2016 is in the bag!

We're celebrating one of our most successful years yet! Congratulations again to all of our grantees. Thank you to all of the community organizations that worked with us along the way. 

We're determined to make 2017 bigger and better. 
Great Street grantees featured in the Mayor's 2015 Accountability Report
The report shows that in the Bowser Administration’s first year, the Mayor has either delivered, launched or prepared to launch 92% of the promises she committed to during the 2014/2015 Mayoral transition.    
#MadeInDC is hosting a Pop-Up Shop!

The Department of Small and Local Business' Made In DC initiative is hosting a Pop-Up shop on Sunday, January 15th on U Street NW. 
List of Inauguration road closures and parking restrictions that could affect your business

As with many big events along the National Mall, most of the surrounding streets will be closed, some as early as 3 a.m. Thursday.

Set up your Facebook Messager Chatbox

It's never too late to jump on the Facebook Chatbox trend. This tool will allow you to have constant communication with your customers, even when you're unable to reply. 

(Social Media Examiner)
How Customers Perceive a Price Is as Important as the Price Itself

The intense competition on pricing that pervades many industries makes consumer perception more important than ever.

(Harvard Business Review)
Catholic University is out to help businesses in D.C.'s economically distressed areas

The Catholic University of America  is partnering with a national program with a goal to accelerate the growth of D.C. small businesses and job creation, it was announced Tuesday.  A  four-year partnership with the Initiative for a Competitive Inner City, a program founded in 1994 by a  Harvard Business School  professor to help grow small businesses in economically distressed areas.

(Washington Business Journal)