Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Europe's struggles; Cold War redux; a Papal pronouncement; Middle East peace process; China; Saudi Arabia; Haiti; plus BRICS and cyber warfare.



Europe's Struggles Extend Beyond Greece

" What Borders Mean to Europe ," George Friedman - Stratfor , June 23, 2015

"Greece is a Sideshow. The Euro zone has Failed, and Germans are its Victims too," Aditya Chakrabortty - The Guardian, June 22, 2015


"If Greece and Russia Feel Humiliated, That's Something Europe Cannot Ignore," Natalie Nougayr?de - The Guardian, June 18, 2015


Turning Back the Clock on Transatlantic Relations

" It's Past Time for a Pivot to Europe," Walter Russell Mead -  The American Interest , June 18, 2015

"Cold War Resurgent: US Nukes Could Soon Return to Europe," Spiegel Staff - Spiegel Online International, June 19, 2015


Pope Francis Takes on Climate Change

" Pope Francis: The Cry of the Earth," Bill McKibben -  The New York Review of Books , June 18, 2015

"The Pope, the Planet, and Politicians," Paul R. Pillar - The National Interest, June 18, 2015


"Pope Francis Goes Off the Rails," Rich Lowry - Politico, June 18, 2015


France and China as Brokers of Middle East Peace?

" Can France Shake Up Israeli-Palestinian Talks?" Piotr Smolar -  Real Clear World , June 22, 2015

"China: A Solution in the Middle East?" David Lai and Noah Lingwall - The Diplomat, June 18, 2015


Finding Common Ground with China - For the Good of World Peace

" A Partnership With China to Avoid World War," George Soros -  The New York Review of Books , July 9, 2015

Saudi Arabia -Deciphering the Desert Kingdom

Spiegel Online International, June 19, 2015


Haiti: Dealing with Disasters, Natural and Man-Made

" The Dominican Republic's Tortured Relationship With its Haitian Minority," Celso Perez -  Foreign Policy , June 19, 2015

"House Hunters: How Reconstruction in Haiti Went so Wrong," Lauren Carasik - Foreign Affairs, June 21, 2015


BRICS - More Than Just a Catchy Acronym?

" Taking the BRICS Seriously," Shashi Tharoor -  Project Syndicate , June 19, 2015

"The Bloom is off the BRICS," Michael J. Boskin - Project Syndicate, June 17, 2015


Cyber Warfare

" The New MAD World: A Cold War Strategy for Cyberwar," Robert Spalding III and Adam Lowther -  The National Interest , June 22, 2015




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