May 12, 2017
Sing to the Lord a New Song!
A Sunday School Class on Experiencing Psalms

Beginning Sunday, June 11, 2017, during the Sunday School hour, St. Peter’s will be offering a Sunday School class centered around young people. We will be exploring the Psalms by reading, writing, painting and music making. We will look at the different kinds of psalms, what “voices” are present and what the psalms say about our relationship with God. We will think about how psalms are used in our worship and every day life and how the words of the psalms are adapted into ‘new songs’. We will spend time creating: writing our own psalms and/or church/community psalms, writing new psalm tunes and improvising selah (the instrumental interludes between psalm verses), illustrating psalms while thinking about symbols and how they are used. Our exploration will be flexible and we’ll focus on activities toward which the class is naturally drawn.

Kathy Johnson will be leading the class with the help of several lyres, art supplies, the Psalms, and open hearts and minds. Join us in experiencing the Psalms! 

Coming Up
Estill Penning would like to invite the parish on a walk at  Lower Howard's Creek Nature Preserve on Monday, May 29.
There are two possibilities:
  1. the John Holder trail, which is always open,
  2. OR organized hike through the best (most dense) wooded section.

Please let Estill know your interest!

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