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Summer Prospecting
The prospecting efforts of commercial equipment leasing and finance originators in the summer months will determine their success in the fourth quarter of 2018. Unfortunately, many average originators perceive the "dog days" of summer as a time to coast; to slow down and do less prospecting. Comments are made about everyone being on vacation, decision makers being hard to contact, and business activity being slower during the summer months. However, top producing originators who push harder during the summer and continue to reach out to new vendors and end-users outperform their competition.
"Every day is an opportunity to outperform your competition."
If the competition is doing less prospecting, less in-person calls, are slower in their responses, or just not as active during the summer, then the window of  opportunity is wide open for the more aggressive originator to build new relationships. Recently, I sat down with a veteran originator and we dissected some of his larger relationships. Several of his best and most profitable relationships were established during the summer months, when his competition's guard was down. The originator admits that prospecting can take more effort during the vacation season; but, he also claims that vendors and end-users are open to longer conversations and appreciate the additional efforts and commitment he demonstrates year-round.   
The commercial equipment leasing and finance business is NOT a seasonal activity. Businesses are always looking for strong financial partners. The temperature outside should not determine your efforts inside.

Make Every Day Count


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