Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Migrants in Europe; Israeli terrorism; Turkey at war; Desert Storm; Taliban death; Egyptian state of affairs; troubles in Zimbabwe; plus cyberspace.


Clashes in Calais - Europe's Migration Crisis Continues

"Migrants Think Our Streets Are Paved With Gold," Theresa May and Bernard Cazeneuve - The Telegraph, August 1, 2015

" Europe Could Solve the Migrant Crisis - If it Wanted ,"  Daniel Trilling - The Guardian, July 31, 2015  

Israel Confronts Homegrown Terrorism

"The Terror Consuming Israel From Within," Daniel Gordis - Bloomberg View

August 3, 2015

" Why Israel is Suddenly Owning Up to its Terrorism ,"  Daoud Kuttab - Al Jazeera, August 2, 2015  

" Why it Matters Whether an Attack on Palestinians is 'Terrorism' ,"  David A. Graham - The Atlantic, August 1, 2015  

The Truth Behind Turkey's Airstrikes
" Erdogan's Cynical Game: Is Turkey Creeping Toward Civil War? " Maximilian Popp and Christoph Reuter -    Spiegel Online Internationa l , July 31, 2015

Airstrikes "  Michael J. Koplow -Foreign Affairs, August 3, 2015  

Desert Storm - Reflections on a War as History Repeats Itself
" Desert Storm, the Last Classic War Richard N. Haass -    The Wall Street Journal, 
July 31, 2015

Al Jazeera,  August 2, 2015

Afghanistan - Death of a Leader
" The Taliban After Omar Carter Malkasian The Washington Post,  August 2, 2015

Egypt - State of Affairs, External and Internal

" Why is U.S. Cozying Up to Egypt? Noah Feldman -    Bloomberg View,  August 2, 2015

" Who is Running the Egyptian State? "  Nathan J. Brown and Katie Bentivoglio - 
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace , July 31, 2015

The Real Tragedy in Zimbabwe (It's not the Death of a Lion)
" Cecil the Lion and Robert Mugabe Robin Wright The New Yorker,  August 3, 2015

" 'Cecil Who?' Zimbabweans AskAlex Magaisa -  Al Jazeera America,  August 2, 2015

Cyberspace - The Next Global Battlefield 
" Revealed: Why China and America Are Set to Clash in Cyberspace "   Adam Segal - 
The National Interest,  August 3, 2015

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