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Define Your Market

"What is your target market?"
"What is your strategy to specifically penetrate
this defined market?"

The above two questions must be answered before an originator can successfully become a player and top producer. Successful originators methodically attack their targeted market with purpose and determination. Quality vendors and end-users demand and work with those financial professionals who fully understand their niche, their industries, and the equipment being acquired. Clients demand industry-specific knowledge. Clients want to deal with professionals who consistently deliver results, rather than excuses. Clients want to conduct business with financial professionals who are players in their industry and understand past as well as future trends.

Successful originators execute on their marketing strategies by methodically enhancing their position in a specific market. Every activity, every transaction, every meeting allows the originator to leverage her past experiences into new opportunities, new relationships, and enhanced penetration into a defined market. Successful originators are laser-focused on specific markets and specific strategies. Successful originators avoid distractions. All of their activities are fully aligned with becoming better participants in their defined markets. Superior service and competitive advantage  are created by professionals who know their defined position in the market and confidently sell their value to  quality vendors and end-users.

Execute Your Strategy
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