Dear Parents,
What a week it has been!! I don't know about you, but I am ready for some good ol' fashioned "boring" for a while. In the weekly update on Sept. 1st, I reported that we raised over $800 for Hurricane Harvey relief. Well that next weekend some of our students had a lemonade stand and made over $1400 to add to our collection! We also filled 1/2 the stage with clothes, toiletries, blankets etc. to send to Texas. Then of course Irma came into the picture.

We made the decision to send more than half of the supplies from the stage to Texas - thank you Mrs. Margetis for spear heading this project. The rest will be sent to organizations helping victims of Irma. Next week we will send our collected money to Catholic Charities and we trust they will distribute it between Harvey and Irma victims. I certainly hope this is the end of hurricanes for this year, but unfortunately you just never know.

I am so grateful to God that our community was spared the very worst of Irma. In these difficult times I encourage you to turn to God as He will provide you the strength and comfort you need to "weather any storm".

Blessings for an uneventful weekend!

Mrs. Bogataj