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Successful originators understand the importance of leveraging their marketing efforts. They build a network of stakeholders who can expand their presence in the market.  Successful originators work with vendors, end-users, and other stakeholders to become players in a specific niche. They leverage every transaction into additional contacts, additional relationships, and additional transactions. Originators who leverage themselves and their marketing efforts produce the greatest outcomes.

Successful originators in the commercial equipment leasing and finance industry also understand the benefits and challenges of "financial leverage." Their clients grow and prosper by leveraging their equity position. Additional capital through financing and leasing agreements allows businesses to grow faster and to build stronger operations. Some financial leverage is an excellent means for businesses to maximize bottom-line returns. However, too much financial leverage can ruin a company and quickly turn a profitable operation into a negative situation. Top originators encourage healthy financial leverage and discourage additional debt to clients who are unable to properly service their financial obligations. Strong originators are financial advisors and are able to consider the long-term benefits and consequences of assuming additional debt. Strong originators are able to analyze the current financial condition of a prospective client. Strong originators analyze specific equipment acquisitions to ascertain the economic benefit of each transaction. Strong originators add value by helping their clients maintain the proper financial leverage without creating financial stress. 

Managing Financial Leverage
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