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Cage the Elephant performing at Bonnarroo 2017 (above) and with Milkshake Fatty in May 2017 on a Wed night(!!) at Preservation Pub (below)
Among the great live rock shows at Bonnaroo this year (including The Red Hot Chili Peppers and U2), Cage The Elephant proved that they are the new reigning best rock band on the planet.

And yes indeed, Cage The Elephant (as so many of the best bands around) are alumni of the Mighty Mighty Preservation Pub (three times counting their latest drop-in late-night surprise visit and impromptu performance in May 2017. 

I think we'll make a free commemorative koozie for next year's Bonnaroo listing our friends that have played both Pres Pub and Bonnaroo 

(it's pretty impressive)

Here's the story on Cage the Elephant's first visit to Preservation Pub as recalled by closing manager/ bartender Jill Tennant Anderson:


"I was working that night and it's my most favorite pub memory. I unplugged them and cut them off mid set after the lead singer threw a stool, broke a chair, projectile vomited on stage. Enough was enough. He could barely stand in the back stairwell when he told me it was ok because they were going to be big rockstars and that's what rockstars do. I was so pissed but eventually laughed because the kid was so ridiculous. I was wrong, he was right. And I LOVE them! My absolute favorite live band!!!"

  Cage the Elephant with Rachel and Shaunah after impromptu performance
Nolan Neal from The Voice LIVE Tonight! (Thursday)

Don't miss Nolan perform TONIGHT at Scruffy City Hall 9pm

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 SATURDAY JUNE 17TH SALOME CABERET 8:00 pm Scruffy City Hall
One of the best live bands ever! (Really!)

The first time Trae Pierce and & T- Stones played Preservation Pub on January 5, 2016 on a Tuesday people were immediately on their cell phones calling friends and by the end of the first set the place was packed the dance floor was hoppin and everybody was dancing. Don't miss your chance to see them!

8 pm Preservation Pub