Bath Farmers Market
July 29 August 5 2017

                                             Summer kales at New Roots

Cauliflower reigns at Sparrow Farm
Fruits &  Vegetables , Goranson Farm, MicroMainea, Mindful Gardens, New Roots Farm, Oyster Creek Mushroom Co.,  Pleasant Pond Orchard, Popp Farm, Sparrow Farm, Tarbox Farm

Apples, arugu la, beet greens, beets, blueberries, braising greens, broccoli & beoccolini, cabbage,  carrots, cauliflower, celery, chard, cranberries , cucumbers, eggplant, fennel, flowers, garlic, garlic scapes,  greens , herbs, kale, kohlrabi, leeks, lettuce, microgreens, mushrooms, onions, pac choi, patty pan squash, peas, peppers-green, hot, large, small, potatoes, radicchio, radishes, raspberries, scallions, seedlings,  shallots, spinach, string beans, green and yellow, sweet potatoes, sugar snap peas, tomatoes,  tsatsoi, watercress, yellow squash,  zucchini
Chewy Anadama loaves at Borealis Bread

Bake d Goods
Beryls Pastries, Borealis Breads,Chase Farm Bakery

breads: bagels, baguettes, bialys, sourdough, wholegrain, anadama, ciabatta, focaccia, cinnamon raisin, olive, buckwheat, seeded and blended, savory tarts,  breadsticks, concha,croissants, dinner rolls, English muffins,  cakes, hand pies, cookies, scones, tarts, doughnuts, tartlets, quiches, brownies, muffins, coffee cakes , pizza dough, pretzels
Grass fed beef from Kelley Brothers . full of rich flavor and tender too.....

Meat, Poultry

Goranson Farm, Kelley Brothers Beef, Mainely Poultry, Old Narrow Gauge Farm, Pine Tree Poultry, Springdale Farm,  Tarbox Farm

beef, chicken,
duck, pork , turkey,  
whole, cut , ground

marrow bones, suet
bacon, hams, pork belly,
hocks (fresh & smoked), sausage  
Fish and Shellfish
Maine Saltwater Creations,
Pemaquid Lobster & Seafood

fresh salmon , pollock, haddock, halibut, swordfish, mussels, oysters, clams, scallops, fish sticks, crab and salmon cakes, 
Prizewinning Windswept at Fuzzy Udder 

C heese and Dairy

Appleton Creamery, Chase Farm, Coppertail Farm, Fuzzy Udder Creamery,  Hahns End, Springdale Farm

Cheese made from the milk of cows, goats, sheep. hard & soft, marinated and spiced,
fresh and aged
feta, mozzarella, ricotta, cream cheese,
butter, cows milk(raw), kefir (goats milk), yogurt


 Goranson Farm, Mainely Poultry, Shepherds & Such, Sparrow Farm
At Maine Saltwater, fresh gluten free crab and scallop cakes for a light supper

Preserved & Prepared Foods 

Borealis Breads -  granola
Coppertail Farm - cajeta, caramels
Goranson Farm  - dried beans, maple
Gracies Garden  - lactofermented
vegetables, kvass, pickles
Jyang_Lee Oriental Specialties-
spring rolls, dumplings sauces, sesame noodles.
Maine Saltwater Creations  - fresh frozen  soups and chowders, fish cakes and sticks, casseroles and meatballs 
Old Narrow Gauge Farm preserved
vegetables, pickles relishes, wildflower
& fruit syrups and pastes, fruit jams  jellies,  seasonal items
Pemaquid Lobster & Seafood -
 fish and shellfish loaves , shellfish cakes, chowders, bisques,d ips, stock, casseroles & pies
Pine Tree Poultry-turkey pizza, empanadas, pies, soup, sliced or whole breast
Pleasant Pond Orchard -honey,
maple syrup, granola, beeswax
hand cream 
Sparrow Farm  - cranberry sauce,
relish, ketchup, fruit jam
Dried Flower Wreaths at  Mindful Gardens

Handcrafted, Homegrown

Big Barn Coffe e -locally roasted organic coffee
Coppertail Farm-goats milk soap
Goranson Farm-vegetable flower and herb seedlings
Meadowcroft Seacolors - Handraised wool, sea dyed and available in skeins or individually designed clothing &, blankets 
MicroMainea-Backyard Bouquets
Mindful Gardens-hand woven baskets, flower boxes, herb &flower seedlings, dried flowers and wreaths
Shepherds & Such  - beeswax candles, felted goods, buttons, wax flowers, jewelry, smudge and more
Sisters Soap - goats milk soap at Appleton Creamery
Tic Tac Taco -fresh salsa at Oyster Creek 
Garden Critters at Jyang Lee

Good morning

Hi there I hope you're enjoying the best of Maine weather and the harvest piled on our tables.   Next Saturday is the Maine Federations of Farmers Markets  known as snapshot day-lots of picture taking going on.  coloring pages for the kids too.. 

Saturday August 19th Bath area Fiber Folks will be at the Freight Shed at the third annual Fiber Day-come for weaving demos, lots of conversation and information, and explore this vibrant and growing part of Maines' artisanal community. The 

Freight Shed is just south of the park-behind the Customs House.  Fiber Day runs from 9 to 1, and there will be light snacks and drinks available.  Need more info?  Email

One of many useful-and pretty - bags by felting master Kim at Shepherds & Such

  From our vendors-specials, s ales, seasonal
Radicchios with a fringe of kale, salad by Tarbox
Kim at Shepherds and Such harvests her line of smudges through the  seasons-each one is used for a different purpose-put together a bouquet tailored for a special friend or family member...

At Fuzzy Udder, Jesse's Windswept just won a national award-taste and you'll see why!  It's soft and just creamy enough and versatile too.

Tarbox brings in more herbs each week-look for anise hyssop, great in summer drinks, salads or wherever you want its light but well defined flavor.

Cranberry orange scones tempt at Beryls
Pine Tree Poultry will not be here next week-Stephany will be back on the 19th, loaded with fresh turkey-cutlets and tenderloins are festive and fun on the grill. 

Stop at Beryls for one of her summery blueberry pies-lush and loaded. her scone fans are year round diehards, so this is an early stop if you are fixated on the ginger.....

Tully is back at Gracie's Garden-congratulate him on his twins-new since he was last here-and check out the summery kohlrabi and ginger blend-he also has some fresh Mermaids Blend, which I love year round with sandwiches and grilled fish.

Mindful Gardens still has plenty of bedding annuals and herbs for your fall garden.  Their dried flowers, are, well, drying, and soon will be available in many decorative modes.
  Sold within the hour, but Claudia has plenty of nice things at Big Barn Coffee

Judy Hughes at MicroMainea has lots of corn shoots-these corn sweet slivers are a sunny addition to salads and  soups; the crunch and creamy texture are a nice foil for spicy summer barbecue rubs and seasonings.

At Big Barn Coffee, Dan is introducing
Segovia PRODECOOP, an organic Nicaragua fair trade coffee grown on individual farms and moved to the COOPs' dry mill for sun drying and final processing.  Several years of identifying and marketing development are beginning to improve the economic status of the farmers.  This is a smooth, satisfying coffee-try a cup and buy a jar for special occasions.

And Claudia has brought in some new summer jewelry-bright and pretty in soft summer shades-it is moving quickly, so check it out-right next to the coffee cups.

Try a singular Backyard Bouquet from MicroMainea
Truffles at Oyster Creek!  Make a truffled chicken salad with chunky white meat from Mainely Poultrys never frozen breast and enjoy elegance at lunch!

Tammy at Kelley Brothers Beef is offering brisket on special this week at $4.99/lb.

Soap is on sale at Coppertail. Ends, she called them but they look substantial to m!

Goranson has fresh beautiful corn, and many many varieties of tomatoes,  as well as stunning sunflower-buy just one, or be a greedy flower monger and buy a batch!

Jan G has blueberries- so do Dave Popp and Larry at Pleasant Pond Orchard.  Larry had a few blackberries-they are early.  Dave is expecting more raspberries in a couple of weeks. Just keep checking all the berries are so sensitive to rain (or the lack thereof).
Grandmas' favorite yellow beans at Popp Farm
Stop at Old Narrow Gauge and talk to Amy about her new winter option-half or a whole pig-order and get her a deposit now for fall pickup.  She has plenty of info for you to take home. She will have wild blackberry jam and dilly beans soon-next week maybe.

Over at .Maine Saltwater, look for spicy sweet potato and peanut soup, or the essence of summer, roasted red pepper with pear.

  Music by Melinda and Walter to carry you though late summer 
         At Goranson Farm, a fresh tomato is a joy forever     
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