitment to the team and the company's long-term strategy.
  • Your company enters a transitional period and ceases to fund transactions in your personal niche. Originators have dealt with this challenge for decades. As a successful originator, you have two choices, 1) adapt and assume new responsibilities within your company - help to grow an alternative niche for yourself and the company, or 2) take your expertise to a new employer. Successful originators don't complain; they just move forward.
The equipment leasing and finance industry is a flexible and innovative industry and so are its participants. Professionals and top producers in the industry accept change and embrace challenges. They maximize their effectiveness and personal incomes with pure determination.

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