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Welcome Class of 2019
Dean greets newest members of RSDM 'family'

First-year students unpacking their dental kits.
Dean Cecile A. Feldman greeted the Class of 2019 last month by describing some of her favorite things about dentistry. "You have the opportunity to help people and use really cool technology while doing it,'' she said at her annual welcome luncheon. New students also heard from a veteran of the "Smurf blue" scrubs: the president of the Class of 2015.  LEARN MORE

Innovation at RSDM
How to build a better prosthesis
Dr. Louis DiPede works with CAD/CAM technology in his lab.

When patients lose their upper jaw to oral cancer, they can't eat, drink, or speak. The solution is an obturator prosthesis, which replaces the roof of the mouth. With help from CAD/CAM technology, Dr. Louis DiPede is working on a new lightweight design that would be a better fit for patients. Find out how it could help them.  LEARN MORE  


From left, Dr. Samuel Y.P. Quek; Dr. Gayathri Subramanian and Dr. Junad Khan.

Funding to Help Cancer Patients
Project focuses on screening and treating victims of MRONJ

RSDM researchers received a $40,000 grant to explore prevention and treatment of a severe bone disease of the jaw that strikes cancer patients as a side effect of medication. 

Active Mind
Jordan Burnham
Suicide Survivor Speaks out about Mental Illness 

At 18, Jordan Burnham became known as the kid who survived a suicidal leap from a nine-story building. Today, he lectures students about recognizing signs of mental illness and how to cope with depression and anxiety. Last month he visited RSDM. LEARN MORE


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Save the Date

Don't forget: The White Coat ceremony -- when first-year students are symbolically ushered into the medical profession -- is Sept 8 at 6 p.m. in the Oral Health Pavilion.