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Ground Game
Commercial equipment leasing and finance originators spend much of their time laying the groundwork for future business. They prospect, meet with customers, attend trade shows, develop marketing materials, prepare for meetings, create meaningful databases, etc. Successful originators are able to convert their ground games into "REAL" results. They build foundations based upon purpose. Top originators have goals when they dial the phone, meet with vendors, or make presentations at trade shows. Their priority is not to be busy, but rather to be productive.

Building relationships is a methodical process with progressive steps toward desired outcomes. Top producing originators focus on outcomes and continuously seek out better means to effectively navigate the process. We have all met originators who do all the correct steps in order, are meticulous about the processes one through eight, but they fail to convert their efforts into final results (steps nine and ten). Additionally, we have met originators who complete steps two and four first, then immediately skip to step ten and have a funded transaction. Successful originators have the flexibility to mix and match their ground game based upon the specific situation, the client's needs, and the opportunity at hand. They are willing to methodically complete every step to close a deal, but they are also capable of assessing a particular transaction and bypassing unnecessary steps to quickly move the transaction forward to funding.

Having a strong ground game requires an originator to assess a given situation, choose a desired path, and then to execute with precision. Having a strong ground game requires a sixth sense in salesmanship. Having a strong ground game requires the desire to succeed.



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