Wednesday, December 13,  2017

Global Climate Agenda; Putin Declares Syria a Victory; Aftermath of Jerusalem Recognition; Future of South Africa; Maduro Intensifies in Venezuela
Quote of the Week:

"We are losing the battle. (...) What we are starting today is the time of action, because the urgency has become permanent and the challenge of our generation is to act. "
-- French President Emmanuel Macron, speaking at the opening of the climate summit meeting on December 12 in Boulogne-Billancourt, France.
The Global Climate Agenda
" France's Macron Takes Lead in Climate Change Battle, with the U.S. Absent " James McAuley -- The Washington Post, December 12, 2017

"What Was the Point of Emmanuel Macron's Climate Summit?" Dave Keating -- Forbes, December 12, 2017

"Shaping the Future of the Paris Agreement" Rob Bailey -- CFR, December 11, 2017
Putin Declares Victory in Syria
"Putin's Plan for Syria" Dmitri Trenin -- Foreign Affairs, December 13, 2017

"Putin Declares, 'Mission Accomplished' on Syria; but, Could It Prove Premature?" Jamie Dettmer -- Voice of America, December 12, 2017

"Under Putin, Russia Increases Clout in the Middle East" Vladimir Isachenkov and Zeina Karam -- The Washignton Post, December 13, 2017

"In the Middle East, Russia Seems to Be Everywhere" -- Stratfor, December 13, 2017
Aftermath of U.S. Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's Capital
"Erdogan Turns Guns on U.S. at Summit Marred by Feuds" Suraj Sharma -- Middle East Eye, December 13, 2017

"Trump's Jerusalem Policy Is More Ambiguous than It Seems" Scott R. Anderson -- Foreign Policy, December 11, 2017

"Trump Did Not Bring Jerusalem Crashing Down" Emma Green -- The Atlantic, December 8, 2017

"Trump Puts Fact Ahead of Fiction in Israel" Jonah Goldberg -- National Review, December 8, 2017
Determining the Future of Mandela's Party
"Country at a Crossroads as Zuma's Reign Nears End" Ivan Fallon -- The National, December 13, 2017

"What Can We Expect from South Africa's ANC Conference? " Raymond Suttner -- Al Jazeera, December 13, 2017

"The Sorry State of South Africa" Desmond Lachman -- U.S. News & World Report, December 11, 2017
Maduro Tightens Grip on Venezuela
" Venezuela Lurches Further Towards Dictatorship " -- Financial Times, December 11, 2017

"Buoyed by Mayoral Votes, Venezuela Socialists Eye Presidency Race" Andrew Cawthorne and Leon Wietfeld -- Thomson Reuters, December 10, 2017
"Amid Opposition Boycott, Venezuela's Ruling Socialists Sweep Mayoral Races" John Otis -- NPR, December 12, 2017 [Podcast]
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