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Summer Challenge

One of the most asked questions that I receive from originators in the equipment leasing and finance industry is: What is your number one suggestion to help originators increase their results?

The answer is simple:  Build deeper, more meaningful relationships with your vendors and end-users.

Therefore, I have a summer challenge:
Strive to increase your contacts within every client. Work the ladder - get to know the owners, sales reps., managers, assistants, and CFO's of each vendor and end-user. Take a multi-dimensional approach when talking to your vendors and end-users.

Take the time to understand their business. Ask tough questions to better understand their long-term strategy and how this and future equipment acquisitions will expedite their goals. Fully understand how you are currently meeting their needs and what must be true for the relationship to continue and/or expand.

Set up matrices to measure your client's depth. Establish goals to increase your penetration into key accounts and hold yourself accountable. If you have built better relationships with a significant number of vendors and end-users by Labor Day, your results for the year will be beyond expectations. How will you use the next 90+ days to build better relationships?   

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