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1st Quarter Results! 

The first quarter of 2017 ended last week; and it's an excellent time for self examination and reflection:

What happened in the first quarter?
  • Did you meet your goals?
  • How many new vendors or end-users did you develop in the last 90 days?
  • Are you pleased with the momentum that you have created - going into the second quarter?
What  activities are you going to continue in the second quarter? and Why?
  • Can you identify the specific activities that created results for you in the first quarter?
  • These are the activities that you should expand upon and leverage. Do more of these activities every day.

What activities are you going to diminish or eliminate? and Why? 

  • Did you get bogged down with unproductive activities, which distracted you from increasing your results and improving your personal income?
  • Successful originators are focused on results- oriented activities. There are too many opportunities in 2017 to be distracted by busywork.
  Reflect on the Past
to Prepare for the future
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